10 Best Boxing Shoes For Wide Feet Reviewed Of 2023

Best boxing shoes for wide feet can be very tiring to get this time around and that is one of the reasons why think that it’s high time our reviews did their best to ensure that they offered you the right list of boxing shoes that you will land on the market today.  Apart from boxing shoes being seen to be among the most preferred shoes due to their authentic style there are also manufactured with greater precision that ensures they are more durable and relatively high performing.

Here on shoe practitioner after spending tones of hours online we managed to comply the below list of 10 quality pairs of boxing shoes before we hope into reviewing some to rate boxing shoe we thought that it is great to let you know that t since there are millions of boxing shoe manufactures.

There are some few tips that you should always take into consideration before making decisions about purchasing one.  Below we have included a quick buyer’s guide of a wide footed individual    who has high desires for boxing shoes

In case you are in shopping hurry this Adidas pro will do you a great good in case you are on the ring or on your various mat as your performance and speed will be 100%modified thus keeping yours in a better position which is way more from your opponent. The second shoe that our editors found effective enough to bee n position of being named as our editor’s pick is the atomic quality escape boxing boot.

Reviews: 10 Best Boxing Shoes For Wide Feet In Reviewed Of 2023

1.Otomix Men’s Stingray Escape-best budget Boxing Shoes For Wide Feet

Otomix Men’s Stingray Escape had the privilege of being featured on our list today. Otomix Men’s Stingray Escape comes with a quality flexible boot that places your foot in a position of being able to move freely and thus keeping from foot pain.

In case  you are looking  for stylish boxing shoes then  you  have this Otomix  as  the upper material is suede  designed  and thus ensures your  foot  will   remain to be clean for  the longest duration of time

Another reason why we highly believe that this   Otomix Stingray Escape boxing boot will place you in a better position of being able to improve your performance while on the ring is the professional traction ability which is provided by the sole of this otomix boxing boot. it also comes in a wide range of size as individual who fall between the foot size six to size   13 can enjoy quality pair of boxing boot from atomic.


  • It is a professionals boxing boot
  • It is associated with a lightweight
  • Comes with a range of sizes
  • Quality traction is offered by the sole of this shoe You are offered with quality support option as the collar is padded


  • Breathability of the boot can be slightly modified

2.Adidas Pro Bout-best women Boxing Shoes For Wide Feet

The name Adidas its self is enough to let you pick or even select this Adidas pro boxing boot like your favorite boxing boot of all time the main reason why am saying this is to let you know that after conducting a questionnaire to a group of boxers who have a wide foot I have realized that if you have always had a desire of escaping trouble from point B to point A then Adidas pros is the way to.

Talking of the price I highly believe that this Adidas pro is worth the price as the heel is professionally cushioned. The great fit of this boot is perfect for you especially if you have the dream of improving on your footwork. Unlike other boxing shoes, this Adidas comes with the sole which takes up a lip sole design and looking at the positive side of this slip sole you will realize that its main roles to improve the flexibility of your foot.


  • The heel is professionally cushioned
  • Associated with a great fit
  • Has quality flexibility
  • The outer sole is both durable and quality


  • The overall weight of these shoes can be improved

3.HVC2 Speed Boxing Boot-most comfortable Boxing Shoes For Wide Feet

HVC2 Speed Boxing Boot found a position o our list as it comes from Adidas which happens t be great German boxing manufacture. If it is your first time wearing or shopping for Adidas boxing shoes lest I first take this opportunity to tell you why you should consider Adidas as your only trusted boot manufacturer.

Last year my mother’s brother   was  joining college and  since  he  was  a huge  fan of  boxing my  mother  game the  responsibility  of  helping him pick a quality boxing as  during my college  years  I  was  in our college  boxing team, since I had  used  some of  the  boxing shoes from Adidas  I suggested   he  should  go for this  HVC2 Speed Boxing Boot as  it has  quality   and well-padded collar.


  • Cleaning is relatively very easy
  • Lightweight
  • Removable sole
  • Highly padded collar


  • Relatively expensive

4.Otomix PRO TKO Super Hi Boxing Shoes-best light weight Boxing Shoes For Wide Feet

Our  next boxing  shoes is  something that is this  Otomix PRO TKO Super Hi Boxing Shoes which also  comes  from otomix  which have  proved to be    boxing shoe  manufacturing beast .we  even never that   that you would  not  the traditional touch of boxing shoe style which was integrated  by the  manufacturer  when  coming up with the  model of  this otomix  boxing  shoe.

The lightweight after looking closely to the overall design of this brand will shock you as it we made possible to do the availability of the thin sole. Talking of the slick sole design you are guaranteed optimal and anti-slip grip. The quality or just call it dual density padding collar ensure that your ankle remains comfortable.

Apart from canvas and quality suede leather giving this shoe professional look your foot is also well great as a quality  mesh was used  to ensure that  there is  quality aeration even  if  it means you  tend  to spend  most of  your  time  with these shoes on your  footFinally, the lacing system that was used by otomix which coming up with this TKO boxing shoes ensure that you will always enjoy comfortable fit which ensures that you will feel 100% comfortable while in the ring. The suede leather after conducting some test we realized that it both hand and 100% machined washable.


  • Lightweight
  • Stylish and flexible
  • Machine and also hand washable e
  • Relatively durable due to a suede leather material that was used


  • Price is okay but can be minimized i the future  so that most  boxers can afford it

5.Uzafit Denver Unisex Sneaker-best Boxing Sneaker For Wide Feet

Uzafit Denver Unisex Sneaker is the other shoe that was found to be best outlined in our list which represents best boxing shoes for wide feet. Apart from ensuring that you foot comfortable these Denver boxing sneakers ensure that your foot is kept free from bad foot smell which might end up influencing your boxing performance being after negatively.

