5 Best Shoes For Alaska Cruise Of 2024

Best shoes for Alaska cruise is one the things that should take the top position on your Alaska cruise packing list. When looking for a quality pair for Alaska cruise consider going for all-purpose shoes as during this cruise be ready for endless outdoor hiking, rafting, and fishing.

Below find our reviews of top Alaska cruise shoes .All the shoes on this list were picked on the basis of performance, durability and waterproof capabilities as summer in Alaska means rain every day. Let’s find out what are those shoes that re a must pack this season round.

Reviews: 5 Best Shoes For Alaska Cruise Of 2024

1.Columbia Dakota Drifter Waterproof Hiking Shoe -Best Women Shoes For Alaska Summer

At our top position find this Columbia Dakota which is 100% waterproof. Although there are Columbia Dakota shoes that are designed for men this Dakota Drifter is specifically designed for women. Dual padded insole promotes foot stability and comfort.

The breathable construction design which was employed is responsible for keeping your foot dry all day long. For a secure fit that can easily be adjustable Columbia designers featured a lace-up closure technology. Breathable upper keeps your foot free from footrot or blisters during Alaska summer.

The tongue of this Alaska cruise Columbia shoes was also slightly padded to ensure that regardless of whether you have wide or narrow feet you will still enjoy a comfortable fitting. Hence our best women shoes for Alaska summer. The rubber sole option ensures that your foot is supplied with enough traction ability which promotes smooth and slips-free ride on different terrains.

  • Light in weight
  • Waterproof
  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable construction
  • Costly

2.Merrell Sugarbush Refresh Waterproof Hiking shoes

Up next is Merrell Sugarbush which comes with a 100% rubber sole. In case you are planning to enjoy your Alaska cruise vacation then going Merrell Sugarbush will keep your foot away from shock and pressure generated when standing or walking for long hours.

The upper was molded from a full-grain leather material hence giving it the classic appearance. The leather upper also ensures that your foot will be 100% protected from misty or drizzling climatic conditions. Remember that Alaska weather during summer is normally unpredictable, but you should at least expect rain every day.

EVA Comfort Footbed featured is responsible for offering your foot with additional comfort which includes taking care of shock genaetrt5ed when hiking through rocky or wet terrains. Quality Vibram sole design which was used is responsible for offering your foot with

  • Light in weight
  • EVA Comfort Footbed
  • Vibram sole
  • Waterproof
  • Light in weight

3.Danner Women’s Adrika Hiker 5″

Ending this list of shoes for Alaska cruise without featuring on shoes from Danner’s will be doing great harm than good. The lightweight of this Danner Adrika Hiker was made possible by the lightweight nature.

100% Suede upper have turned these shoes to be very stylish as it fits as expected with different Alaska cruise outfits. by the upper also being designed from 100% Suede upper makes it be easy to clean as you are only required to dust and suede polish to give this Danner Adrika Hiker shoes for Alaska cruise its classic appearance back.

To ensure that your foot is well cushioned so as to ensure shock generated is professionally neutralized the manufacturer included as open-cell technology-based OrthoLite footbed. The upper material was integrated with lightweight water-resistant material to ensure that your foot is professionally protected from unpredictable Alaska weather during your cruise vacation.

  • Rubber sole
  • Two lace options
  • Suede upper
  • Waterproof suede upper
  • 75 inches shaft

4.Clorts  Hiking Suede Leather Lightweight Hiking Shoes- Best Shoes For Alaska  winter

During your Alaska cruise, you might end up hiking the majestic snow-covered mountains so as to fully explore the rich Alaska culture. Hiking through snow-covered terrain is no easy as you are thinking but with this Clorts  Hiking Suede which comes with a synthetic sole allow your foot to remain in water-free state throughout your hiking trip.

The synthetic sole nature gives your foot unconditional stability as these shoes are able to maintain the shape and design of the original shoe for an alo9nger period of time. The synthetic sole also hasmade this Clorts Hiking Suede slightly durable as compared to other hiking shoes for Alaska cruise that have a rubber sole such as the brooks adrenaline hence our best shoes for Alaska cruise during summer.

