7 Best Shoes For Cuboid Syndrome In 2022

Best shoes for cuboid syndrome helps to keep your foot and ankle from all the pain generated from cuboid bone ligaments and joints injury. Suffering from cuboid syndrome exposes you to severe pain on your lateral foot side which is also the side of your little toe get yourself thecorrect footwear 100% keeps your foot from Cuboid syndrome foot pain.

Best Shoes For Cuboid Syndrome
Cuboid syndrome is caused by partial dislocation of some of the bones that form your middle foot.Cuboid syndrome, therefore, results when the midtarsal joint undergoes subluxation. Cuboid syndrome is one of the most challenging sources of foot pain which is also relatively hard to diagnose. In this article, I am going to take you through a list of 7 shoes that are compatible with individuals suffering from the cuboid syndrome.

Reviews: 7 Best Shoes For Cuboid Syndrome 2022

1.Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoe– Best Running Shoes For Cuboid Syndrome

The Mizuno wave Inspire managed to take our top position of running shoes for individuals who are 100% running enthusiasts despite the fact that they are suffering from cuboid syndromeBest Running Shoes For Cuboid Syndrome.

a quality rubber sole was integrated to offer your foot with all the traction force so as to stabilize your running experience.The upper of these shoes was molded from 100% textile material which ensures that your foot is breathable. The synthetic material that was added when constructing these shoes ensures that when hitting the trail during the rainy season your foot will be kept away from water. Comfort and performance are some of the key drivers that enabled mizuno to integrate a shaft that measures low to top from the arch of the shoes.

A quality Air mesh upper technology was employed by mizuno so as to ensure your foot is supplied with fresh air either during running or walking. In case you are running fanatic you should definitely give Mizuno Wave Inspire a try as it was found to be our Best Running Shoes for Cuboid Syndrome. Running with Cuboid Syndrome is not easy much pain is generated but having shoes like Mizuno Wave Inspire which has dual density midsole helps to absorb all the shock generated when running thus keeping you away from any form of foot pain.

  • Strap and laces
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong rubber sole
  • Supports muscles
  • Sizing runs small

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2.ASICS Women’s GEL-190 TR -Best Walking Shoes For Cuboid Syndrome

Up next on our shoes for Shoes For Cuboid Syndrome find these ASICS Women’s GEL-190 TR walking shoes. ASICS GEL-190 TR is amazing walking shoes that are compatible with the cuboid syndrome. In case you are a walking fanatic and you are worried about how to self-adjust cuboid bone going for this ASICS GEL-190 TR ensure that all the shock generated when walking is absorbed by the dual density rubber sole.

A quality lace up option was utilized to ensure that you will enjoy a comfortable fit regardless of whether you have wide or narrow feet. you might also be wondering whether will cuboid syndrome heal on its own and the answer is yes if you have the right shoes. ASICS GEL-190 comes from a shoe manufacturing company that has perfected the art of shoes making for more than a decade hence stability and comfort are guaranteed.

If you are observant enough you will definitely notice that quality air mesh technology was utilized when coming up with the upper design. The air mesh technology plays a vital role in ensuring that your foot is well aerated and this feature ensures that your foot is kept away from bad smell. 100% Synthetic material together with a breathable mesh were blended to come up with a waterproof walking shoe design for both men and women suffering from the cuboid syndrome.

  • dual density midsole system
  • SpEVA Midsole Material
  • 100% Synthetic upper
  • Rearfoot GEL Cushioning
  • none

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3.Birkenstock Arizona Shoes –Best Birkenstock For Cuboid Syndrome

Not everyone is a huge fun of closed shoes that is why Birkenstock Arizona Shoes were featured on our list today. Birkenstock has been on the shoe market for a slightly longer period of time and since then they have continually gained popularity over the decades. Birkenstock was modelled from full grain leather hence the shoes are slightly more durable.

