7 Best Shoes For High Jumpers Of 2024

The high jump is very demanding as it requires you to jump over unaided without dislodging a horizontal bar placed at various measured heights. Going for Best shoes for high jumpers ensure that the comfort and stability of your foot are up to the game when landing.

Best Shoes For High Jumpers
Best Shoes For High Jumpers

In the modern era, there are hundreds of high jumpers shoe brands and picking high performing shoes have turned out to be a huge problem. Below ,find a complete review of 7 Best shoes for high jumpers that combine performance, durability and stability to ensure you will definitely going to have an unforgettable high jump experience.[table id=15 /]


Review: 7 Best Shoes For High Jumpers Of 2024

1.ASICS High Jump Pro Track Shoe– Best Shoes For High Jump

High jump festivals are just around the corner and if you are planning on winning the competition with a few jumps then ASICS High Jump Pro Track Shoe must be what you are looking for. The light weight nature of this Asics pro track shoe was made possible by a Synthetic material being used as the sole.

Best Shoes For High Jumpers

Stability is also enhanced by the Synthetic sole as the shoes will maintain its original shape for a relatively longer period of time.so as to keep your feet dry during high jump training sessions in wet areas the synthetic leather was used as the upper hence turning this track shoe to be 100% waterproof.

SharkDuo Outsole makes it easy for a high jumper to train even in the most demanding environmental conditions as they are waterproof.Planting and landing are made as comfortable as possible by the manufacturer adding quality heel padding and strong high jump shoe spikes plate.A wide part form was featured to ensure that a comfortable foot landing area is present.

Solyte Midsole Material option used has transformed these Asics track shoes to be one of the lightest shoes current on the market. For proper stability and cushion ing options, EVA sinsole were also included.

  • SharkDuo Outsole
  • Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Enhanced cushioning
  • Solyte Midsole
  • Weighs more

2.Thestron Track Shoes Spikes Track Shoe- Best Track Shoes For High Jump

Venturing into a high jump is you are a track person is much easy as you already have some track basics that are employed by high jump. Assuming that you are looking for quality track shoes to use shoes for high jumping then Adidas Unisex Performance track shoes have your back.

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This track Adidas Unisex is mainly deigned for a high jumper who is after well cushioned but light duty pair of sports shoes.With the upper of this Adidas Unisex being molded from 100% pure textile with a uniform blend of synthetic material, you will definitely a water resistant option offered by these Adidas Unisex.

The designer of this Adidas Unisex used a rubber sole to ensure this track shoes will not out weight the foot weight of high jumpers. With the heel only measuring 0.75 inches your stability either during high ump training or competition has been professionally taken to a new level.

When taking part in high jumps you are required to have quality track shoes that are capable of offering you unconditional traction ability. Through a keen focus on breathability by adding light weight breathable mesh this adidas track shoes made it be our best track shoes for the high jump. Synthetic leather upper promotes comfort breathability and light weight characteristic of this Adizero Lj Track Shoe.

  • Synthetic overlay
  • Breathable upper
  • Synthetic upper
  • Sharkskin outsole
  • 1 ounces as shipping weight

3.ASICS Women’s Sky Elite FF Volleyball Shoes– Best Volleyball Shoes For High Jump

To makes these Asics volleyball shoes a quality trusstic system was employed to ensure that the roles are light enough to facilitate a better way for high jumpers to have a time of their lives. Trusstic system also promotes the Asics volleyball shoes for high jump structural intensity thus improving the performance and durability of these shoes.

Best Shoes For High Jumpers

Do you really need volleyball shoes like high jump shoes? Well you might be a volleyball enthusiast and you might be looking for one just like me a few years back I picked this and since then  I have never regretted having these volleyball shoes as hug jump shoes. As an additional comfort option the dual density sole is also removable to enhance easy cleaning or easy insole replacement procedure.

More rubber content was added to the rubber design to ensure that outstanding traction force is offered to your foot. Quality traction force allows the high jumper to forget about minor stride slips that might cause low performance. Increased rubber sole flexibility improves also the flexibility of high jumper more effectively.

