7 Best Shoes For Amputees Of 2024


Being amputee, you will definitely agree with me that the connection that exists between the ground, places you visit, yourself and or even rock face during hiking is your shoes as they offer a smooth ride throughout the day.



The best shoes for amputees are the only remaining and responsible solution as they are the main key to all the difference you are supposed to make so that you can easily achieve any of ultimate goal which might be walking, hiking running or even spending hours when standing during night or day work shifts.

When it comes to amputees shoe shopping the experience is slightly traumatizing as it is 100% challenging.

when choosing the right footwear for amputees consider going for brands that are well balanced as unbalanced shoes can lead to amputee’s serious injuries, let’s get started by looking at ideally what should be present in an amputee shoe. Below find our amputee’s shoe reviews.


Reviews: 7 Best Shoes For Amputees Reviewed Of Of 2024

1.Best running shoes for amputees- Mizuno Men’s Wave Prophecy 8 Running Shoe

Every time we ask our readers and followers to help is in voting running shoes for amputees which they believe is the best Mizuno wave running shoes always get the most votes.



We were also not shocked to realize that since 1906 Mizuno has been one of the leading amputees running shoe sellers, therefore if you are an amputee in need of comfortable running shoes you can’t go wrong with this wave prophecy Mizuno.

These running shoes for amputees are also associated with amazing and comfortable ride as the footbed integrated was crafted from a dual-density foam material.

Mizuno is also known to brag about their shoe’s ability to fully hug your feet and to an extent acting as natural footprint after hugging your arches, of which at the end of the day they offer your foot with a smooth ride all day.

We can also conclude that Mizuno tried to blend both art and science when they used two types of materials with textiles taking 90% while synthetic material taking the remaining 10%.rubber sole is the trick behind firm grip and unconditional traction employed by Mizuno when designing these amputee running shoes.

Highly breathable running hoes as mesh material was professionally blended with a soft full-grain leather material when modeling the upper.

Hopefully, by know you are familiar with the role of the 10% synthetic material which is definitely adding waterproof characteristics. Running with missing foot is not that easy but Mizuno wave running can be made easy as the lace-up closure option employed ensures that your real and artificial foot is in a position of enjoying a comfortable fit.

Infinite wave packing created not only unique but superior and endless cushioning experience for all types of amputees to enjoy

  • Absorbs both impact and shock
  • excellent cushioning
  • Very comfortable
  • Associated with amazing fit
  • Not light as they weight 14.1 ounce

2.Saucony Kinvara 8

Despite being an amputee hitting the trail, hiking or even enjoying your morning run should not be compromised that is why we featured this Saucony Kinvara 8. Apart from being one of the favorite amputees running shoes for decades Saucony Kinvara 8 has a quality upper molded from flex film technology.



Quality lacing up options together with a padded tongue ensures that all amputees will have a comfortable fit when running or even walking. Flex film plays a huge role in ensuring that your foot will remain to be extremely light in weight which the upper is 100% flexible and keeps your foot breathable light and offers a seamlessly comfortable ride for the longest duration of time

In case you are after a running shoe for persons with one missing foot both the padded sole and the innersole allow your foot to remain comfortable while at the same time allowing you to enjoy a smooth ride. To keep your foot away from bad smell a quality breathable mesh was integrated. Natural rubber was used to design the outer sole that is the reason why your foot is offered with a secure ride which is free from slipping, as quality traction is offered by the rubber sole.


  • Light in weight
  • Cleans easily and at the same time extremely strong
  • Slightly durable
  • Quality rubber sole


  • Slightly expensive

3. New Balance WW847

Up next on our list is ww847 which happens to be on the walking shoes for individuals with one missing foot. What made us feature this shoe brand on this list is due to the availability of padded insole which professionally caters to any shock generated when walking.



The sole was crafted from a quality natural rubber that offers your foot with amazing traction ability that keeps you safe from either slipping or even tripping. The insole was crafted from dual-density foam. Another interesting thing about the insole of these shoes is that it can be easily replaced.

Another adorable about this ww847 new balance is the slightly padded collar which plays a quite notable role in ensuring that your ankle is kept out of pain range. The vamp was slightly increased so as to create a large space for a new balance 847 toe box. I can, therefore, conclude that if you are anything like me and you have a missing foot. New Balance WW847 gives your artificial foot life back, I mean.


