10 Best Cleats For Ultimate Frisbee Of 2023

Ultimate frisbee cleats are paramount to have so that your ultimate Frisbee skills can be on another new level. Ultimate Frisbee is also referred to as ultimate which is a growing non-contact sport defined by quality flying disc.Best Cleats For Ultimate Frisbee Getting yourself a quality pair of cleats for ultimate Frisbee will not only protect your foot but also keep it healthy by promoting both stability and agility. So what are the best cleats for ultimate Frisbee available on the market? Well let’s find out in this post.

Reviews:10 Best Cleats For Ultimate Frisbee Of 2023

1.Adidas Predator 18.4 Fxg Soccer Shoe – The Best Type Of Cleats For Ultimate Frisbee

You might be wondering which the top brands are but after giving a try to this Adidas Predator 18.4 FxG you will definitely agree with me that adidas is the top rated brand when it comes to Frisbee cleats today. With a quality synthetic sole being featured your foot will remain to be free any instance of being in contact with water.Best Cleats For Ultimate Frisbee Your ankle is also professionally guarded as the original Cleats shaft only measure approximately from the arch low top. The upper is the other amazing feature that allowed our editors to pick Adidas Predator 18.4 FxG as our best type of cleats for ultimate Frisbee since it is both breathable adaptable at the same time. Traction and stability is up to standards as the manufacturer used quality sole

A quality control embossing option featured ensures that your foot is a guarantee with an amazing ball-handling ability which in turn increases your performance. The synthetic natures of the upper material ensure that your foot is professionally protected from any instance of water. The entire super improves cleat designs have played a huge role in making to be our Best Cleats For Ultimate Frisbee.


  • Quality stability
  • 3D synthetic leather
  • Slightly durable
  • Super lightweight


  • Weighs 3 pounds

2.Nike Mercurial Victory VI FG Ultimate Frisbee Cleat- Best Soccer Cleats For Ultimate Frisbee

The unisex nature of this Ultimate Frisbee allowed our editors to refer to this as our top best soccer cleats for ultimate Frisbee currently on the market. The ease of cleaning was made possible by the availability of drying and cleaning effectively. Secondly, the unsex nature of this ultimate Frisbee for soccer allows it to be compatible with both male and female soccer fanatics.Best Cleats For Ultimate Frisbee Comes in two colors   Laser Orange and Black-white-volt and this allows you to enjoy your taste and preference of color options. by this minimal microfiber material, it has made it be incredibly comfortable. but when comparing this Nike ultimate Frisbee for soccer with other top frisbees brand on the market you will realize that the detachable insoles make it easier for you to enjoy deep cleaning.

Quality front toe studs were featured to makes sure that the primary forward movement in football was made possible. The dual-density nature of both the footbed remains to be one of the major features that have promoted. Finally, quality traction s offered by the amazing ground clearance option offered by ground sole which is not only durable but also firm. getting your refund or replacement is relatively easy as it comes from an ultimate frisbee Nike company that has been in the cleats industry for longer time.


  • Styles available
  • Agile cleats.
  • Allows you to enjoy incredible control
  • increase your versatility when playing


  • Fabric folds

3.NIKE Mercurial Superfly 6 Academy FG Cleats- Best Cleats For Ultimate Frisbee Reddit

NIKE Mercurial Superfly 6 did not only hit Ultimate frisbee cleats by a surprise but it led to the Nike Ultimate frisbee cleats such as the Nike Firm Ground Soccer Cleats to sell within house leading to Nike stocks to run out. What was more amazing is that the sole was designed from a quality fabric material which ensures that your foot will remain to 100% stable.Best Cleats For Ultimate Frisbee We featured this cleat as after the research we realized that is one of the highly recommended cleats for Frisbees on reddit hence our overall best cleats for ultimate frisbee reddit. Your ankles will be well protected from any form of pain that might be generated when enjoying your game.