The amazing Alaska cruises especially the one way or round trips gives you00% unforgettable stunning views of beautiful port cities nd life-giving  glaciers only found in Alaska lightweight shoes for Alaska cruises such as will make your Alaska cruising vacation to be unforgettable. The dual-way lace-up technology employed by the manufacturer ensure that either wide or narrow foot Alaska cruise enthusiast will always enjoy a comfortable fit.

  • Superb traction
  • Replaceable insole
  • Excellent pricing
  • EVA midsole
  • Weighs more

5.Forsake Lucie Mid- Waterproof Shoes Alaska Cruise

When looking for a quality shoe to take to your Alaska cruising vacation consider going for a shoe brand which is 100% waterproof .if you have been keen throughout our article by now I guess that you now know that Alaska weather during summer is rainy throughout hence a waterproof shoes is a must-have.

What is more interesting is that this shoe is also breathable apart from being waterproof. The sneaker design used have made this pair of shoes to be compatible with any of your favorite cursing outfit. Peak-to-Pavement sole design ensures that your stability is guaranteed as the Peak-to-Pavement design is associated with unconditional traction ability.

In the box of this waterproof Alaska cruise shoes, you will find two different sets of nylon laces which makes it easy for this Forsake Lucie Mid to be compatible with a wide range of cruising outfits regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. Odor-resistant footbeds option was also integrated during the construction of these shoes by adding an anti-microbial treatment to the footbed and inner shoe material.

  • Anti-microbial treatment
  • Rubber sole
  • Waterproof upper
  • Peak-to-Pavement outsole
  • Have a sneaker design

How To Select Best Shoes For Alaska Cruise

Regardless of whether you are headed for an Alaska cruise to Great Land’s glaciers or enjoy a wonderful view of wildlife in various national parks you will steel need a quality pair of shoes. Getting yourself a comfortable pair of shoes will allow you to even enjoy exclusive rail, spectacular ships and unconditional wilderness lodges in Alaska.

Getting yourself a quality shoe will allow you to en trek through the endless Alaska beauty which includes a 6 million-acre wild land. Consider going for comfortable should that comes with a flexible sole so as to ensure your foot will remain relaxed for a long period of time.


For the past decade, Alaska has remained to be a huge vacation destination. If you are planning to have an enjoyable vacation in Alaska consider picking a waterproof pair of shoes, as summertime in Alaska means rain every other day.

There are loads of benefits as to why you should consider going for a waterproof shoe when heading for an Alaska cruise. One of the reasons is to keep your foot dry and free from developing bad foot odor which might end up messing up with your Alaska cruise vacation.

Comfort And Stability

Since you will be spending most of your t standing or moving from one place to another consider going for a pair of shoes which aare well padded. Going foheavily padded shoes will make it easy for you when hitting rainy trai or rocky mountain paths.

For added comfort in shoes for hitting Alaska cruis consider going for a pair of shoes that hav both the tongue and collar slightly padded. The removable insole also playssan important role in improving the comfort level of Alaska cruise shoes.

Lightweight and durability

Remember that the shoes you are going to pick will have to remain on your foot for a a slightly longer period that you are thinking. Therefore light weight is the trick behind getting a premium Alaska cruise pair of shoes.

You will be visiting new places like wildness lodges and even horse riding expeditions, hence picking lightweight shoes will be an added advantage.Rubber-soled shoes are considered to be slightly lighter in weight.


After going through the above list we can confidently pick Columbia Dakota as our editors pick as to come with a rubber sole and 100% water-resistant upper. Low heel design shoes should be more preferred so as to offer your foot with unconditional.

Additionally going for rubber-soled Alaska cruise shoes will allow you to enjoy a a smooth ride through our your vacation either during morning snow runs or even hitting Alaska trails.While the runners up of Best Shoes For Alaska Cruise was found to be Merrell Sugarbush.


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