10 Best Shoes For Dental Hygienist 2022 Reviewed

Either you are looking for work shoes that can be said to best shoes for dental hygienist due to their light weight and relatively attractive appearance if you have any medical background you will attest that doctors, dentist or even nurses tend to spend most of their time standing.

Best Shoes For Dental Hygienist

Considering  the nature  of  your  medical work as a professional dental hygienist  you will 100% agree with our editors that your  productivity  and  performance all depends on  your  footwear as  your  comfort  mainly depends on it either during your day or  night shifts

After doing our  home  well we  have  great hope that you are not trying to be one of the 33%dentists in the  united states who have to suffer mostly from feet and back pain problems which we  realized all arise from not selecting the right shoes  for dental profession.that is  why we  dedicated our  time  to come up with this complete guide on shoes for dental hygienist so as to solve your hustle of  looking for  a quality shoe  brand that you can trust.

After going through hundreds of post on the internet about which shoes should be more preferred by a dental hygienist I was not happy as most of the post were off topic this gave me the desire to come up with the most outstanding post.

In case you are just like and you are the a very busy dentist   just I was like three years ago probably didn’t have enough time for reading through our article this New Balance Work Non-Slip Shoes is  our top pick and the  runners  up is the Merrell Jungle Moc.

Reviews: Best Shoes For Dental Hygienist Reviewed 2022

1.Sticky Shoes Waterproof Slip-Resistant Dental Hygienist shoes

Sticky Shoes Waterproof Slip-Resistant happens to be among the few remaining versatile  shoes  for female  dental hygienist .one of the features  that incited  us  to include this product on our  article is that it have  two wearing option the first option   you can open back wear them or  slight back wear these shoes it all  depends s on your  personal preferences.

Best Shoes For Dental Hygienist

Being a dental hygienist nothing is interesting than knowing your footwear is completely waterproof the moment you will make a mistake of slipping your feet in these magnificent shoes for a dentist you will defiantly love the comfort which offered by the dual density midsole. Keeping your feet dry as dentist can be a big win and that is why we had to include this show on our list sometimes you will have emergency surgery and you will have to change your shoes inform of the whole medical crew.

  • Arch supports exceptional sturdy and the comfortable toe box is Roomy
  • Premium leathers
  • Weighs less which can also be  a positive side

2.Sketchers Work Relaxed Fit Sure Track Dental Hygienist Shoes

If your area professional dentist or just venturing into dentistry I would like to let you know that Sketchers Work Relaxed Fit Sure Track should be the professional hygienist shoe for you. The synthetic sole ensures that your foot will remain to be flexible for a longtime possible. Durability Is also a paramount guarantee as a quality genuine leather was an employee.The relaxed construction foot that was employed by the manufacturer is a prime guarantee to 100% comfortable fit. E, Safe tested nature ens

Best Shoes For Dental Hygienist

ures that this sketcher has an improved ability to be able to protect yourself from all the minor injuries. The dual density midsole which was professionally molded from a memory foam plays a vital role in making sure that shock with belonging As most dentists depend on their foot.

  • EH Safe tested
  • Genuine Leather Construction
  • Synthetic sole
  • Relaxed Fit design
  • None for now

3.New Balance Work Non-Slip-best budget Dental Hygienist Shoes

I discovered new balance exactly three years ago when my daughter was joining the medical school after I purchased this New Balance work-Slip Shoes. The reason picked this New Balance work-Slip shoe is due to the dual density midsole.EVA midsoles happen were employed  by new balance  to ensure that extra spring is professionally integrated to the shoe  thus making most of the  time that you  as  dentist spend  standing or  moving around is 100% comfortable

Best Shoes For Dental Hygienist

Dentist requires shoes that have quality traction ability as most of the hospital building floors very slippery. New Balance work-Slip Shoes was sleeted due to its quality outer rubber sole which can be best described as being a non-slip outer sole.  The uppers of this new balance were made from full grain pure leather which promotes the durability of this shoe brand for dentist hygienist

  • Outsole is Non-marking
  • 100% Flexible shoes
  • Can multitask standing and walking shoe
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Relatively pricey

4.Merrell Jungle Moc Dental Hygienist foot wear

Merrell Jungle Moc was featured here after a very long debate with our editors. Some of the tips that made it be featured are the easy slip-on wear design. Due to the nature of work and duties assigned to the dentist they deserve to show that only consumes less time either when wearing or even removing them. Merrell Jungle Moc features a full grain leather upper with a breathable mesh being professionally integrated.A professional moisture wicking lining was integrating with the uppers and this plays a vital

Best Shoes For Dental Hygienist

role in keeping dental hygienist foot dry. Every dentist requires to be very comfortable so that performance and productivity will not be negatively influenced therefore ensuring that dentist’s feet are dry bad smell and fungus infections area professionally catered.

  • Full grain leather
  • Durable construction
  • Have toe caps that are 100% abrasion resistant
  • The snug fit is offered by stretch fabrics
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • High pricey although it is worth the performance

5.Keen Utility Men’s PTC

Hopefully, you are not shocked after realizing that Keen Utility Men’s PTC being the quality shoe for dental hygienist comes from keen which a well is known outdoor and military booty manufacturing company.The company allows you to return the shoe in case the performance is compromise

Best Shoes For Dental Hygienist

d before the time allocated elapses the full-grain leather used ensures that you will not have to purchase another pair of dental hygienist a result of poor performance. Wearing is very easy as the anti-slip design was employed by the manufacturer. Quality traction I guaranteed since the material that was used to make the sole is pure leather

  • Lightweight Slip-resistant as the rubber sole provides you with quality traction
  • Highly breathable upper
  • Quality dual density midsole
  • Weight can be minimized in the future but it is high performing should

Shoes For Dental Hygienist Buyers Guide

Shoes For Dental Hygienist are available in various models and types all over the market  and that is why we thought that   providing  three  tips  that  you should ensure are present in all shoes for dental hygienist to ensure that  part from being high performing shoes they  also have  better ability of  making sure  your  foot  remain health for the longest  time  possible.


As we have stated above dentist tend to spend of their duty time standing up on their feet and as the profession is very engaging. Due to the above fact, a pair of dental hygienist being lightweight allows their feet to remain flexible most the time they are on the run. The lightweight also ensures that dental hygienist will not complain of foot pain or even fatigue.


Shoes for dental hygienist apart from being top performers they should also be relatively durable. What makes shoes for a dental hygienist to be more durable is that a rubber sole should be present as it prevents the sole from cracking. Financial wise, durable shoes will allow you to save a few dollars that you could have used paying for shoe repair or buying adhesives to repair your shoes.

Dual dentist midsoles

Talking of dental hygienist shoes they should be able to overcome all the shock. Shoes that are in a position of keeping your foot free from shock are capable of offering you are a very conducive environment for extending your duty as night or day dental hygienist. Dual density midsole also, 100% plays a role in allowing dentists feet to support the overall weight of the body more effectively without resulting in foot complications such as fractures or heel pain.

Final Thought

Regardless of which depart professional, you are in the large medical field you will need quality and quality footwear as a being medical doctor is one of the professions that should be respected as they demand great respect. For your information, we all know the dentist spend most of their time either during the night or dayshift standing and no matter the cost their cost should never be compromised.


I am a licensed Shoe Enthusiast From Downtown Philadelphia, A U.S. central business district Center City, In the state of Pennsylvania. Welcome On Board.

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