The socks liners of this ultimate Frisbee are 100% associated with a plush sock liner design to promote quality and low profile based cushioning ability. Quality shoes lacing system which was adopted by the manufacturer ensures that this ultimate Frisbee cleat will definitely take the real shape of your foot. The sock-like design plays a vital role by ensuring that.


  • Socks like design upper
  • Fabric sole
  • Slightly durable
  • Synthetic upper hence waterproof


  • Weighs 2 pounds

4.Adidas Performance Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Cleat -Good Cleats For Ultimate Frisbee

Good cleats for ultimate frisbee are not that easy to trace on the current cleats for ultimate frisbee market, as there are both original and counterfeit cleats for ultimate frisbee manufactures. Adidas Performance Ace found a position on our list as the quality and heavily padded collar keep your ankles to be relatively safe.Best Cleats For Ultimate Frisbee 100% Synthetic nature of this cleat ensures that your foot is professionally protected from any instance of getting into direct contact with water. 100% Synthetic option also has another role of making sure that your foot if 100% free from any bad smell which is generated by wet foot condition. By being double stitched it means that this ultimate Frisbees cleat is relatively durable.

To ensure that your foot will remain stable and comfortable when enjoying ultimate Frisbee adidas featured quality Flexible ground sole which promotes amazing traction force ability. Comfortable lining that was featured by the designer ensures that all the time that these cleats will be on your foot will be definitely amazing hence our editors found it as the overall Good cleats for ultimate frisbee. The classic 3-Stripes which were featured are the only reason why we highly believe that adidas care about your sense of style as you will remain stylish throughout your ultimate Frisbee gaming session.


  • Light in weight
  • Synthetic upper hence waterproof
  • Reasonable price
  • 100% Very stylish


  • Sole is slightly Unresponsive

5.Under Armour Cleats Micro G Pursuit Baseball- Baseball Cleats For Ultimate Frisbee

Micro G Pursuit cleat was found to be out top-ranked Baseball cleats for ultimate Frisbee as it comes with a quality symmetric sole which is responsible for keeping your footway from any instance of wet conditions. A full-grain synthetic leather material was used to design the upper offers added support and durability.Best Cleats For Ultimate Frisbee When enjoying baseball having well-aerated foot ensures that your performance will be on top of the game. That is why a quality mesh tongue was featured to ensure that thought-out the games your foot will remain to be 100% dry and cool. Quality EVA midsoles which are 100% full length featured promotes quality comfort and added cushioning ability.

The full-length EVA midsole also ensures that pressure generated during Frisbee will be evenly distributed. The sole of these Under Armour Baseball cleats for ultimate Frisbee has some huge percentage of rubber to ensure that your feet are offered with amazing traction force which ensures that you are well protected from slipping way.


  • Uppers I molded from a Synthetic leather
  • Long mesh tongue
  • EVA midsole is full-length
  • Rubber sole provides quality traction


  • Sizing has some issues

6.Brooks Men’s Ghost 9-Running Shoes For Ultimate Frisbee

Brooks ghost managed to take home the position of running shoes for an ultimate frisbee as the dual-density midsole which ensures that your foot is kept away from any instance of shock. The insole is removable to allow cleaning or even replacing the insole with more or less density innersole options.The upper was designed from a professional grade breathable material as a breathable mesh was integrated. Lightweight nature of these running shoes was achieved after brook made use of rubber outsoles. To ensure that you will 100% enjoy a comfortable fit a medium-length tongue was featured.

Brooks ghost running shoes for ultimate frisbee are not only stylish but to a great extent, good performers as all the material used were extremely durable breathable and comfortable for women, kids, and men who are ultimate frisbee enthusiasts. The removable nature of the innersole makes cleaning and drying of this ultimate frisbee brooks running shoes to be up to recommended standards.


