7 Best Shoes For Dog Groomers Of 2024

Are you planning to upgrade your dog or pet groomer apparel? Or are you after information about dog groomer dress and shoe code? Or could it also be that you also after the best shoes for dog groomers to make the dog grooming activity to be more enjoyable and less exhausting?Best Shoes For Dog GroomersWell then, below find our reviews and detailed shoes for the dog groomer’s buyer’s guide. All the shoe brands below were picked as they had more positive reviews from previous dog groomer’s shoe enthusiasts and customers. Let’s get started!

Reviews: 7 Best Shoes For Dog Groomers Of 2024

1.NORTY Hurricane Wellie -Best Shoes For Dog Grooming

Norty hurricane wellie was the only shoes that were convincing enough to be elected as our top shoe brand for dog grooming editors pick. The upper material was designed from 100% synthetic material to professionally protect your foot from moist or wet conditions when bathing dogs.

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To improve traction when working in wet conditions, this hurricane dog groomer’s shoes have a rubber sole design, that offers all the traction needed by your foot. A wide toe box design ensures that your toes and foot, in general, will be relaxed.14 inches wide shoe opening is compatible with wide and narrow footed dog groomers.

Either as part of dog grooming, you will be clipping dog hair either using electric or barber’s shears. You will be 100% be protected from electric shock. The flexible nature of the waterproof rubber sole ensures that your foot will be flexible either when bathing, clipping dog hair, or when conditioning various dog varieties.

  • Clean easily
  • Rubber sole
  • Slip-resistant tread
  • Glossy finish
  • Slip-on design

2.Crocs Women’s Jaunt Shorty Boot-Best Crocs For Dog Groomers

For great traction offered by these jaunty shorty crocs, the manufacturer integrated quality and 100% deep lug treads. Cleaning up this shoe is very easy after a messy dog grooming experience as running tap water is enough to clean shine this dog groomer’s crocs. Wondering where to buy shoes for dog groomers? Get your pair here.

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With the overall upper of this croc being molded from a lightweight material. Comfort and stability are also offered in bulk as the overall size of this crocs heel is only 1 inch. The synthetic sole design featured makes sure that the dog groomer’s feet are free from developing rooting conditions.

The crocs opening is 12.5 inches hence compatible with either make or female dog grooming experts. Quality contrast pull circles that were included on these sides of these crocs have made it 100% stylish.to makes more good-looking a quality, which button was added as the decorative logo button at the shaft region.

  • Decorative logo button
  • Synthetic sole
  • Wide shoe opening
  • Quality traction
  • Imported

3.Bogs Urban Farmer Low Waterproof Work Shoes -Best Shoes To Wear For Dog Grooming

Up next, find this Bogs Urban Farmer Low as it comes with a slip-on design, which is a perfect guarantee the dog groomers will enjoy a comfortable fit. With the synthetic sole design, you can attend dog grooming work even during rainy seasons without your foot being exposed to any wet conditions.

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Either you will be bathing, or walking dogs on wet terrains, the 100% Waterproof nature of these Bogs Urban Farmer is will be responsible for keeping your foot completely dry. A quality 2mm Neo-Tech material was used to insulate these best shoes to wear when grooming dogs, thus making your foot to be 100% free from electric shock situations.

Light weight nature was made possible by the rubber upper design, which was hired by the manufacturer. Quality treads that were engraved on these shoes ensure that even when dog groomers reworking on tiles or cobblestones, they will enjoy slip-free working conditions.

  • Synthetic sole
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Quality traction
  • Synthetic sole

4.Sloggers Waterproof Rain And Garden Shoe- Best Shoes For Pet Groomers

If you are a pet groomer after a quality and comfortable ride, this Sloggers Waterproof pet groomer’s shoes is the perfect option. For unconditional and excellent attractions, the manufacture used extra heavy-duty lugs, which were professionally treaded.

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Removable insole nature of these shoes makes cleaning and even drying to be very quickstep synthetic upper was blended with the rubber sole to result in the most comfortable shoes for pet groomers currently available. fo whatever your difficult dog grooming duties throws you the slip-on design ensures that a secure fit and a comfortable ride will not be negatively compromised.

Consider going from a pair of shoes that cover your entire foot as pet hair can turn out to be dangerous. The slip-on design ensures that you are going to only enjoy a secure fit that locks our pet hair and spilling detergents and chemicals.

  • Synthetic upper
  • Slip-on deigns
  • Cement construction
  • Cleans easily
  • Heavy-duty lug tread

5.Clogs Short Rain Boots for Men- Good Shoes For Dog Groomers

As a dog groomer, you can work in a wide range of environments such as urban or even in rural areas. Unlike in urban areas, rural areas are covered with forgotten trails that are not well maintained.

