7 Best Hockey Shoes For Astroturf Of 2024

AstroTurf’s hockey game plays an important role; hence having the best hockey shoes for Astroturf as their main footwear will allow their performance and agility while on the hockey field to be unforgettable. AstroTurf’s in hockey was first to use in 1976, and since then, AstroTurf’s have been regarded as the standard gold for hockey games.

If you are new to the word AstroTurf’s in hockey, we are glad to let you know that AstroTurf’s is a quality artificial surface molded from synthetic fibers that have undergone product improvement and processing to give an amazing grass-like appearance.

Let’s find out what are those top-rated shoes for Astroturf on the market today.

Reviews:7 Best Hockey Shoes For Astroturf Of 2024

1.Adidas Flexcloud – Adidas field hockey turf shoes

At the top of this list, we decided to include this Adidas Flex cloud as it comes from one of the leading Field Hockey shoe manufacturers that have dominated the market for the past few decades. A large percentage of these shoes are made from a pure textile material. For quality instep, the manufacturer featured a quality tongue and padded collar.

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The padded nature of the collar also keeps your ankle from any ankle pain. For added protection of your toes from minor injuries in case of falling or hitting objects lying idles on your Astroturf hockey field, the manufacturer featured a prime toe cup that was molded from a quality TPU material.

Quality synthetic overlay with a foil origin was integrated to act as prime shield and shock, which might be generated. We found this Adidas to be our top-rated Adidas field hockey turf shoes like the air mesh technology employed to build the upper, so these shoes ensure that your foot is well ventilated, thus keeping your foot from any bad odors. The rubber sole, which perfectly reduced the overall weight of this Adidas Flexcloud Astroturf hockey shoes, also promotes quality tractions between the shoes and the Astroturf.

  • Rubber sole
  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable as it has a Seamless design
  • Adjustable laces
  • Overweight is 2 pounds.

2.Jazba Rattler AstroTurf hockey Trainers

Jazba Rattler was featured on this list as it comes from a brand that mainly forces comfort and performance.  The outsole of this Jazba Rattler was crafted from a pure rubber material, and that is one of the main reasons you will always enjoy outstanding traction. A quality EVA midsole was featured to ensure that your foot is supplied with quality cushioning ability.

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If you are a stylish hockey shoe enthusiast, then the 3D upper layer so this Jazba Rattler Astroturf hockey allows your self-esteem to be up to the standards. The shoe lacing option employed is slightly amazing as they allow the shoe to take the shape of your foot m; adjusting the shoelaces is also relatively easy. A quality mesh that was used by the manufacturer allows the ventilation of these hopes to be improved.

Quality and well-ventilated environment ensure that your foot will remain to be 100% free from any instance of bad foot odor or foot rot, which will end up causing uncontrollable foot pain. The fabrics used to manufacture the inners part for this Jazba Rattler AstroTurf hockey Trainers are slightly soft, ensuring that your foot will not be exposed to any blisters instance. The sole, insole, and midsole of these Jazba Rattler trainers are professionally padded, too, to provide a quality cushioning option to your foot during your Astroturf hockey game.

  • Well-padded midsoles and innersole
  • Quality toe caps were featured.
  • Bouncy midsole neutralizes shock.
  • Supports foot muscles
  • Sizing runs small after some time.
  • Runs wide

3.Adidas Divox Turf Shoes- Best  Women Hockey Shoes For Astroturf

If you are anything close to my wife, then Adidas divot women’s hockey shoes might be the best women’s Hockey Shoes. For Astroturf, you are after. The body of these shoes was molded from a pure fiber material, and thus, it only takes a short period of time to be fully dry. The upper was also crafted from a breathable mesh to ensure that your foot is in a position of enjoying a breathable environment.

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The mesh upper also plays a vital role in ensuring that. Your foot will also be kept dry or away from water as the quality foil was used to cover synthetic overlays, making them completely waterproof. For a comfortable fit, this Adidas is bale to hug your foot, thus leading to a sock-like appearance, which protects your foot from minor injuries and keeps your foot warm during cold climates.

The rubber sole option employed by the manufacturer ensures that you will always enjoy your games for long hours without complaining of extra shoe weight. Besides, the rubber soles also allow your foot t remain flexible for a longer duration of time; thus, it promotes your performance. And at the same time, it ensures that your foot is comfortable.

  • Rubber sole
  • Has to mesh upper hence well aerated
  • Comfortable fabrics
  • Slightly padded collar
  • 2 pounds overweight

4.ASICS Gel-Lethal – Asics gel lethal mp7 turf shoe

The synthetic nature of the ASICS Gel-Lethal MP 7 hockey shoes for Astroturf women ensures that your foot will remain dry. These shoes’ upper body was also crated from mesh upper, which tuned these running shoes for hockey to be highly breathable.  The insole is also removable. This is a positive feature of this Asics gel lethal mp7 turf shoe as you can personally consider going for a medical insole or insoles that are of dual-density.

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The vamp is slightly detailed as it joins with the quality toe cap featured to makes sure that your foot will remain to be both comfortable and more stable. With only 11.1 oz. as the total weight, both beginner and expert’s hockey players can comfortably integrate these Asics hockey shoes in their games kit store or hockey collection. Shock and other impact generated either during a hockey game or training session are effectively taken care of by gel cushioning being intergraded by the manufacturers. Lastly, the Synthetic leather material used to model the upper also played a huge role in professionally modifying this Astroturf Asics hockey shoe’s stability. A wide toe box featured on the hand ensures that enough space of one centimeter 1cm was left to give enough room for your big toe to relax accordingly.

  • Synthetic upper
  • Dual-density sole
  • Removable insole
  • Unconditionally comfortable Astroturf hockey
  • Leather materials could have been used as the upper

5.Adidas Adizero Limited Edition -Adidas Adizero Field Hockey Shoes

Just as Adidas Adizero speculates, you will realize that surely the Adidas edition comes with a quality rubber sole, which offers you outstanding traction and friction option, which makes sure that you are free from slips and falls. The toe box is slightly outstanding as it is wide enough to allow hockey enthusiasts with either wide or narrow feet to feel equally comfortable.

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The manufacturer featured a technology-based TPU sole, and this improves your performance either during Astroturf hockey competitions or even during major hockey training sessions. For quality and personalized fit, which is also secure, this Adidas shoe uses the traditional lace closure option.

The other reason why Adidas Adizero remains our editor’s pick is the  Ultra-lightweight design, which, together with a professional snug, acts as a prime guarantee to a comfortable fit. The lace-up designs used allow these hoes to take your foot’s original shape, thus promoting the stability of your foot while on  Astroturf.

  • Light in weight
  • Waterproof
  • Bouncy midsole
  • Quality rubber soles provide your foot with amazing traction.
  • Minor issues with the sizing
  • Way to more expensive


Today hockey is one of the most famous games, and getting yourself a quality, or just the best hockey shoes for Astroturf hockey shoes is one of the major aspects that will get you started. Apart from getting yourself a quality shoe which is compatible with Astroturf for men, the shoes that were found to be the most outstanding is the Adidas Flexcloud Field Hockey Shoes from Adidas while for female hockey enthusiast is the ASICS Women’s GEL-BK Heath you can also check out other top hockey shoe brands for Astroturf currently in the market here. Happy shopping.

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