Top 7 Best Shoes For Barbers Of 2023

The best shoes for barbers area the other main thing barbers should have other than clippers or automatic comb. Barber shoes are just like promenade as they allow your time as a barber to be easy and shoes for barbers

To be a successful and well-established barber you will need quality and stylish shoes that will ensure you are stylish and at the same time enhance your performance.Let’s find, what are some of the quality barber shoes available today.

Reviews: 7 Best Shoes For Barbers Of 2023

1.Air Jordan 11 RetroBest Shoes For Barbers To Wear

For comfortable and a smooth ride on any flooring material in your barbershop I recommend this Air Jordan 11 Retro. Jordan 11, Keeps your foot to be 100% comfortable and well relaxed. Thanks s to the flat sole design which was molded from a rubber material as it offers amazing tractions, hence keeping your foot from minor slips.Best Shoes For Barbers

The material which was used to manufacturer this Air Jordan for a barber is pure leather which ensures that the durability and performance of these shoes are up to the recommended standards.

A technology-based midsole which was featured ensures shock and impact is professionally taken care of hence our best shoes for barbers to wear

The flat sole design ensures that even if you will spend the whole day standing your feet will not be exposed to any instance of fatigue at any given time. The slightly padded color of these shoes keeps your ankles from any foot pain. The padded collar ensures that your foot will remain to be stable for a relatively longer duration of time.

The tongue of these shoes is relatively large and this allows you to enjoy a comfortable fit.  The vamp of these shoes was also professionally designed in a way that it created s more space for wide feet and at the same time it comfortably accommodates narrow feet.

  • Lightweight
  • Cleans easily
  • Has a padded collar
  • Easy break-in
  • Minor issue with sizing

2.Dr. Martens Womens Aimilita-Best Shoes For A Barber

Today to evolution of technology women have turned out to be the most classic barbers we have today and that is why we decided to feature this Dr. Martens Aimilita as it is specifically designed to be used by Women. The most amazing part is that the upper is pure leather thus durability and performance are up to the mark.

The leather material used as the upper was a full-grain leather material and thus it is capable of ensuring that your foot is kept dry for the longest time shoes for barbers

1.25 inches happens to be the overall lent of the heel and this promotes both the stability and comfort of your foot. The fold-down option ensures that your sense of style is maintained. A quality lace up technology that was employed by the manufacturer ensures that this Women’s Aimilita professionally takes the shape of your foot.

For quality comfort and amazing stability of barber’s foot the footbed of this Aimilita shoes for women was lightly cushioned.The inner body of these shoes was designed from a thick fabric which is capable of allowing your foot to remain cold even if you are a barber in areas that are completely cold.

Quality stands out ribbon was used as the lacing option and this makes it easier for you when time for closing the lacing comes. Finally, the fact that the toe box of this shoe is slightly large, either narrow or wide foot will always feel comfortable.

  • Lightly padded footbed
  • Cleans quickly
  • Decently priced
  • Lightly cushioned footbed
  • Sizing runs small
  • Weighs 1.3 pounds

3.Rockport Men’s Margin Oxford-Barber Rockport Men’s Margin Oxford

Rockport Margin Oxford is defined by having a 100% full-grain leather upper. The footbed is yet another reason to why you can enjoy long working house while in standing position as it is slightly padded.

You might be wondering what the best shoes are for barbers? As you might be having a huge list and narrowing down to the specific shoe models of footwear compatible with either male or female or male barbers is not that shoes for barbers

Rockport Margin Oxford was the shoes that managed to be ranked as dependable barber shoes this time around. Rockport men’s margin oxford comes from a prime work shoe manufacturing company that has perfect their art of shoemaking .

with the heel of this Rockport only measuring 1.25   you can actually walk, sit or even stand for long hours without any instance of foot pain.The sole was molded from a  rubber material,.

and this is one of the major features that played a vital role in ensuring that the weight of this Rockport will not negatively influence the performance of your foot. Amazingly enough quality polyurethane outsoles which are both lights in weight and dual-density ensures that your feet are offered with unconditional shock absorption solution.

  • Polyurethane outsoles
  • The heel is only 1.25 inches
  • Light in weight
  • Slightly padded collar
  • Heel length can be slightly reduced

4.Skechers Sport Women’s Premium-Podiatric Recommended Shoes For Barbers

Last year after my daughter completed her high school education she decided to venture into the beauty industry I was shocked to realize that she was already working barber even days before she graduated from high school. Just to show how much love I had for I decided to buy her this Skechers Sport Women’s Premium shoes as apart from keeping her foot stable it also keeps her toe safe as quality toe cap was featured. A quality mesh was used as part of the material that was used to model the upper of these women’s shoes for shoes for barbers

Despite being a sketcher the manufacturer took their games to a new full level by giving these shoes a slip-on like loafer designs.