What made Asics volleyball shoes to be featured on this list of shoes for high jumpers is that it was molded from a durable fabric material. A quality dual density insole was also featured to ensure that high jumpers’ foot is well protected from the shock generated when jumping.

  • Light in weight
  • Rubber sole
  • Effective moisture management
  • Fabric upper
  • Durable volley ball shoes
  • Weights more
  • Sizing runs small

4.Adidas Performance Women’s -Best High Jump Running Shoes

Landing quality running shoes today on the market is not easy that is why we featured as our best high jump running shoes. We considered the light weight nature, stability, and comfort offered by. The open mesh technology which was employed promotes proffer high jumper foot aeration by allowing air to flow freely.

Best Shoes For High Jumpers

Keeping high jumpers foot characteristics of these shoes was made possible by the breathable mesh featured.The breathable mesh featured also keeps high jumpers free from the athlete’s foot threat by keeping the foot dry. Quality shock absorption technology, which includes a dual density insole, was included. A lightly padded shoe collar to offer a comfortable fit was also featured.

For added comfort and a smooth ride, a quality non-marking rubber sole design was hired.Jumping naturally when wearing these Adidas Performance Women’s is very possible as they come with a quality rubber sole. Slipping when jumping with these running shoes will be slightly difficult as the 100% nature rubber sole promotes outstanding traction ability.  For excellent performance, the non-making sole offered to ensure that high jumpers foot has a safe landing platform which is decently padded to keep of impact and possible foot pain away.

  • Slip resistant sole
  • Durable leather upper
  • Flexible outsole
  • Offers excellent performance
  • Weights slightly more
  • Sizing runs small consider shopping for an inch bigger pair

5.Dansko  Gabi Sneakers-Best Sneakers For High Jump.

Over the decades most sneaker heads have shown a tendency ending up being long jumpers. The as long jump is one of the few sports with an authentic sneaker taste. The fashion industry is about to flip as the sneaker stories and myths are over if sneakers should be the official high jumping shoes.

Best Shoes For High Jumpers

But what is more interesting is that you can actually get a quality sneaker like the Dansko Gabi Sneakers to use as high jump shoes that a spiked shoe.innacse you are looking High Jump Sneakers For kids men, women juniors or even seniors we have your desires catered.

The Dansko Gabi Sneakers is molded from quality full grain leather which is 100% soft to ensure gentle skin shoe interaction. by full grain leather being used as the upper, the durability was also positively modified. A low profile out-sole that was featured ensures that high jumper is foot is offered with amazing stability either when in high jump training sessions or in real time competitions.

The textile lining that was featured ensures that comfort and suitability of this sneaker is up to the standards of normal high jump shoes or spikes. Talking of spikes Dansko Gabi Sneakers has a dual density rubber sole with amazing treads enough to offer unforgettable grip to all high jumpers either male or female.

  • Has a quality Rubber sole
  • Leather upper promotes durability
  • Breathable mesh aerates your foots
  • Padded collar
  • Weights slightly more than expected

6.Adidas Adizero LJ Unisex Track & Field Shoe- Best Adidas Shoes For High Jump And Long Jump

It happened on most occasions that a high jumper also has an interest in the long jump. Therefore going of a pair of shoes that are compatible with both sports will be an added advantage that is why we have picked this Adidas Adizero as our top pick.

Best Shoes For High Jumpers

Coming with a top grade EVA sole all of your comfort and stability desires will be catered effectively.For you to jump unaided over a horizontal bar it requires you to have quality foot wear with quality spikes. Remember that the spike’s roles are to offer high or long jumpers with enough traction force which results in an anon slip ride.

Slightly long shoe tongues that are slightly padded were featured to offer addition comfort to your foot.The material used is also easy to clean as stain resistant upper material was integrated. Synthetic leather upper promotes characteristics such as light weight nature of the shoes.