Good Shoes For Dog Groomers

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Good shoes for dog groomers should have a secure fit which will guarantee a slip-on design and also lockout hair, and dog nail clipping from accessing your foot skin and toes. Hence the treaded nature of these short rain boot will keep dog groomers from slipping or even sliding our good shoes for dog groomers pick this season round.

Remember that dog are canines hence going for a shoe that has a boot like deign will keep you from accidental dog bites. If you are a dog groomer who work in local or community based kennel. These Clogs Short boots comes with a quality sole which is 100% synthetic are capable of keeping your foot away from any moisture.

  • Slip-on design
  • Glossy appearance
  • Stylish shoes
  • 100% waterproof
  • None

6.ALLENSKY Mid Calf Rain Boots -Best Shoes To Groom Dogs In

Up next find ALLENSKY footwear brand which professionally blends comfort, durability and performance to give rise to this ALLENSKY dog grooming beast shoes cocktail this season. With the light weight and a synthetic upper.

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When compared to other short rain boots ALLENSKY managed to secure a top position of best shoes to groom dogs in as it comes with flexible and 100% waterproof outsole design .whether your dog grooming duties are during rainy or snow season your foot will remain to be comfortable as the rubber sole option promotes  stability and foot cushioning.

On the other hand is you will be working in private or a  pet owner’s home  the classic nature of these Clogs Short Rain Boots gives you a professional look, Which raises your performance and self-esteem as a dog groomer.

  • Synthetic sole
  • Slip one option
  • Durable
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 100% man made

7.L-Rain Rain Boots-Top Performance Dog Grooming Shoe Apparel

We had to feature a pair from as the last product and as a top performance dog grooming shoes. By being only 13.25 inches above the ground  your foot is  professional kept away from wet or mist condition which might end up to causing foot rot and bad foot smell.Top Performance Dog Grooming Shoe Apparel View on Amazon

The flexible sole deign ensures that either when clipping dog or any other pet hair your foot will remain to be 100% flexible and free from both heel or foot pain. With a professionally designed synthetic upper your foot will remain dry and free from water when bathing or spraying pets with pesticides.

Updating your dog groomers shoe apparel is not easy but with this Short Rain Boots you are going to enjoy a smooth ride while having your toes well protected from falling of spilling chemical as the upper was professionally designed form top grade rubber. With the 1.2 inches heel both underweight and overweigh dog groomers foot are kept stable.

  • Anti-slipping sole
  • Elastic design
  • Wear-resisting
  • Rubber sole
  • Slightly expensive

How To Select Best Shoes For Dog Groomers

As a dog groomer, you will agree with me that you will find your self-spending tones or hours bathing dogs or even shearing dogs hence protective shoes are a must-have. When grooming a dog you will find yourself using strong detergent or chemicals which make the dog grooming activity to be easier and doable.

consider also going for a pair of dog grooming shoes which will be compatible with other dog grooming outfits such as dog grooming aprons, dog groomer’s jackets, and dog groomer’s smocks pants and dog groomers socks. Below find tips to consider every time you are shopping for shoes for dog groomers.


Every time you are out there shopping for dog groomers footwear has in mind that comfort is king. That is, if only if you are after a durable and a high performing shoe brand. As a dog groomer, you will tend to spend long hours on your feet hence a pair of shoes that have a well-padded.

Shoes that have a padded collar should be more preferred as they will allow you to enjoy a comfortable fit even when grooming stubborn dogs. Shoes that come with rubber sole are also more comfortable as when grooming dog in tubs with slippery floor slipping will not be encountered

Removable insole

Dog groomers remain on their foot for long hours hence going for well-cushioned shoes. One of the things that you should make sure you are present is making sure that the shoe model that you have chosen comes with a removable insole design.

Another possible benefit of a removable insole nature is that you can replace it with a medical recommend insole option to improve the comfort of your feet. Also during cleaning removable sole option reduces the period take by your dog grooming shoes to be fully dried.


If you are a serious dog groomer or if you have two dog grooming jobs then you will agree with me that waterproof shoes will keep your foot dry for long hours .also working with pesticides when dealing with dog fleas or tick you will need waterproof shoes to make sure that you are safe from the possible adverse effects of such chemicals.

Being a dog groomer you will at one time have to deal with messy situations such as grooming a dog which was accidental of intentionally painted, of course not yellow as it can be frustrating can it?…Ha.Ha.Ha. Keeping your foot dry and free from spilling chemicals your foot will be free from bad odors and smell.


Looking at all the dog groomers’ most preferred shoe brands on our list you will note that quality and performance of all the shoe models are top-notch. Of all the seven shoe options above we found as our editors pick. While managed to professionally dominate the runner’s position as it is both comfortable and 100% waterproof.

Apart from GED, perfect communication skills, High school diploma and passion being some of the major requirements for your quality as dog groomer getting a quality pair of shoes will keep your foot comfortable and secure when handling different dog loaves of bread. Comfort, security, and flexibility should be your main best shoes for dog groomers selecting or eliminating tips.

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