The slip-on design makes it easy for you to wear or take off the shoes. Quality rubber was used as the primary outsole material and this is the main reason why you will always enjoy quality grip and traction force. For improved comfort the tongue was also padded

So as to keep your ankles from any instance of ankle pain a quality foam material was integrated on the shoe lining. Dual-density footbed was used to act as major shock absorption of these shoes.

Apart from being comfy these shoes are also casual and the most interesting thing is that they fall under the categories of shoes that are recommended by medical experts. The lace-up options employed by the manufacturer ensure that the sketcher will easily take the real shape of your foot’s shape.

  • Rubber sole
  • Quality traction
  • Padded collar
  • Stylish and the same time a casual  shoes
  • Slightly expensive

5.Nunn Bush Dress Casual Slip On Shoe -Most Comfortable Barbers Shoes For Men

The Nunn bush slip-on shoe was found by the overall best barber shoes as it a quality Dress and at the same time a quality Casual. Good thing fist when this shoe was being designed the manufacturer’s main aim was to ensure that barbers will remain to be safe from foot pain which might arise from standing for longer time while in any shoes for barbers

By this loafer for barbers beings, 100% handcrafted it gives you the real meaning of luxury shoes for barbers.

If you have been in the barber industry for a relatively long period of time or if you are just a beginner you will agree with me that being a barber who has huge taste of fashion you will be in position of directly influencing your customers. The toe detailing employed by the manufactures gives these shoes an outstanding classic moccasin appearance of all time.

Pure leather was used to mold the upper of this loafer but to make sure that your foot has enough access to aim some perforations were added. The insole is the other reason why we think that this Nunn bush slip-on shoe is compatible with barbers.

Talking of the outstanding traction force offered by the rubber sole of these shoes your foot is therefore kept away from minor injuries that might arise from slips or even falls.

  • Light in weight
  • Cleans easily and also has a quality classic moccasin appearance
  • Easy to wear as it takes up a loafer design
  • Flat sole promote stability of your foot
  • Slightly expensive

6.Dr. Martens  Aimilita FL Ankle Boot– best boots for barbers women

Dr. Martens was found to be our best boots for barbers as it was handcrafted. By having a sole made from a quality synthetic material your foot will remain to be 100% protected from any instance of foot pain. Slip resistance ability was made possible by the synthetic sole. The ankle boot nature ensures that this Dr. Martens barber boot for women is compatible e with a wide arrange of shoes for barbers

The upper of this barber ankle boot was designed from full-grain leather which is responsible for protecting your foot from any water or even falling objects. Having the upper of this ankle boot and the sole being professionally heat-sealed, water soil or small stones are professionally kept away from your foot.

What is more amazing is that the outsole molded by Dr. Martens comes with quality air cushioned technology. Regardless of whether your barbershop is located in ice-covered areas you will be working late at night when there is extreme cold, your foot will remain warm pure cotton fabrics were featured by the manufacturer. The footbed and innersoles were molded from a dual-density foam material which is also responsible for keeping your foot away from any shock or impact.

  • Light in weight
  • Synthetic sole
  • Cotton coated fabric
  • Ankle boot design
  • Slightly expensive

7.CLARKS Men’s Escalade StepBest Barbers Shoes For Standing Long Hours On Concrete

When it comes to quality comfort and stability of barbers foot CLARKS Men’s Escalade Step has shown to have the capability to control the barber shoe comes with quality insoles which were designed from a dual-density material the dual-density nature of the insoles of these shoes ensures that your foot is professionally from any shoes for barbers

The synthetic sole of CLARKS Escalade ensures that your foot is kept away from any foot slips that might end up reading to a minor accident. The dual insole design keeps your foot stable and more comfortable than you even though it will. The tongue is also relatively long and at the same time padded and this ensures that you will definitely enjoy a comfortable fit and a smooth ride.

Eventually after considering the fact that barbers spend most of their time standing, I would also like to clarify that to some extent barbers are known for their rich taste of music from old classics to jazz music.If you are a barber consider getting a pair of CLARKS Escalade Step footwear as it will allow you to enjoy work and music at the same time music as these CLARKS Men’s Escalade Steps are 100%  comfortable.

  • Decently priced
  • Traction is amazing
  • Cleans easily
  • Comfortable fit
  • Sizing runs small


After going through thousands of barber shoe brans on the market New Balance 998 was found to be the most preferred barber shoe as it comes with quality rubber sole and relatively wide toe box that ensures barbers with wide or narrow feet will enjoy a comfortable fit.

Apart from barber being among the most important people in our society as they also keep us neat and fresh despite spending most of their time standing, getting quality pair of footwear will make even your barber professionalism more enjoyable .in this article I have defined what the best shoes are for barbers and included some of the trending barber shoe brands on the market today.

The runners up of the best shoes for barbers were Jordan Bred 11’s as it has quality socks like appearance which hugs your foot giving you a smooth ride hence our top rated barber shoes to cut in. The dual-density foams include in the Jordan Bred 11’s keeps your foot from any shocks instance thus give you and your hands all the stability you will need to give an outstanding cut to your client’s. Happy shopping. 

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