Having smelly foot can be demotivating especially if you enjoy practicing boxing with your friend as there is at that you will have to remove your boxing shoes in front of everyone else. Imagine how it could be frustrating and that is why this Denver boxing shoe was included as it has an upper that is made from 100% breathable mesh.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Eye-catching blue
  • Stylish design



Buyers   Guide For Boxing Shoes

When you are to there looking for just a new boxing shoe t reap ace the old  one or   you are having a great  plan of  having your  own   boxing shoe  collection  you will  have  to work  relatively hard so that you can  accomplish your   dream. Getting  quality shoe  which is both  durable  and  relatively a high performer is  not an  easy  task and that is why  we  went out of  our  way to provide  you  with this   list of  five  thing or  if  you may  features after  contact five  boxing shoes  manufactures  we have  realized  that they must be present in every  boxing shoes. Stay tuned…

Either  you are  boxing armature or  you are just an  expert  you will agree  some of the existing fats  about boxing shoes  that  quality  boxing shoes  will determined either  you will win or  lose  your  boxing game  when in the ring or  even. apart from offer rig you  with adequate comfort while  boxing or  even practicing best boxing shoes  ensures that your  foot  remain comfortable  for the longest duration of  time kindly note hat  before  picking any boxing  shoes  as  your  selected  option note  flexibility  of  the shoes must be  considered in order to make  sure that you will understand the  topic  in  a much easier  way  below  find factors that that must present in any boxing shoes.

Shoe Aesthetics

Shoe aesthetics is very thing if you are that boxer who has sense of style. Incase Shoe aesthetics sounds like Greek to you it simply means you should 100% consider the appearance of your boxing shoes. having  boxing shoes  with  awesome Shoe aesthetics it will  makes you not only to look  great  but also have  high esteem even  when in the  ring . Shoe aesthetics raises  your  confidence  don’t forget  how  good  you will look  when putting your  opponent down  and  later  finding yourself  on the  first  page of   BBC news

Types Of Boxing Shoes

When you are out there  not  knowing  which boxing shoes  you should purchase  we  would like  o make  it  clean to you that there  are  two in  categories of these boxing shoes. The reason why were are saying that there are only two categories is that there only split and non split sole boxing shoes

Slip sole boxing shoes  have  their  sole split into two parts   after going  deep in t the boxing shoes  market ASICS Men’s Split Second 9 Wrestling Shoe was  found  to the most  outstanding boxing  current due   present of  flexible  rubber sole and  relatively reduced  mesh as it only measure  3.75 inches  exactly from  the  arch of this magnificent  boxing shoes. Either  when in boxing  competition or  just  learning new  boxing tricks  your  foot will be  free  from bad  odor the  this ASIC Wrestling Shoe has  100% breathable upper is  made  from a pure mesh.

On the other hand non split boxing shoes   are normally defined by a complete   sole in other places in the globe no split soles are commonly known   as uni-sole type of boxing boot. when  compared  with  the split sole  boxing shoes   they happens top be  good  performers as their  other counterparts when  working or  practicing with these uni-sole  boxing shoes   you will only enjoy 100% solid movements.

In case  you  are looking for  high performing a  relatively quality boxing which you will not have  to keep  replacing the  sole or  taking it to a shoes  repair shop  we highly recommend that you consider going for  the uni-sole boxing boot. To make your shopping experience easier we went into deep research and that is why we are presenting to you this Otomix PRO TKO Super Hi Boxing Shoes. We thought that when compared with all other non split sole boxing shoes it can be rate to be 100%.

More Durability

Durability should be a key even before having any plans of checking any shoes from any market. The  main reason why we   are recommending  it for  you to  consider  purchasing a  durable  being shoe brand is  to ensure that you will not have  to keep on  spending money  or  taking  this  shoes  to be  repaired.

A boxing shoe   is said to be durable when it can professionally be I position of being able to escape and professionally sustain the abrupt movement and force    which are generated when boxing. Apart from  durable  boxing shoes  being high performers they also guarantee  professional security of  your foot in general as  they will be  kept from  n minor  injuries or  even foot pain

Wide Toe Box

Talking of  toe  box   you will realize that  as  hoes that have  wide  toe  box is  in better position of  allowing you to be in position of  escaping all the painful situations  that arise  from the  abrupt  boxing movements . wide toe  box  apart from ensuring your  foot   are comfortable it also keeps  your  toes safe from gaining blisters which might end  up generating  great foot pain that might lead  to your  boxing performance  being reduced

Final Thought

Despite  living on today’s  world which highly industries  landing quality boxing shoes  have  still be  said  to be  a huge  challenge the main reason being that  the market is  flooded  with both professional boxing  shoes manufactures and fake  one  who have flooded  the boxing market  platforms  that  will not even complete  single   boxing training  session without needing some repair to ensure that this situation will not  happens to you the boxing shoe  which was  said  to be our overall best is the Otomix Men’s Stingray Escape  that is   you  have  rebate in trust in non split  sole boxing shoes  on the  other  side is you want a slip sole boxing shoes  we  still found aspic boxing boot to   be our editors pick  this   time round

In case  you have  gone though  article we  can fully test that  you have  gained  skills that you  will use  to select a  quality  boxing or  you have  already landed  a quality shoe  brand  that you can fully depend. Consider  sharing our  article is  it was  helpful also  feel free to even  comment below  if you have any suggestions on  how we  can improve our article  and  reviews in general happy shopping


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