6 Best Shoes For Breakdancing Of 2024

So, are you Joining a breakdancing class or training session and now you are after just the best shoes for breakdancing which will allow you to learn various breakdancing moves and tricks quickly?

Or are you a beginner or professional break-dancer after a quality pair of shoes to rock with during the upcoming breakdancing competition.

Well then, below find our detailed reviews of top breakdancing shoes current on the market. All the breakdancing shoes our list were picked selectively after reading through hundreds of comments from previous buyers.

Let’s find out that are those breakdancing shoe brands are worth giving a try this season round below.

Reviews:6 Best Shoes For Breakdancing Of 2024

1.PUMA  Suede Classic Plus Sneakers-Best Sneaker For Breakdancing

PUMA Suede managed to our top breakdancing shoes list position as it comes with a 100% suede material. The manufacture employed well-trained workers who managed to blend the suede upper with a rubber sole to give rise to this attractive and durable breakdancing sneaker.The collar of these shoes was designed from soft material to ensure that your foot and the shoes will have gentle interaction thus keeping your foot away from blisters or bruises. The tongue of this break dancing puma shoes was also sparingly padded to guarantee wide and narrow footed breakdancing enthusiasts a comfort and a secure fit.

What made us pick this puma as our best sneaker for breakdancing is that the manufacturer puts more emphasis on both fashion and lifestyle. Hence PUMA Suede Classic plus Sneakers is compatible with all of your favorite breakdancing outfits.


  • padded collar
  • Suede sneaker
  • 100% Suede
  • Lace-up designs


  • 44 pounds

2.Saucony Originals Men’s Jazz Sneaker- Best Shoes To Breakdance In

Up next find Saucony Jazz Sneaker which is 100% defined by a flexible synthetic sole. By Saucony using a synthetic material as the sole, these hoes were automatically made to be waterproof. A lace-up option allows the shoes to remain on your foot for a long duration of time without exposing your foot to blisters.Best Shoes For Breakdancing inSoft mesh upper that was featured apart from promoting the physical appearance of these shoes also enhances fresh air circulating in your foot during any breakdancing occasion. Hence our best shoes to breakdance in currently available. Get your pair here.

The revolutionary design of this Saucony Originals sneaker has a lovely appearance which allows you to remain stylish regardless of your dancing outfit. Saucony Jazz Sneaker is sports inspired hence it helps you to blend your breakdancing tricks with a natural sports appearance.


  • Soft lining
  • 100% Nylon
  • Synthetic soles
  • Dual-density midsole


  • Weighs 12 ounces

3.Pastry Youth Glam Pie Glitter High- Best Kind Of Shoes For Breakdancing

At our position three find this Pastry Youth which is one of the few sneakers that is flexible enough to be termed as breakdancing sneakers. Coming with a wide range of color that is offered by the manufacturer ensures that you’re only going to pick a pair of sneaker that suits your color taste and preference.Best Shoes For BreakdancingIn case you are planning on enjoying blatant moves and flashlight turns the manufacture made sure that the outsole of this sneaker is slim and light in weight. A robust construction design ensures that this sneaker is both durable and high performing. Sleek design which was professionally blended with quality shimmering panels ensures that your feet will always shine under the spotlight.

It comes in a wide range of colors all the way from Silver, Black, Gold, and Red. Professionally cushioned insoles. Your toes will be supplied with fresh air during the breakdancing session as the vamp of these shoes is perforated. A slightly wide toe box promotes secure and 100% comfortable fit.


  • Multiple colors,
  • quality materials
  • Glitter under the spotlight
  • Flexible sole


  • Flat sole

4.Nike Free Tr8 Shoes- Best Nike  Shoes For Breakdancing

Apart from Nike dominating the running and walking shoes market this Nike Free Tr8 Shoes was also found to be a possible breakdancing shoe bet this season round. The stylish design of these Nike shoes helps to raise your confidence and self-esteem during break dancing competition of training classes.Having colored shoes will also help to make your break dancing tricks to be more appealing and that is why Nike made sure that there are over 91 color options of this Nike Free Tr8 only for you to select your favorite from.

For new break dancing moves, the manufacturer featured a dual-density midsole that offers your foot a safe landing platform. This Nike shoe also tends to remain on your foot during break dancing as the lace-up deign to guarantee your secure fit. EVA midsole that was used as the reason as to why this Nike Free Tr8 footwear is capable of neutralizing all the shock and pressure generated when breakdancing.