Lightweight mesh upper which was integrated ensures that your foot is supplied with fresh air which is responsible for keeping your foot way from bad odours. A quality Traction EVA outsole featured ensures that you will remain well protected from slipping when either walking on cobblestones, wooden or even tiled floors. A quality cork foot bed featured offered your foot with an amazing cushioned feel while at the same time allowing you to enjoy a smooth ride when walking on different terrains.

Quality buckle straps that are adjustable ensure that you can easily customize these Birkenstock Arizona to fit both wide and narrow feet effectively. Signature anatomical Footbed featured to ensure that your foot is kept free from any shock. Lastly, if when wearing these Birkenstocks if you are after tourists feel consider wearing a pair of cosy socks.

  • Soft Footbed
  • Adjustable straps
  • Cork food bed hence durable
  • Compatible with socks
  • Not conductive for rainy weather
  • Feets get cold

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4.Brooks Glycerin 15 Running Shoes-Best Budget Shoes For Cuboid Syndrome

In case you on a tight budget and still after a great shoe brand for cuboid syndrome this Brooks Glycerine 15 might be an awesome pick for you this season. Quality posh and comfortable padding option on the collar and sole ensure offers you a smooth thus keeping yours from any foot pain.Best Budget Shoes For Cuboid Syndrome

Either when running or even working while suffering from cuboid syndrome will be more enjoyable as this Brooks Glycerin 15 has a top notch arch support option.  The quality arch support ensures that either hen walking on soft or rough terrains your foot will remain to be 100% protected. A quality tongue that was lightly padded ensures offers you’re a comfortable fit. The upper was also crafted from quality leather material.

A top notch durable sole unit was featured to ensure all the shock generated will be professionally taken care of. The insole of this brook is removable and this gives you a better chance of replacing the original innersole with high density or technology based insoles which will also allow you to enjoy a smooth ride regardless of suffering from  cuboid syndrome.

  • Dual density sole
  • Well-padded collar
  • Waterproof upper
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Sizing has some issue

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5.Adidas Men’s Ultraboost –Most Comfortable Shoes For Cuboid Syndrome

Ending this list without including a quality adidas brand on this list will be doing adidas funs huge damage. Adidas has been in the shoe game for more than a decade and has and will continue to gain fame. Adidas Men’s Ultra boost upper was molded from 100% synthetic materials so as to make these shoes for the cuboid syndrome to be compatible with summer or winter climate.

Both the collar and the tongue of these shoes were highly padded so as to ensure your foot is comfortable. The padded nature of this adidas ultra-boost allowed us as naming it as our top most comfortable shoes for the cuboid syndrome. A quality moulded heel counter was also featured so as to reinforce your heel and at the same time offer additional support to your heel so as to reduce over pronation when suffering from the cuboid syndrome

For comfort and amazing traction ability, the manufacturer featured a quality Continental rubber outsole which apart from offering a smooth ride it is also responsible for ensuring that all the shock generated either when running or walking is professionally absorbed.

  • Continental rubber outsole
  • Easy to clean
  • Cushioned upper
  • Decently priced
  • Weighs more

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6.Merrell Gridway Moc Slip-On-Best Travelling Shoes For Cuboid Syndrome

I personally think that Merrell Gridway Moc is a perfect shoe for the cuboid syndrome as it only weighs. The Slip-on shoe deign has made it easy for you to either wear or remove these shoes.

The cuboid syndrome may lead to huge foot pain and to a large extent may lead to other adjacent bones fracturing but with the Removable EVA Footbed which was featured on this Merrell Gridway, you can easily replace it with insoles that are high density to cater for shock generated by your foot.

A breathable mesh was used to comes up with the upper of this Merrell Gridway and it plays a huge role in ensuring that your foot is supplied with fresh air. Unlike other cuboid syndrome shoes that utilize rubber sole the designer of this Merell integrated a quality Vibram® EcoDura™ professional outsole so as to offer you an unconditionally smooth ride.