  • Padded tongue
  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable fit
  • The outsole offers outstanding grip option


  • Slightly expensive

4.BROOKS DYAD 10-Best Brooks Men’s Shoes For Amputees

When it comes to stability and comfort in individuals with missing foot BROOKS DYAD 10 proved to be the ultimate solution currently on the market. What is more exciting is that the manufacturer featured quality foam Footbed which offers your foot a smooth ride.



A quality neutral support feature referred by brooks as BioMoGo DNA offers an amazing cushioning option.The tongue was slightly padded so as to offer you an amazing fit despite missing one foot. The footbed of this brook was also molded from foam-like material hence it allows you to be in position of enjoying a smooth ride for the longest duration of time. Ken who is one of our readers who lost his foot in vital road accident says he has been wearing BROOKS DYAD 10 as they are not only comfortable but light in weight.


  • Lightweight
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Rubber sole
  • Padded collar


  • Sizing has some issue as it tends to run small after a long time of us

5. Best walking shoes for amputees- New Balance WW928 Health Walking Lace-Up Sneaker

Best Shoes For Amputees

When it comes to walking shoe balance remain the only measure of strength and coincidentally. New balance managed to blend quality and performances to come up with New Balance WW928 which ensure amputee always have the ability to enjoy a painless walk.



The upper was designed from 100% pure leather which has made these hoes to be amazingly durable.Kelly who is one reader and also an amputee says that evening walks at a local municipal pack for over three years now have been made easier after she discovered this New Balance WW928.we can also agree with her as a rubber sole was used. Also, a quality support roll bar was used and it ensures that your foot is 100% free from slips. Finally the c-CAP original midsole was integrated to take care of all the shock generated by amputees body when walking

The tongue size was slightly increased and at the same time slightly padded to ensure that you are only going to enjoy a comfortable as well as a smooth ride.inacse you will be traveling with this shoe the packable and flexible nature allows it to fit in your suitcase or traveling bag, as it folds easily


  • Light in weight
  • Breathable
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • Weighs more

                       What To Consider When Choosing best  Shoes For Amputees

If you are anything close to me, then there is a high probability that you might have lost your foot during a road accident or due to vital medical health conditions. Despite missing pone foot being an amputee does not make you be a lesser human being, therefore below find guidelines which you should follow every time you are having plans for purchasing a new pair of shoes for amputees. We have also included socks, walking sticks wheelchairs, beds and other crucial accessories that are vital for an amputee to have an enjoyable life.


Just a quick point to remember is that since amputee is individuals with one foot missing going for footwear with a quality rubber sole ensures that you are offered with all the traction your foot requires to offers you with an amazingly smooth ride without having to exposed you to enjoy the instance of slipping or even falling. Lightweight rubbers sole are more preferred to sole that has extra weight.

Remember since you are amputee you are after quality footwear. To take care of all the shock and impact generate when walking dual density sole or sole that has some percentage of foam material are some of the main factors that will always s allows you to a enjoy a !00% smooth ride regardless of whether you spend most of your time standing walking or even hiking.


When it comes to picking the right shoes an amputee considers going for insoles which are slight or densely cushioned. Going for well-cushioned insoles will allow your healthy foot together with your artificial foot to remain 100% comfortable from all the shock generated when either walking or even standing. Using well-cushioned insoles also help to protect your hip or even back from experiencing any pain.


Living with on foot missing is not easy and that is why it was suggested that you should consider going for footwear that has been denoted as the best shoes for amputees. Before picking any footwear for amputee comfort should be among the key factors to consider they allow the amputees to have a smooth ride and at the same time reducing pain instance at any given time.

Unlike in running or walking shoes if you sure shoes or sneaker person you will realize that amputees prefer going for shoe models as there are amputees who are overweight, wide a narrow footed hence getting them quality footwear should not be a topic of di.Shoes that are slightly padded as also more preferred as apart from offering your foot a quality smooth ride which is 100% way from any instance of shock or even impact which might be generated by lack of sufficient stability. Happy shopping.

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