7 Best Shoes For Overweight Teachers Of 2023

Best Shoes For Overweight Teachers are the type of foot fear teachers should go for as they spend most of their time while standing and walking around the school as it takes 100% a toll. I am a teacher by profession and I like getting quality footwear which is not only comfy but also new, don’t you.Best Shoes For Overweight Teachers

Recently I bought these Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Shoe as I am a too teacher and at the same time am overweight. Below find our detailed reviews on some other top-rate shoes for overweight teachers you can try out. Let’s get started

Reviews: Best Shoes For Overweight Teachers Reviewed Of 2023

1.Saucony Cohesion 10 Shoe-best walking shoes for overweight teachers

Saucony Cohesion 10 Shoe was featured at the top of our list as they allow you not only to be stylish but also comfortable. Your foot will remain to be highly comfortable and well ventilated as 100% mesh material was used to come up with the upper.

The upper also ensures that your foot will remain to be dry hence keeping it away from bad foot odor which might end up lowering your self-esteem during staff or students’ meetings.Best Shoes For Overweight Teachers

You will definitely say a big thank you to Saucony for including an EVA midsole which as a quality grid. The length of the heels is slightly reduced so as to offer your foot an amazingly stable and cushioning system.as and addition the mesh constructed upper ensures that breathability is offered. For comfortable fit you a plush tongue was featured

Both the collar and inners sole was slightly padded to ensure that the comfort and stability of your foot are not compromised at any given time. The rubber sole offered quality traction to your feet, thus keeping you’re from slipping or minor falls.

Finally being a teacher is associated with standing for long hours and the dual-density footbed is responsible for keeping your foot stable and 100% comfortable by absorbing all the shock generated by that extra pound.


  • Quality footbed
  • Cleans easily
  • Light in weight
  • Slightly expensive


  • Sizing has some issues

2.Alegria Women’s Keli Professional-best  shoes for overweight teacher for standing all day

Planning to have a great and enjoyable time thought your teaching professional experience while overweight, well then you will have to give this Alegria Women’s Keli Professional a try. It definitely comes with the amazing colorway that allows you to choose the color that you like most.

Thanks for the great logo that was featured as it improves the appearance and holds your fashion taste to high levels.

A wide toe box featured really ensures that both wide and narrow footed individuals can enjoy a comfortable fit. These shoes feature a rubber sole which is off course the reason behind outstanding traction force.

Cleaning these shoes is easy as it takes less time to be fully dry. What is more making about Alegria Women’s Keli Professional is the slip one nature of these hoes hence wearing and removing only requires a reduced period of time.

100% Leather material has made this Algeria be one of the most durable shoes for overweight teachers currently available on shoes for overweight individuals.


  • 100% molded from pure leather
  • Slip-on design
  • Defined by a rubber sole
  • The upper lining is also a pure leather


  • Sizing runs small

3.KEEN  Sienna MJ Canvas Shoe– best shoes for teachers plantar fasciitis

When it comes to shoes for teachers, especially the overweight teacher’s keen MJ canvas will always have your back. The Stain-resistant upper ensures that the original nature of these hoes will be maintained for a relatively long time. In case you are loyal to American brand will are glad to let you know that these keens are purely American brandBest Shoes For Overweight Teachers

Keen canvas is definably one of those few remaining shoes that have both the lining and the upper being molded from a leather material allows teachers suffering from plantar fasciitis to feel more comfortable and free from pain.

For comfort and also keeping your foot away from excess moisture some percentage of synthetic material was added on the upper leather material. For breathability and aeration of your foot, a mesh material was also integrated.

What is more amazing is that apart from the innersole being removable it is also 100% dual-density so as to offer your foot all the comfort and cushioning they should always get.

With the heel only measuring 0.75 inches, MJ Canvas Shoe form keen is definitely a  shoe worth getting if you are an overweight teacher hence our overall best shoes for teachers plantar fasciitis. Adjustable straps were featured instead of lacing options to ensure that narrow and wide foot will be accommodated more easily.


  • Good support
  • Leather upper
  • Breathable shoes
  • Synthetic sole


  • 7 pounds as the overall weight

4.Rockport  Eureka Walking Shoe

Rockport Eureka Walking Shoe was specifically designed to make teacher who is actually defined by having overweight shoes. This pair of footwear upper was 100% manufactured quality upper leather that upholds the durability and functionality of these shoes. The leather upper also plays a vital role in ensuring that your footy is professionally keep away from water.Best Shoes For Overweight Teachers

A quality lace up deigned was integrated so as to come up with the durable Rockport Eureka shoes for overweight teachers.

The outsole raw material is rubber and this is the only reason as to why you are professionally protected from minor slips or vena falls that might up leading to accident or bone injuries.

Lastly, Rockport Eureka features a quality lace-up vamp which together with the slightly increased tongues offers overweight teachers an opportunity to enjoy a comfortable fit for a relatively longest duration of time.

Latex foam Footbed that was featured by ensuring that your foot is offered with all the comfort and cushioning it should enjoy. If you are just after comfort and outstanding cushioning ability consider


  • lace-up vamp
  • Latex foam Footbed
  • Quality breathability
  • Synthetic sole


  • Overall weight 12 ounces

5.Clarks Women’s Lucena Sandal-best sandals for  overweight teachers

Nothing is amazing that knowing that even if you spend most of your time standing the whole day you will not complain of any foot pain at any given time despites being termed as an overweight teacher.

Clarks  Lucena Sandal despite being among Britain’s shoe brands that have consistently gained fame all over the world they come with quality rubber sole which promotes both flexibility and comfort of your foot.Best Shoes For Overweight Teachers

The other amazing thing about this Clarks Lucena Sandal is that the straps are adjustable and these features alone pave more space for either wide or even narrow footed overweight teachers.

Apart from having a quality footbed which is slightly reduced in length you will also definitely fall in love with the anatomical footbed which ensures your stability and comfort are not compromised.

Clarks employed quality shock and impact management options such as making use of footwear midsole and padded footbed.

A quality synthetic sole that was featured is the reason why your foot remains to be dry for the longest time possible.by a wedge midsole being featured as one of the incitements that allowed our editors to feature these Clarks sandals as our last abut also the best shoes for overweight teachers.

Comfort and stability are some of the main features that best define Clarks Lucena as the heel is only 0.5 inches in length.


  • The heel is only 05 inches
  • Adjustable straps
  • Dual-density midsole
  • Has a wedge sole


  • Slightly expensive
  • Sizing runs small


Teacher plays a vital role in schools, despite having to work with challenging conditions which force them to live with harsh working conditions such as standing, walking and even to some extending running the whole time during their profession.

If you are a teacher getting quality footwear will keep your foot from all the pressure generated by your overweight nature.

Some of the shoes that were found to be compatible with overweight teachers include the Saucony Cohesion 10   brand as our over best shoes for overweight teachers while the runners up were found to be Dr. Martens 8065 Mary Jane. Happy shopping

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