20 Best Shoes For Orange Theory 2022 Reviewed

Best shoes for orange theory allow you to have a very wonderful time during various exercises regardless of whether you are a veteran or just orange theory novice. Due to the detailed nature of orange theory .either you are having plans of losing more weight.

Best shoes for orange theory

In our list today you will find 10 quality shoes for orange theory. Just a quick  introduction is  to let you  know  that all the  shoe  models which are listed  on this  list we  arrived up after 50 hours of detailed  research and also to some  extent we  managed  to test the  ryka orange theory footwear and that  is  why it is our best pick while the  runners up of  quality shoes for  orange theory is a new  balance and the  third  shoes that   present itself  as  high performing  footwear  for orange theory is the  Mizuno wave  rider.

In case you are craving for more information about shoes for orange theory below you will the list of 10 brands of footwear that you should consider giving a try id quality orange theory footwear is what you are after. Stay tuned for the detailed review!

Reviews: 10 Best Shoes For Orange Theory 2022 Reviewed

1.Hoka One One Cavu-Best Shoes For Orange Theory Classes

The main reason why we included this shoe on our lists is that I come with quality and well-padded collar that ensure your feet is free from shock. The dual density of both the inner sole and the midsole ensure that your feet are professionally kept away from shock. Hoka One Cavu comes from shoe manufacturing company a have managed to be among the most recognized shoe manufactures on the globe.

A limited manufactures warranty also backs up the performance of this shoe for orange theory. In case the shoe will malfunction the company through the limited warranty can offer you perfect replace or allow you to have a complete refund of your money. Talk of the lightweight design of the sole and I’m sure you will love the overall performance. The upper material of this Hoka one is a purely breathable thus ensure that your feet are free from bad smells.


  • Dual density midsole
  • Quality breathable uppers
  • Unlimited manufactures warranty
  • Cleans easily


  • The overall weight of the shoe can be modified

2.Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes-Best Nike Shoes For Orange Theory Fitness

Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes was featured on our article today for just one reason which is that it comes from a well-known knife manufacturer on the world. As a matter of fact, this Nike shoe can be said to be among the top shoes for orange theory today.

Due to the huge desire of Nike to reinvent what people think about their products Nike has always hired well-trained experts.Talking of this Nike Metcon 2 the very first thing that you will note about this orange theory shoes is the quality and outstanding designs.

If you have the different gear to wear during different orange theory work out classes Nike Metcon 2 is also perfect shoe as it comes with w range of colors for you to select from. When searching for a quality orange theory shoes that have super quality fit Nike Metcon 2 is still the champion the reason being Nike Metcon 2 laces are professionally combined with quality and 100% strong cables.

Nike Metcon 2 guarantee you quality mobility and comfort as it has quality technology-based lightweight cushioning system which is not present in other shoe brands for orange theory. basing our research on the fact that exercise shoes which have more weight are difficult to work with we were able to mine Nike Metcon 2 from a heavily flooded exercising shoe market.


  • Enables quality Movement
  • Promotes mobility and comfort
  • Associated with a dual density removable inner sole
  • Lightweight overall Design
  • Perfect For various  modes of  Training


  • The durability of the shoe can be improves

3.Brook Men’s Ravenna 7-Best Training Shoes For Orange Theory

Up next our reviewers decide to look at something that can be termed to be more classic and comes with a cost which is relatively flexible and that is how Brook Men’s Ravenna 7 found itself on our list of top shoes for orange theory.

Either you will be using this shoes on cement or even in muddy areas you quality collar and professional plush tongue which after doing some in-depth research we realized that the plush tongue is 100% complemented by a lace-up the option of shoe closure and this is one of the perfect guarantees of enjoying s extra compact fit.

Either you are just a mild overpronator or you just need a quality shoe for the orange theory that comes at 100% affordable price without having to break your bank balance Brook Men’s Ravenna 7 should, therefore, be the orange theory shoe for you this season. The dual density Brook Men’s Ravenna 7 innersole ensure that you have the ability of professionally protecting your feet from any pain or even discomfort.


  • Come s with quality Forefoot pods which are effective in  generating energy return
  • In case you have some  challenges  after buying the shoes  you will enjoy quality support for 24 hours   in seven days
  • The dual inner and  mid-sloes  promote  natural  movement
  • The lace-up closure system guarantees you perfect fit.


  • Choosing the correct size to match with your foot can be a huge issue
  • The overall cost of the shoe can be minimized

5.Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 -best mens shoes for orangetheory

We thought that just as the world population is made up of people from different social ethnic groups and different continents there are different orange theory shoe brands to pick or even select from today. Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 managed to take our position four of the best shoe for orange theory. 

in case you have wide feet then Mizuno Wave Inspire 12   is not the right shoes for you are they take a very n narrow designs .what have made this orange theory shoes to be very outstanding is the fact that they are made 100%.

The precision in which the manufacturer followed when coming up this Mizuno guarantee you quality comfort and mobility when working with this Mizuno Wave Inspire 12. The material that was used to design the upper is 100% breathable meaning that you’re for will be generally kept away from the bad smell.