Synthetic leather upper also ensures that when training in mist or wet weather these shoes will keep high jumpers’ feet from the wet environment. Slightly padded collar acts as a valve that prevents training ground sawdust or any other material used for cushioning in the long jump from accessing your foot.

  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Durable shoes
  • Stain resistant upper
  • Costs more than expected

7.Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe-Best basketball shoes for high jump

When looking for a quality pair of basketball shoes that can also be used as high jump shoes there are lots of things you have to keep in mind. First and fore most you have to accept that high jump despite being an enjoyable sport. if you are that into basketball as I was last year this Nike Men’s Hyperdunk should match your high shoes jump specifications.

Best Shoes For High Jumpers

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk was alit more light weight that its predecessors in the jumping shoe industry .comparing these shoes with the like adidas or puma will give you a little headache as the three shoe brands come with a wide toe box fir increased foot comfort.

With a deeply padded shoe collar, Nike Men’s Hyperdunk is capable of accommodating wide and narrow feet comfortably.The quality fabric sole design that Nike employed to offer you amazing traction that allows you to jump higher without slipping. Fabric sole also offers a safe landing hence keeping your foot from possible sore feet condition or foot pain.

A wide toe box option ensures that your toes will have enough space for them to remain relaxed either during a basketball or high jump competition.A technology based Midfoot TPU wing was also added to offer professional standards of comfort and stability.

  • Light weight
  • Breathable shoes
  • Padded tongue
  • Fits to size
  • Rubber sole could have been used

How To Select Best Shoes For High Jumpers.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you are out there looking for quality shoes for high jumpers, consider being familiar with your foot size and the design you are looking for in shoes for the high jump. For maximum high jumping power, these shoes should have stable spikes.Shoes with quality and durable spikes with the ability of professionally blending flexibility with rigidity should be given a top priority. Good all-round high jumpers shoes should have the following features.

Comfortable High Jump Shoes

For an ultimate high jump performance ability considers a foot wear brand that has the ability to take care of shock and impact. The insole of high jump shoes should be padded also to ensure that shock generated when jumping is taken care of effectively. Consider only picking most comfortable Shoes For High Jumpers so as to take your performance to another new level

Durable High Jump Shoes should also be comfortable to run in. using shoes to jump gives you better chances of jumping higher than when on barefoot. Jumping shoes should also come with a slightly flexible rubber sole. The flexible rubber sole ensures that high jumpers’ feet will well relaxed during landing. Rubber outsoles enhanced traction ability thus making you jumping shoes to be more stable.

Light Weight High Jump Shoes

Light weight shoes increase the performance of a high jumper. Low weight shoes also reduced the force of gravity that opposes high jumpers. Low weight in shoes is achieved by going for jumping shoes with rubber sole. Slim sole deign also plays a huge role in ensuring that.

Being a high jumper you should keep in mind that the comfort and stability of your foot can determine how high you will jump. Therefore consider going light weight shoes that do not out weight your foot weight. Non-marking rubber is a nice example of high jumpers’ shoes’ sole material.

High jump shoe Material

Consider high jumpers’ shoes that are molded from soft materials. A gentle interaction between your foot and a soft high jump shoes ensures that your foot is 100% free from any sore feet issue. Going for leather high jump shoes ensures that your foot will be well protected. Leather shoes for the high jump are also more durable.

The sole should be molded from light weight material. The sole material should also be 100% waterproof in nature. For added comfort consider going for a dual density material insole, such material keeps all the shock generated after jumping from not causing negative effects to your body or upper foot. Consider picking as it was found to be designed from the softest but durable materials


From our above research, we found as ASICS High Jump Pro Track Shoe as the top and adidas Unisex Performance Adizero as the runners up. Other close competitors which are also awesome shoe brands for high jumpers include the Thestron track shoes or the Ifrich field shoes spikes.

Consider buying a pair of high jump shoes for yourself so as to ensure that you are only going to pick a pair that is compatible with your strides pattern. If you are planning on making a good stride pattern and maintaining the pattern for a longer time pick the ASICS High Jump Pro as they’re compatible with most high jump stride patterns for most jumpers.

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