7 Best Running Shoes For Scoliosis In Of 2023

Scoliosis can be a relatively hard infection to control as symptoms are evident just before puberty. If you are a runner below find a list of  Best Running Shoes For Scoliosis that will help you to avoid either foot pain or back problems when running.

Best Running Shoes For Scoliosis

Therefor of you is a runner or getting yourself a fresh pair of running will help you to control or pave way for recovering from Scoliosis.

In Summary: I Recommend The List Below   Of 13 Best Shoes For Scoliosis Of 2023

  1. best running shoes for scoliosis-ASICS Mens Gel-DS Trainer 23

  2. best work shoes for scoliosis-Skechers Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe

  3. best tennis shoes for scoliosis-Nike Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer

  4. best nursing shoes for scoliosis-Sticky Pro Shoes Cute Nursing Shoes 

  5. best shoes for severe scoliosis-Clarks Step Glow Slip Loafer Flat

  6. best shoe inserts for scoliosis-Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles 

  7. good shoes for scoliosis-Nike Cross Trainer

  8. best running shoes for someone with scoliosis-ASICS Mens Gel-DS Trainer 23

  9. best walking shoes for scoliosis-Nike Cross Trainer

  10. best running shoe for scoliosis-ASICS Trainer

  11. best sneakers for scoliosis-Nike Air

  12. shoe inserts for scoliosis-Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles

  13. best insoles for scoliosis- Feet Insoles

Reviews:7 Best Running Shoes For Scoliosis Of 2023

1.Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36– best running shoes for someone with scoliosis

I recommend this Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 as it comes with a dual-density midsole which has an improved ability to keep your foot away from foot pain. Despite scoliosis not being a life-threating health condition individuals suffering from it are likely to suffer from neck and back pain respectively and eventually scoliosis might lead to poor breathing habits.


In case you are suffering from scoliosis and you are looking for quality of shoes from diminishing consider going for shoes with a removable innersole will do you more good than bad. Nike Air Zoom has removable insole option and thus cleaning or integrating a dual-density innersole is relatively easy.

You will defiantly fall in love with the slightly lifted heel of Nike Air Zoom as it plays a huge role in reducing spine curvature which already exists. The memory foam innersole which was included by the manufactures prevents or keeps your spine away from curvature progression. The uppers were molded from pure rain leather which has some portion of breathable mesh upper to promote proper foot air aeration.

  • Light in weight
  • Comes with removable inner sole
  • Easy to clean
  • Wide toe box
  • Slightly expensive

2.Brooks Men’s Glycerin 17

Based on the huge legacy of brooks shoes manufacturing company Brooks Men’s Glycerin 17 is nothing different as it was molded from durable fabric material which apart from increasing the durability of the shoe it also promotes the comfort of your foot. Quality DNA LOFT transmission technology ensures   that either when running or rocky areas or on cobblestones your foot.Coming with a rubber sole Brooks Glycerin 17 allows your foot to remain flexible either when running or even walking.


A ball-shaped toe cap was featured by the designer and this is the reason why your toes are 100% protected from any instance of injury by rocks or logs when running.

The lace-up option of this brooks running shoes for scoliosis ensures that you will always enjoy a comfortable fit always. 3D Fit quality Print mesh flexible material was used as the upper creates a conducive environment for your foot. A quality DNA LOFT option increases the comfort of your feet while at the same time DNA LOFT acts as perfect guarantee of proper foot protecting.

  • Engineered mesh upper
  • Extremely breathable
  • Excellent Traction
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Relatively pricey

3.Saucony Triumph ISO 5 – best shoes to wear if you have scoliosis

Due to the fact that scoliosis curve will not effectively improve even after successful surgery we were shocked to realize that wearing quality shoes and quality back brace will speed up your scoliosis recovery time. That is the reason why Saucony Triumph was featured as the overall best shoes to wear if you have scoliosis.Saucony Triumph is defined by a  dual-density insole which apart from ensuring that your foot is comfortable it also keeps you away from any instance of shock.


A quality fabric material was used hence Saucony Triumph can either be machine or hand cleaned easily.by only weighing 323 g  you can easily spend a whole day with these Saucony Triumph running shoes for scoliosis on your foot.A quality rubber sole improves the traction force of these shoes, therefore, you are free from simple injuries which are as a result of slipping or falling during your training or running sessions. For a more comfortable fit the manufacture added relatively large tongue.

  • Foam padded inner
  • Large tongue
  • Cushioned insole
  • Removable footbed
  • Weighs 323 g

4.Mizuno Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe-orthopedic shoes for scoliosis

If you are huge fun of running and now you are looking for amazing orthopedic shoes for scoliosis consider giving Mizuno Wave Rider a try as it comes from shoe manufacturing company then have been in the ever-changing shoe industry for decades.

A quality Cloudwave Platform was featured so as to promote a comfortable running experience.Quality textile and synthetic materials were used to create the upper of these running shoes hence your foot are professionally kept away from excess water.

Generally the synthetic upper has made this running shoes for scoliosis to be completely waterproof.Incase scoliosis will advance it leads uncontrolled leg pain that why the midsole of this Mizuno wave rider is dual-density and professionally padded to keep your ailing foot from any instance of shock.

A quality Rubber sole was used and this is the main reason behind why this shoe is extremely flexible. Quality treads were integrated on the rubber sole to improve the traction ability of these shoes.

  • Light in weight
  • Cleans easily  as upper has some  quality  fabric
  • Rubber sole
  • Foam padded inner
  • Waterproof as it has a synthetic  upper
  • Relatively expensive

5.HOKA ONE ONE  Cavu Shoe– best walking shoes for scoliosis

Ending this list without including running shoes from HOKA ONE ONE is something not worth doing. HOKA Cavu Running Shoe is best described by a quality rubber sole which promotes the flexibility of your foot .as an addition you the lace-up option ensure that regardless of whether you will be using this HOKA Cavu Running Shoe as a walking shoe while suffering from scoliosis.

Best Running Shoes For Scoliosis

Despite being termed as running shoes the removable innersole and a professionally padded midsole made us classify this Hoka one as our best walking shoes for scoliosis. The lace-up option of these shoes allows it to take the shape of your foot thus leading to an amazing fit. Apart from the rubber sole allowing you to enjoy a light nature of this running shoe, you will also be shocked to realize that the rubber sole is the reason behind the unforgettable traction force offered by this shoe.

  • Light in weight
  • Cleans easily
  • Comfortable fit as the tongue is slightly large
  • Waterproof upper as it has some percentage of quality synthetic material
  • Sizing tends to run small after sometime


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 was our best running shoes for scoliosis while our runners up were the HOKA ONE ONE  running Shoe, also other shoes that were featured on our list are an equally good performance and are worth giving a try.  Happy shopping


I am a licensed Shoe Enthusiast From Downtown Philadelphia, A U.S. central business district Center City, In the state of Pennsylvania. Welcome On Board.

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