  • Light in weight
  • Bootie construction
  • Rubber sole
  • Perforated toe front


  • Sizing runs small

5.Adidas Originals Superstar Shoe-Best Breakdancing Shoes For Women

This Adidas Superstar Shoe was found to be the most appropriate women’s shoes for break dancing as it is both fashionable and 100% customizable. The shell-toe design ensures that your toes are well protected from cases of minor accident or slips during breakdancing.Best Shoes For BreakdancingThe upper of these shoes was designed from a natural and a 100% natural rubber to ensure that your foot is supplied with enough traction which makes sure that you are free from slips and falls. The breathable upper design ensures that your foot will remain fresh and free from both footrot and bad foot odor.

Patterned rubber cupsole ensure that your toes are well protected from accident and falling objects. The cupsole was also made from water-resistant material hence it is responsible for keeping your foot to be dry. The breathable mesh lining is responsible for making sure that no blister will develop when breakdancing.


  • Patterned rubber cupsole
  • Upper is 100% Leather
  • Quality traction
  • Flexibles sole design


  • Costly

6.Bloch Women’s Boost DRT Suede-Best Breakdancing Shoes For Girls and boys

Up next we decide to feature Bloch Boost DRT Suede shoes as our top breakdancing shoes which are 100% compatible with girls who are break-dancers. Lace-up design ensure that girls and boys with wide or narrow feet who are breakdancing enthusiast will definitely enjoy a secure fitThe split sole design which was professionally blended with a dynamic technology offers girls foot with outstanding traction and stability when break dancing. Slit sole designs are also responsible for offering girls and boys feet with unconditional traction ability hence allowing girls to enjoy a comfortable ride when breakdancing.

A quality Dri-Lex lining option was used, what is amazing about this break dancing shoe for girls Dri-Lex lining is that it is 100% breathable. Stability is guaranteed as the lining is also nonmarking. A mesh upper material was used to ensure that the girl’s foot is supplied with fresh air either during break dancing competitions or training sessions.


  • Dri-Lex lining
  • Synthetic sole
  • Suede upper
  • arch support is Built-in


  • weighs more

How To Select Best Shoes For Breakdancing

Breakdancing training or completion session is associated with a lot of stamping, turning to stomp and hoping a lot hence lightweight and comfortable breakdancing shoe is a must-have.

Breakdancing with the wrong pair of shoes can turn breakdancing to be a life and death moment there are millions of shoe brands that are compatible with breakdancing, but the main issue is getting comfortable and supportive shoes for the job. Below find our detailed breakdancing shoe buyers guide.

Breathable Material

During a breakdancing session, your feet will remain to be active for long hours. Hence going for breakdancing shoes which are molded from a breathable material.  The breathable material ensures that your feet are supplied with enough air which is capable of allowing them not to get hot.

Consider going for shoe brands that come with an upper material that is breathable, so as to ensure your foot is kept away bad odors and smell that might end up lowering your performance. The breathable upper also ensure that your foot will not easily cause low self-esteem due to the bad smell.

Outstanding Traction Ability

During break dancing lessons you will be required to have quality shoes that will offer with all the stability needed during breakdancing.  In order to ensure that you will only pick a breakdancing pair of shoes that have top-notch traction consider going for models that have a rubber sole and a non-marking sole design.

Traction can also be improved by going for a pair of breakdancing shoes that have professional tread so as to allow you to enjoy outstanding dancing floor grip. Breakdancing can be said to be one of the most complicated and dangerous dance moves hence piking a quality pair of shoes will allow you to be in a better position.

Cushioning And Stability

Remember that foot, ankle and knee comfort will be dictated by the type of shoes you are going to select. Consider going for footwear that has rubber sole or comes with EVA midsole. Well-cushioned shoes will help to keep your foot from pressure and shock generated either during a breakdancing training or competition session.

You can also modify the level of comfort you need during break dancing by going for a breakdancing shoe that comes with a 100% removable insole. Padded tongue and collar are also other major featured that should be present in good shoes for breakdancing in.


After a thorough analysis, I can confidently pick PUMA Suede Classic plus Sneakers as our top breakdancing shoes this season round as looking at the uppers and sole you will definitely. With adidas Cloudfoam Advantage Sneakers as the runners up.

But with very close competition from a technology-based athletics shoe such Cloudfoam Advantage Sneakers as they come with an EVA midsole which promotes both comfort and stability of your foot when breakdancing still managed to take your top position.

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