5 Best Shoes For MoonWalk Of 2024

The best shoes for the moonwalk should have an energy-returning midsole to offer your foot proper cushioning and stability.They should also come with a reasonably thick rubber outsole with a non-slip grip when moonwalking.

Another way to moonwalk smoothly is to go for a memory foam midsole to offer additional comfort.

The shoes should also come with a long tongue padded to promote a comfortable fit in individuals with either narrow or wide feet.

Find moonwalk shoe review and buyers guide below!!

Reviews: 5 Best Shoes For Moon Walk Of 2024

1.Drew Woman Moonwalk 14100 Black

At our top position, find Women Moonwalks walking shoes that come from Drew as our editors pick. It comes with a deep heel cup to offer your heel and sock-like design. These drew shoes’ arc support system ensures them to our best sneakers for moonwalking currently available.

Amazingly the arch support present offers your foot enough ankle and knee support by neutralizes shock and impact. The rubber sole design provides an anti-slip grip on different moonwalking terrains, either trail or concrete, on a slippery tile floor.

This pair of shoes comes with a firm and quality heel counter to offer your foot quality rearfoot control and stability. For proper rear a front foot alignment, this pair of shaker comes with a professionally contoured arch.

This pair has a deep heel cup to neutralizing shock and impact when running during a moonwalk. Another important feature is that both your foot’s metatarsal and phalanges foot regain as kept away from possible foot pain these kicks from has metatarsal pads built-in. Lastly, the soft collar lining a technology ensures keeps your foot from likely ankle pain during long moonwalks.

  • Rubber sole
  • Firm heel counter
  • Contoured arch
  • deep heel cup
  • light in weight

2.Drew Shoe Loafers Moonwalk For Women’s

Up next, find Moonwalk Loafers for Women’s that comes from Drew Shoe.  The pull-on closure technology gives you a comfortable fit when you have a narrow or a wide foot. Removable Footbeds option ensures that this pair is a better fitting system.

Also, the removable footbed technology takes care of excess pressure directed to the cuboid region of your foot. A soft collar design ensures that your feet are free from possible tendon pain.

This pair comes with a full-grain rubber sole option to ensure that your ankle joint has access to quality cushioning. EVA Midsole is another reason why this pair of shoes is associated with quality cushioning technology.

The heel counter of this pair of shoes comes with a quality Dri-lex lining option to ensure that your foot’s knee and the planter region are free from possible ankle pain. Because of a padded shoe tongue, which is long for you, this pair guarantees you a personalized fit.

  • Pull-On closure
  • Drilex Lining offer addition comfort
  • EVA Midsole for stability
  • Removable PU Footbed.
  • Rubber sole
  • 3 Pounds

3.NIKE Men’s Tanjun Comfortable Moon Walking Sneakers

Second on our list of best shoes to moonwalk in find running shoes compatible with moonwalks from NIKE. The laminate upper is the reason why the upper of these running shoes is compact.I found this lightweight wide to be very light and sleek as it comes with a rubber sole.

It is has a lightweight nature, a soft collar nature to keep ankles from possible knee pain.The soft color lining also ensures that your foot is free from developing blisters when walking for longer distances. This shoes’ throat comes from a soft material that offers your foot additional comfort when moonwalking.

Coming with a quality toe cap, these moonwalk Nike shoes can protect your foot from falling objects. For additional comfort when walking for long hours, this pair has a foam-like footbed. On the other hand, the presence of foam, li9ek insoles offers your foot complimentary comfort.

  • Light in weight
  • Fabric lining
  • Durable, removable insole
  • Humanmade
  • Weighs 11 Ounces

4.ECCO Men’s Soft 7 Sneaker

Next, find a quality sneaker for moonwalking as it comes with a low heel design of this sneaker to ensure that your foot is free from minor slipping. This snake from ECCO comes with a breathable upper to promote both ventilation and breathability.

Another amazing thing is that the upper comes from a quality material withstand relatively high temperatures when moonwalking. For improved cushioning ability, these shoes have an EVA midsole.

Despite being a walking shoe, it comes with a quality rubber design, making it compatible with both filed and track practices. Being a low-cut walking shoe has a better ability to keep your foot from possible ankle and heel pain.

Also, the presence of a slim sloe rubber design is the reason why this pair offers you unconditional traction. The rubber sole design provides you additional comfort and security. It ensures that you are free from minor accidents. It has a breathable upper mesh responsible for supplying your feet with fresh air and keeping your foot open from developing bad foot odor.

  • Light in weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Rubber sole deign
  • Sizing runs small

5.Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes

The last pair of moonwalk shoes on this list is quality running shoes, which come from Salomon. It comes with a quality rubber sole to offer you heated a non-slip ground grip when moonwalking on harsh terrains.

When moonwalking in rainy weather or marshy trails, your foot is free from moist conditions as this pair is 100% Synthetic. The Precise Foothold technology offers the plantar region of your foot a comfortable resting position.

By having a quality lightweight polyester fabric, this pair of shoes ensure that you are in a position of feeling every step you make when moonwalking either on tarmac, concrete, or trail. A comfy fit is also made easy to achieve as this moonwalking sneaker form Solomon uses a lace-up fastening option.

Solomon’s sneaker is light in weight in weight for a technical moonwalking experience as it has a rubber sole. For added traction and foot stability, this pair features Wet Traction grip technology. EVA midsole technology takes care of possible shock and impact when moonwalking.

  • Dual dainty midsoles
  • EVA insoles
  • Walking shoes
  • Breathable upper
  • Sizing runs big

How To Select The Best Shoes For Moonwalk Of 2024      

Please take it to the bank that there are both original and counterfeit shoes compatible with the moonwalk. Therefore, find our buyer’s guide and important features to consider when looking for the best moonwalk shoes today!

 Let’s hop in!

Wide Shoe Vamp

When you are heading out for a moonwalk, keep away from shoes that are not flexible and have a relatively narrow toe box.

Moonwalk shoes should come with a wide shoe vamp to ensure that your toes are flexible throughout the walk. On the other hand, consider going for shoes that are comfortable and have proper cushioning technology.

Low heel profile

Moonwalk shoes should always take a low profile design to ensure that the Achilles tendons of your foot have access to proper cushioning. Also, consider going for moonwalk shoes from leather or synthetic material to ensure that the shoe pair is relatively durable.

To ensure your foot has access to fresh air either during summer or winter, moonwalking a pair of shoes with a breathable upper will work best.

Lightweight? Durability

You will agree that you will tend to spend most of your time in a standing position during the moonwalk. As a result, consider going for a pair of running shoes that use rubber as the overall outsole material.

Additionally, shoes that come with synthetic cupper nature are more durable as they can keep these shoes to free water and most conditions. Also, durable shoes should have the ability to offer you exceptional ground grip.


To compensate for higher speeds, the best shoes for moonwalks should come with a wide toe box and a padded tongue to offer you a personalized fit. Consider going for lighter shoes as they have additional foot relaxing space in the shoes.

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