Top 7 Best Shoes After Triple Arthrodesis In Of 2024

Triple arthrodesis is a medical procedure that fuses three primary joints main blue arrow (talonavicular), subtalar (red arrow) and the last one calcaneocuboid also known as green arrow located at the back of your foot. Triple arthrodesis can, therefore, be termed as a surgical procedure for correcting foot pain and deformities.

Best Shoes After Triple Arthrodesis

Choosing the right footwear to wear after Triple arthrodesis is not easy as all the shoes that are compatible with Triple arthrodesis should strictly be podiatric recommended. Let’s get started by going through our review of best shoes after triple arthrodesis that is podiatric recommended.

Reviews: Best Shoes After Triple Arthrodesis Of 2024

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1.ProCare Shoe-Best Walking Shoes After Triple Arthrodesis

ProCare Shoe has a square toe box and the aim of the square box is to keep your foot after triple arthrodesis secure by acting as the quality bumper. The ankle straps of this ProCare are adjustable so as to allow these shoes to be compatible with wide and narrow foot.Best Shoes After Triple Arthrodesis

The heels have a medium size so as to keep your feet stable and more comfort after undergoing the medical procedure. The reduced heel size also gives your foot enough time to recover without exposing it to minor injuries. The sole of this shoe after triple arthrodesis is molded from a rigid rocker.

The innersole sole is the other big thing that allowed us to outline this product on our list today, by being made from foam material your foot tends to remain comfortable for the longest time possible. by the straps featured being adjustable wide footed and narrow footed individuals can also use this procare squared after going a triple arthrodesis procedure.

  • Adjustable straps
  • Light in weight
  • Double density insole
  • Square sore toe
  • high ankle strapping

2.United Ortho Short Cam Walker Fracture Boot

Up next find this united ortho cam walker also termed as fracture boot as it comes with a quality steel based reinforcement option which has proved to be the source of your foot stability and comfort.

Uprights of this walker boot for you to use triple arthrodesis were designed from a plastic material so as to minimize the overall weight of this ortho walker boot.

A relatively wide footbed is well defined by these shoes after arthrodesis; it plays various roles with keeping your foot stability and comfort to the mark. The adjustable straps of this walker boot allow narrow and wide feet to fit easily.

A quality type of rocker sole option was employed so as to offer unconditional shock absorption mechanism. If you are keen enough by now you might have noted that the sole takes a square shape new the toes. The square sole act as prime toe guard by acting as bumper.

After going through triple arthrodesis for sure you will have to live with baggage such as bandage and edema, worry no more as the wide footbed creates enough space for such loads. A quality material was used to craft the innersoles. The fabric which was used as the upper is easy to machine or even hard clean.

  • Light in weight
  • Durable and a high performer at the same time
  • Wide footbed
  • Well-cushioned insole
  • Slightly expensive

3.The Orthopedic Guys CAM Air Walker

If you are having any plans of walking after triple arthrodesis The Orthopedic Guys CAM Air Walker might be one of the few options remaining for you to try. Orthopedic Guy’s shoes come with a quality toe guard which is adjustable. The toe guard helps to protect your toes from minor injuries by acting a protecting bumper.

You will be shocked to realize that Orthopedic Guys CAM shoes for you to wear after triple arthrodesis is 100% approved by OSHA which governs and dedicates workplace footwear. Adjustable straps that were featured apart from being designed from durable fabric material, they also allow you to professionally adjust the fitting of these shoes depending on your foot size either wide or narrow.

In case you will have the need to either immobilize or even modify the level of compression of your lower leg, foot or even ankle the Inflatable bladder featured makes everything to be 100% achievable. Dual-density padding of inside the boot also plays vital role in accelerating or practically lowering your recovery period after triple arthrodesis.

  • Meets OSHA standards
  • Removable toe guard
  • Inflatable bladder
  • Long-lasting and 100% durability power
  • Weighs 3.2 pounds

4.Mars Wellness Premium Post Op  Square Toe Walking Shoe

Although Mars Wellness Premium resembles ProCare Post-Op Shoe there are still some notable differences such as increased shock absorption and slight weight reduction in Mars Wellness Premium. If you have enrolled in any triple arthrodesis physical therapy program you will agree with me that getting shoes that have more space gives your foot a conducive environment which will in turn influence the recovery time for triple arthrodesis.

When talonavicular, calcaneocuboid or the talocalcaneal which are the main joins of your foot undergoes through any surgical fusions definitely your foot will slightly lose some strength. That is why Mars Wellness Premium comes with medically approved strap which helps to result the stability and performance of your foot.

The rubber sole used by the manufacturer ensures that your foot is free from shock . Apart from the quality traction offered by this shoe allowing you to enjoy a smooth ride it also professionally reduces pressure exposed to your foot. Triple fusion on foot is a complicated procedure but with the square-shaped sole, your foot will remain to be protected from minor injuries.

  • Cleans easily
  • Rubber sole
  • Adjustable straps
  • Dries quickly after cleaning
  • Slightly expensive

5.Aircast AirSelect Walker Brace/Walking Boot

Up next find this Aircast AirSelect Walker which allows your foot to be remaining relaxed and stable. Apart from triple arthrodesis, this calm walker boot can also be used by individuals suffering from either acute type of ankle sprains or other injuries of your foot soft tissue. 

Overlapping Duplex air that was featured ensures that your foot remains to be stable.A quality universal fit technology was employed, this option ensures that the air cast walker boot is 100% compatible with either left or right foot.

A quality open framework designs ensure that the foot which has undergone triple arthrodesis is well ventilated. Any shock generated with be professionally dissipated and at the same time absorbed by the soft strike technology

You will also enjoy a natural gait as the sole integrated on this shoes defines the real meaning of a  quality rocker sole which has passed all the lab testing performed. The sleek design makes it easier for your foot to easily recover from the triple arthrodesis surgical procedure.dual-density the midsole was included to provide enough cushioning option to your foot.

  • Overlapping Duplex air
  • Skid sole is molded from a resistant rubber
  • open-frame promotes aeration
  • Universal fit is hence compatible with the left and right foot.
  • Slightly expensive


A comfortable and lightweight pair of shoes your foot will remain painless even after going Triple Arthrodesis. Avoid foot pain and creating comfortable conditions that will allow you to recover quickly after Triple Arthrodesis will only be possible by only going for the best shoes after triple arthrodesis which was found to be  ProCare Shoe while the runners up were found to be  Mars Wellness quality Premium Post Op shoes.

If you have undergone a successful triple arthrodesis consider your foot to be both fragile and weak in other words, therefore consider handling it with care. Lightweight and padded shoes are highly recommended as they keep your foot which has undergone triple arthrodesis which is surgical procedure to be free from shock, impact and foot pain checks our other article on calcaneal fracture shoes. Happy shopping

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