  • Dries quickly as the inner sole is removable
  • Light in weight
  • Breathable upper
  • Comes with a 100% rubber insole


  • Sizing reduces with time

7.Adidas Performance Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe-soccer cleats for ultimate Frisbee

Adidas Performance Copa Mundial was found to be our top on this list of best Ultimate Frisbee cleats for soccer. Either you are a  professional or new soccer lover you will definitely agree with me that adidas goes out of the way to make sure that they have the best Ultimate frisbee cleats on the market.Adidas Performance Copa is 100% defined by full-grain leather that allows you to have quality ball control even in the wet area. The leather upper apart from increasing the durability rate of this ultimate Frisbee cleat as promotes your performance and accuracy during soccer.

Regardless of whether you will be enjoying football on natural or artificial grounds, the synthetic sole featured offers your feet quality traction and stability. The EVA insole featured was given a die-cut design by the manufactures to ensure that Adidas Performance Copa is comfortable and at the same time light in weight as to when compared to other soccer cleats brands for ultimate Frisbee such as puma or new balance.


  • 100% leather upper
  • Comes from Adidas
  • The outsole is durable
  • Synthetic sole keeps your foot dry


  • Too much cushioning

8.Adidas Women’s Goletto VI FG W Frisbee Cleats -Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats Womens

Adidas Women’s Goletto is open of the few remaining ultimate frisbee cleats women’s brands on the market .both the upper and the outsole are molded from a quality synthetic material to ensure that your foot is 100% protected from the wet or rainy condition. To ensure that maximum traction when enjoying ultimate Frisbee on natural aground is offered s synthetic sole was featured.Durability was guaranteed by the manufacturer when full-grain synthetic leather was used as the upper material. Unconditional traction was offered by the Fg outsole as the stability of your feet is guaranteed either when on natural or artificial ultimate frisbee grounds or courts. From the low top of your arch is the approximate measurement of this ultimate Frisbee cleat for women. Also check out socks that are compatible with adidas goletto

By adidas women’s goletto having a leather upper both new and professional ultimate Frisbee women will have full control of the ball. A quality lacing option offered by the manufacturer ensures that it has the ability to take the shape of wide or narrow women feet with great ease. A wide toe box featured ensures that your toes will be 100% from any instance of blisters. The wide toe box also keeps your foot from any foot pain, therefore, promoting the comfort of your feet throughout your ultimate Frisbee gaming experience this feature alone allowed us to rank adidas goletto as the top ultimate frisbee cleats women.


  • Light in weight
  • Amazing fit in both wide and narrow feet
  • Sockliner is contoured
  • 100% pure synthesis sole


  • Snug fit
  • Weighs 2.45 pounds

9.Patrick Excellent Soccer Shoe -Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats For Wide Feet

Patrick Excellent Soccer Shoe due to the quality and wide toe box featured by the manufacturer allows individuals with wide and narrow feet to enjoy the ultimate frisbee without having to complain about any instance of foot pain. Patrick frisbee cleats, therefore, managed to be out top ultimate frisbee cleats for wide feet. A quality synthetic upper allows you to have a full control ball control.The breathability of your foot is promoted by a quality mesh tongue thus your feet are free from an instance of bad odor coming from your foot .to promote comfort of your foot a PU lining featured by the designer is 100% soft and this reduced the friction between your foot and the cleat for the longest times possible.

A quality EVA midsole which is both soft and dual-density promotes comfort by professionally absorbing all the shock generated when enjoying ultimate frisbee. TPU Molded bottom promotes comfort and quality stability to your feet when enjoying frisbee on natural grounds. By the tongue of this Patrick frisbee cleats being relatively long allows it to take the shape of your foot thus increasing its performance.


  • Has professional-grade breathability
  • Multiple colors are available
  • 100% cushioned
  • Upper is waterproof.