A quality lining option that is 100% textile made these shoes to be breathable hence better cuboid syndrome shoes for travellers. The slip one deign is the other vital reason why Merrell Grid’s way is compatible with both narrow and wide foot. What is more amazing is after using these shoes it can still be recycled as the upper was molded from a quality yarn knit upper.

  • Light in weight
  • Cleans easily
  • Slip on design
  • EVA foot bed is removable
  • Slightly expensive

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7.Nike Air Force 1 Lv8 Leather Casual Shoes-best sneaker for cuboid syndrome

Our last cuboid syndrome foot wears ion this list is the Nike Air Force. This shoe has been referred to be the king of all sneaker culture of all time. The quality rubber sole of these shoes ensures that you will enjoy a smooth slip free ride. Both the collar and the tongue were professionally padded so as to ensure you will enjoy a comfortable fit for the longest time possible.

Suffering from cuboid syndrome should not prevent you from being sneaker head and that is why we featured this Nike Air Force to ensure that you are always on top of the sneaker game this season round. For amazing traction, Nike integrated a quality rubber outsole which is non-making. The non-making soles design  ensure that your Nike air force will not leave marks on your wooden or tilled floor and the same time it will not  at any point scuff off

In case you are suffering from cuboid syndrome and plantar fasciitis, I believe that Nike Air Force 1 has your back as the full-length air-sole offers your foot with all the superb cushioning it requires .with a quality upper leather this Nike air force one allows you to enjoy a classic and comfortable look. we are referring to this air force one as the best sneaker for the cuboid syndrome as the padded collar and dual density midsoles keep your foot from all the cuboid pain in the morning.

  • Dual density midsoles
  • Non making outsole
  • Padded collar
  • Wide toe box
  • Weighs more

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 How To Select Best Shoes For Cuboid Syndrome

Cuboid syndrome results when ligaments and joints that surround your cuboid bone get injured resulting in huge pain. So as to keep your foot protected from all the pain generated by Cuboid syndrome you will need to have quality footwear. Due to the evolution of the Cuboid syndrome shoe industry, there are hundreds of shoes for you’re to choose from.

But the most challenging this that there are both high quality and low quality shoes for Cuboid syndrome thus selecting quality and top performing shoes is a huge issue. Below finds a list of tips for you to follow when selecting foot wear for Cuboid syndrome


When selecting shoes that will help to keep your foot from the pain that results from Cuboid syndrome consider going for a pair of shoes that are slightly durable. Going for durable shoes ensure that you are going to enjoy the real value of your shoes for a slightly longer period of time. Durable shoes are also better performers as compared to less durable shoes. Incase getting durable shoes is a challenge consider going for or the.


When suffering from Cuboid syndrome consider going for shoes that are slightly flexible. Going for flexible shoes ensures that your foot will always have enough space to relax. When suffering from cuboid syndrome walking running or even jogging tends to slightly difficult therefore going for a pair of shoes that are slightly flexible will allow you to take part in some of those activities despite suffering from the cuboid syndrome. Consider going for flexible shoes as they will reduce the probability of all the bones connected to your cuboid bone from fracturing.


When suffering from cuboid syndrome you should have in mind that comfort is king. Getting yourself comfortable kicks ensuring that your painful cuboid bones are not exposed to other fractures of adjacent bones .which might end up generating more foot pain. Getting yourself comfortable shoes if you are suffering from Cuboid syndrome will ensure that you can enjoy your normal work out, running or walking programme without any foot pain complains.


After going thought hundreds of Cuboid syndrome shoes on the market we found. Consider going for shoes that are decently priced so as to avoid breaking your bank balance. Talking of quality durable and decently priced shoes for Cuboid syndrome Mizuno Wave Creation 20 Running Shoe was found to be our top shoes while our runners up were found to be Mizuno Wave Inspire as it is quality running shoes for individual suffering from Cuboid syndrome. Frequently asked questions, how frequent should I replace my cuboid syndrome shoes consider replacing your shoes the moment you realize that they are wearing out or one side of the shoes is slanting.


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