Having a shoe brand that is capable of keeping your foot dry during all the orange theory classes is not that easy and that remains to be on of the major reason why we are recommending this Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 as a perfect shoe brand for orange theory.


  • Cleaning the shoes very easy
  • Highly breathable orange theory shoes due to a quality upper mesh
  • 100% flexible work out shoes
  • In case you are suffering from
  • Associated with a  relatively larger  toe  box


  • The waterproof condition of this shoe can be improved
  • Comparing the cost with other orange theory shoes it is relatively expensive

6.Saucony Triumph ISO Shoe-best womens shoes for orangetheory

Saucony Triumph ISO Shoe managed to the orange theory shoe that took our position five. Some of the major features which abled this Saucony Triumph ISO Shoe to be ranked at position five of best shoes for the orange theory is that the overall material of this Saucony Triumph ISO Shoe is 100% quality synthetic.

After realizing that  Saucony Triumph is made from synthetic material  I decided to challenge myself to learn more about the benefits of 100% shoe synthetic material I realized that part from comfort and stability syntactic orange theory shoes are also not only easy to clean but are relatively flexible.

A quality and a professionally padded collar and tongue which integrated with 100% breathable mesh promote quality Saucony Triumph support and professional comfort. The material that Saucony Triumph designers used to cover the collar was used as a way of adding a 0.54 mm layer of quality coziness which is a perfect guarantee of keeping your feet warm regardless of the prevailing weather condition during orange theory classes.


  • Modified energy response ability
  • Hand and machine cleaning ability
  • Promotes natural feet movement as it  biomechanically modified
  • The mesh upper ensured that Saucony Triumph is 100% breathable


  • Toe box can be slightly modified  as it is  small in size

6.Adidas Ultraboost Road Shoe-Best Adidas Shoes For Orange Theory

Adidas is another famous shoe brand which deals with both male and female shoe models Ultraboost Road Running Shoe. Either you tend to spend most of your time learning various orange theory exercises this Adidas Ultraboost Road Shoe should be the shoe product that you should be planning to check out this season.

All the way from the stylish upper to the dual density midsole this Ultraboost Road Running Shoe will allow s you to 100% enjoy your workout session.  Primeknit upper which was employed by Adidas makes sure that Adidas Ultraboost Road Shoe remains to be an overall top orange theory shoe today. Lastly, the other feature which allowed pour editors to include the model of Adidas ion this list of shoe for the orange theory is the knit torsion system which was expertly or to be more precise engineered intelligently.  This system ensures that your foot will be both comfortable and well balanced every time you are wearing this Adidas shoes for orange theory.

Unlike other orange theory shoes which has a normal rubber sole, this Ultraboost Road Adidas shoe was designed from a quality rubber sole that can only be referred to being a continental rubber sole.


  • Lightweight sole
  • Continental rubber soles
  • Well cushioned orange theory shoes
  • Quality slip resistant outer sole


  • Ventilation of this Adidas can be improved

7.ASICS Gel-Venture 6-Best ASICS Shoes For An Orange Theory Workout

Last year in finding myself in the same situation that you area in today not knowing which shoes for orange to pick for my son who was joining college. Luckily enough for me, one of my coworkers told me that while she was in college her grandmother bought her this ASICS Gel-Venture 6 to cater for her orange theory shoe desires.

immediately  I purchased  this shoe  for my  son  I realize that it had a quality sole  which was  complemented  by a dual density midsoleAfter hours of  research I decided to contact the manufacturer , you won’t  believe me  when I say that the  dual density midsole  apart from improving  the  comfort of  your  foot it also  played   a relatively huge role of  making  sure that  either you a short or  long distance  runner  your  foot  will  be 100% protected from shock.

as  an  addition  it was unfortunate for me  not to note that the health of  my son’s  foot  was  also taken  care of  by the  quality  upper mesh  which played a key role  in promoting air  flow in  his  feet thus  doing away with  conditions  that promote  fungus growth.


  • Slip-resistant rubber sole
  • Quality upper mesh keeps your foot healthy
  • Dual midsole and 100% professionally padded collar guarantees Incredibly Comfortable
  • Lightweight make sit to be a perfect orange theory shoe brand today


  • Price tends to be the online downside but due to its  performance this shoe is more worth its the price

8.Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18-Best Shoes For An Orange Theory Workout

You might wonder which feature motivate our editors for them to be convinced enough to feature this Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 on our primmer list of best shoes for orange theory this season. That feature due to the fact that Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 has been named to be a best-selling shoe in most market online and physical orange shoe selling platforms in the globe.

If can be genuine enough and decided to bad mouth this Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 I can only be negative about the price as compared with Adidas or Mizuno Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18  is seen top Slightly pricy. In case you had some several hundreds of dollars saved for quality orange theory shoes then Brooks Adrenaline is the man here.