  • Slightly expensive

10.Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite FG  Cleats -Nike Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

Nike hypervenom phantom as the cleats that were found to be the topmost Nike ultimate frisbee cleats. Some of the features that made it possible for Nike hypervenom to be featured on our list are the quality Flyknit upper.This Flyknit upper professionally promotes breathability and at the same time offers amazing support to your ankle. The sock-like design ensures that Nike hypervenom is highly compatible with both wide and narrow feet. During lateral cuts in ultimate frisbee your foot if offered with quality comfort and stability by the professional flywire cables which the designers used to wrap your Midfoot.

Comes in a wide range of colors and at the same time, Nike hypervenom has both men women and kids Nike cleats for ultimate frisbee. The upper was designed from quality leather which is also highly breathable. Roomy fit is another feature that made Nike hypervenom to be included on this Nike ultimate frisbee cleats review. The roomy fit was made possible by the availability of a relatively wide toe box.


  • Upgraded upper
  • Roomy toe box
  • Wide Color Options
  • Sleeker outsole


  • 3 pounds is the total Weights

11.Under Armour  Lax Highlight MC Lacrosse Shoe -Lacrosse Cleats For Ultimate Frisbee

Under Armour, Lax  is what we found to be the Lacrosse cleats for ultimate frisbee on the market with hundreds of positive feedback from various market places and previous customers. The interior of these shoes was professionally coated with Olympic grade foam material to ensure that heel slip is 100% reduced.But in case  If it is your very fast time shopping for ultimate frisbee wear you might be wondering what are the best cleats for ultimate frisbee that have a Lacrosse take you can’t go wrong with this Under Armour Lax. 5.5 inches is the total measurement of the Lacrosse cleats shaft from your arch, this features offers unconditional support to your foot.

What is more exciting is that this  Under Armour  Lax for is 100% Synthetic hence a quality Lacrosse cleat for ultimate frisbee to wear in rainy environment as it has all in case it takes to ensure that your foot is 100% free from any instance of wet condition which might lead to bad smell.


  • The collar is slightly padded
  • Quality Synthetic sole
  • UA ClutchFit upper
  • comfortable and durable interior lining


  • after sometime sizing tends to run small

12.KELME Star 360 Michelin Leather Cleats -Best Shoes For Indoor Ultimate Frisbee

KELME Star 360 Michelin is the last pair of ultimate frisbee cleats here in shoe practitioner. This pair of Kelme star 360 Michelin comes from a company that has gradually perfected the art of cleats for indoor ultimate frisbee manufacturing for the past few decades. The flat sole option is among the many features that allowed us to feature KELME Star 360 Michelin as our best shoes for indoor ultimate frisbee.Breathability was enhanced by featuring a quality mesh innersole. By having a breathable insole your foot is professional protect from bad odors which are generated by insufficient air supply to your feet. Quality leather and breathable mesh were used to come up with a durable upper.

To promote comfort and stability dual-density material was used as the collar padding material. For added comfort and performance the designer ensured that the toe box is slightly wide so as to ensure that the shoes are compatible with men or women who either have narrow or even wide feet. When going or choosing shoes for indoor ultimate frisbee models that have a rubber outsole is more preferred to shoes that come with the plastic sole as rubber options offer quality traction and stability.


  • Leather Mesh Inset
  • Light in weight
  • the lacing system is central
  • Great fitting


  • Way more expensive


Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee are vital if you are having any plans of taking your Ultimate Frisbee career or game to another full level.to keep your foot healthy and well protected it is recommended that you should consider going for Ultimate Frisbee cleats that a have been approved by your local sports provider.

In case you are yet to land quality, Ultimate Frisbee considers going for this Adidas Performance as it is highly associated with a dynamic speed.one of the most amazing features is the quality 3D leather upper which has some degree of synthetic nature so as to keep your foot in a stable condition.

Quality agility is made possible by the skeleton outsole which offers your foot unconditional traction all day long.  I had to mention that you cannot go wrong in making any Ultimate Frisbee decisions as Adidas Performance is loaded with a quality messiGAMETRAX dynamic configuration.


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