The material that used to professional pad the collar is both soft and flexible and this alone ensures that you can enjoy orange theory lessons fully without any instance of discomfort. Orange theory exercises are very intense that is why you will not that your gym instructor will always recommend you to look or go for orange theory shoes that come with 100% premier cushioning ability. Want to dominate most if not all of your orange theory classes naturally or in style well then consider purchasing this Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18.


  • Has a quality heel strap which guarantees you a secure fit
  • Light in weight as croslite material was used
  • The sole and collar of this shoe is well cushioned
  • Can be machine washed also using soap, hand, and water is also acceptable


  • The weight of this orange theory shoes should be minimized

9.New Balance mid626k2-Best On Cloud Shoes For Orange Theory

Talk of a beast shoe manufacture and everyone including my son will tell you that New Balance is the only way to go especially if you are in search of just the top shoes for orange theory. New Balance mid626k2 upper was molded from soft and the same time full grain leather material. The prime reason why a soft leather was used is to ensure that your foot remains comfortable.

The rubber sole after purchasing this New Balance mid626k2 will ensure that your foot will be 100% flexible. Unlike other orange theory shoes that make use of a common type of insole New Balance mid626k2 utilizes Imeva midsole brand. Imeva midsole due to the compact nature helps to make sure that your feet are free from the sock and also offers 100% soft feeling either you are working out or just taking a walk.


  • Light in weight
  • Available in different color options
  • Comes with a quality Imeva midsole
  • By it’s sole being 100%, it takes to be a slip resistant shoes


  • Weights more

10.Asics GEL-Kayano 24-Best Cross Training Shoes For Orange Theory

After spending hours testing and reviewing Asics GEL-Kayano 24 happens to be the last shoe for orange theory here. Asics GEL-Kayano comes from Asics. Either you have been struggling with chronic blisters for decades Asics GEL-Kayano is the real answer to those blisters either when running or even working out in the gym.

Either you have over pronation or you just want a quality orange theory shoes for stability GEL-Kayano is the orange theory shoes you have been searching. The upper material of this brooks is according to the research we conducted is both flexible thus keep your foot in a healthy state.

Either you are an orange theory beginner or expert you cannot afford to deny the effectiveness of this Asics GEL-Kayano. Most people tend to choose a shoe depending on their overall appearance but after consulting Asics GEL-Kayano manufacture you should concentrate more on the overall performer rather than the general appearance.


  • Lightweight and slightly affordable shoes
  • Compatible with both hand and machine cleaning option
  • More durable orange theory shoes
  • Backed up by a lifetime warranty


  • Unfortunate colors
  • Relatively pricey

Shoes For Orange Theory Buyers Guide

Shoes for the orange theory are not that easy to find today is not a si9mple task as it used to be some few decades ago. as more shoe and boots manufacture have flooded the industry thus leading to low and high-quality shoes to be very hard to differentiate.

To make your process and experience for getting quality Shoes for orange theory below you will find 3 tips that you must make sure that the experience has been made to be more promising. So lest get started folks.

But before I proceeded to outline the factor or features that should be done in the quality shoe for the orange theory I would like you to know that orange theory ensures that you will have a healthy body and to be more specific you will have improved blood circulation option. You almost there!!


The sole should be made from quality material that prevents your foot from straining. A ru8bber sole is more preferred as it ensures your foo will remain to ebb very flexible. Having a 100% flexible sole ensures that you’re every time you will be wearing this shoe. The sole should also have or be associated with the dual state so that it can easily absorb all the shock. Ensure that the shoe or boot you will be


Comfort is the other feature that should be present in shoes for orange theory. If you choose a shoe s which is more comfortable then you will be in a better position of being able to work for a longer period of time without going through huge struggles today. The comfort in these kinds of the shoe can be generated from 100% well-padded collar and quality dual density inner sole.


Either you will be using the above shoe model for jumping hiking or even mooring running consider going for a relatively flexible shoe for orange theory. After going through all the shoes for the orange theory that you can get on the market today we found that this XXX is the only shoe brand that was able to keep up with the movement of your body while exercising.


The orange theory requires shoes that are 100% more flexible as to when compared to other orange theory shoes. We are hoping that after going through this article you will find it more helpful to the point of making a decision of choosing the right type of shoe to wear.

The overall process of not knowing which shoe model to wear can be  Avery daunting task but we believe that after going through our review you have finally landed a quality shoe that you can fully depend on that you desire for shoes for orange theory can be fully catered for. Having gone through the positive and downside of all m orange theory shoes ryka influence happens to be the quality shoe for arranging theory that our shoe expert6s did recommend it to you. Some of the few factors that our experts used in the criteria of landing on this shoe are the colorful appearance of this shoe. The lightweight and professional ergonometric design is the other prime factor. Comparing this ryka with another orange theory trainer you will note a huge difference when it comes to the overall durability and performance of the shoes. Enjoy a quality shopping experience.


I am a licensed Shoe Enthusiast From Downtown Philadelphia, A U.S. central business district Center City, In the state of Pennsylvania. Welcome On Board.

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