7 Best Shoes For Physical Therapists Of 2024

Physical therapists (PTs) are professionally trained movement experts who through hands on care, prescribed exercise and patient education are in a position of optimizing life quality getting yourself quality footwear allows you to enjoy your work even more.

Let’s find out what are other quality brands of physical therapists shoes that you can add to your shoe collection.

Reviews: 7 Best Shoes For Physical Therapists Of 2024

1.New Balance  Hook And Loop Walking Shoe- Best Shoes For Physical Therapy

These New Balance Hook can are compatible with both the therapist and their patients. The leather upper ensures that this shoe has a natural classic look. The leather upper also keeps your feet safe from spilling chemicals, water or even falling objects. Cleaning these shoes is very easy as the full grain leather used is 100% stain resistant.

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The leather upper was backed up adjustable straps which allow you to enjoy a comfortable fit. Working in complex facilities for inpatient as a physical therapist will require you to have comfortable and well cushioned shoes that will keep your own feet comfortable all along with your long hour’s shifts hence the best overall shoes for physical therapy.

Reflective detailing ensures that you will remain stylish among when in a group of physical therapists. Reflective detailing also makes it easier to trace these shoes. For sufficient stability and cushioning optional midsole which molded from a dual density polyurethane material as include. All the shock generated when walking or on standing position for a long time is absorbed by the Abzorb cushioning integrated on the heel of this New Balance Hook.


  • Polyurethane Midsole
  • Abzorb cushioning
  • Reflective detailing
  • The outer sole is rubber


  • Weighs 2 pounds.

2.Skechers Flex Health Care Shoe -Best Work Shoes For Physical Therapists.

By releasing this  Skechers Flex shoes to the market sketcher provided physical therapists with s shoes that are compatible with their everyday tasks. Apart from being stylish and 100% comfortable full grain leather was used as the upper. Lace up closure options ensures that physical therapists working in most remote areas will have a comfortable fit.

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As an addition, the leather upper keeps their foot dry and save from falling object. The lace option of these work shoes gives them a quality athletic look. Soft leather upper ensures that the interaction between physical therapists’ feet and the shoes is gentle hence protecting them from blisters. Durability was also made possible due to the presence of the full grain leather upper… The over shoes were molded from quality textile material hence comfort and stability are offered in bulk.

This sketcher flex comes with 100% Synthetic sole there making the sole of this sketcher flux to be waterproof. Foot stability is also promoted by the synthetic sole as synthetic material will retain its overall form for a relatively longer period of time. Hence the most comfortable work shoes for physical therapists on our list having a rubber synthetic sole have also turned these sketchers flex to be 100% stain resistant


  • Synthetic sole
  • Stain resistant
  • 100% Textile
  • Slip Resistant


  • Weighs 6 ounces

3.Asics Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe-Best Tennis Shoes For Physical Therapy

If you are a tennis enthusiast and the same time a physical therapist ASICS Gel-Resolution was seen to be the top rated tennis shoes for physical therapists. The upper of these tennis shoes was molded from 100% synthetic material to ensure that is waterproof. A breathable mesh was also integrated on the upper of this ASICS Gel-Resolution.  The tennis shoes for physical therapist only measures 0.75 inches Platform ensures that the therapist will work for long hours without having to complain of foot pain.

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The breathable mesh is responsible for efficient foot aeration either when learning new tennis tricks or in 12 hour physical therapy duties. Due to some demanding tasks in the physical therapist occupation such as hands on therapy and stretching maneuvers this tennis Asics shoe is approximately 1.5 hence it promotes comfort and stability.

Working with patient s who are suffering from back pain, stroke or amputation gives the physical therapist a hard time and thy will have to keep moving from pone patient to another. This Asics shoes come with was professionally padded insole so as to offer them with added comfort.


  • Padded collar
  • Removable insole
  • Removable PU insole
  • Lace up design


  • Weighs 2.2 pounds

4.Dr. Scholl’s – Brisk Light Weight Dual Strap Sneaker -Good Shoes For Physical Therapy

Up next find this Dr. Scholl’s shoes for physical therapy. These shoes can be used by either the physical therapy patients or even by the therapist themselves. The dense outsole defines these Dr. Scholl’s by making them be 100% shock resistant. To ensure that your toes are free and flexible during working hours a wide toe box was featured.

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The durability of these shoes cannot be questioned as they are 100% man made shoes for physical therapy. Great construction precision was employed to blend flux leather with a breathable mesh so as to improve the breathability of Dr. Scholl’s was employed. To promote the comfort ability of these shoes Dr. Scholl’s featured technology based insole from 100% quality air pillow gel.

The innersole we also molded from quality material that ensures all the shocks generated are taken care of completely. Padded tongue symbolized that apart from a comfortable fit you are guaranteed to enjoy a smooth ride when working in different topographies. Lightweight nature was promoted by the rubber used to manufacture the outer sole.



  • Dual Strap Closures
  • Odor-resistant
  • Rubber sole
  • Massaging sole


  • Flexibility can be improved in the future

5.Saucony Cohesion 10 Running Shoe- Best Physiotherapy Shoes

Saucony Cohesion was found to be on the top of all physiotherapy shoes. What is more amazing is that cohesion 10 comes with a breathable mesh upper. The mesh allows your foot to be supplied with enough air so as to keep your feet from developing foot rot. You can add a denser innersole easily as the original insole from the manufacture is removable.

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The collar and the relatively large tongue can be defined as plush as they are professionally padded to promote quality cushioning ability. A padded tongue also collaborates with the lace shoe design to allow physical therapists to enjoy a smooth ride and comfortable fit hence Saucony Cohesion is one of the physiotherapy shoes on the market compatible with both patients and therapists effectively.

Mesh upper promotes the breathability of these shoes. Cohesion 10 also takes a slighter shorter period of time to dry completely. The heel only 17mm therefore it ensures that the physical therapist foot is more stable and comfortable. A fast sole based quality stability technology was employed to ensure that this shoe has the ability to absorb all the shock.


  • Light weight
  • Dual density midsole
  • Removable insole
  • Padded Collar and tongue


  • weighs 3 pounds

6.Steel Edge  Shoes Running -Best running shoes for physical therapist

Comfort, breathability, and performance are some of the things that Steel Edge invested in to come up with Steel Edge Shoes Running and walking shoes.  This shoe is 100% an outgoing running shoe that can be used in physical therapy by either the therapist or their patients

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The soles were designed from light weight but quality rubber material, this allows the steel edge to be amazing running shoes. Regardless of whether you are a physical therapist who is a huge running or walking enthusiast this edge running shoes will be 100% responsive and a better performer in general. Lace up option ensures that the physical therapist will enjoy a comfort fit.  Cushioned insoles make it easy for a smooth ride to be enjoyed by all individuals.

Cushioned insoles also take care of shock which ends up causing foot pain. Dual Strap Closures which were employed symbolize comfortable fit in both big and small footed individuals. A lightly padded tongue ensures physical therapists who have narrow foot will also enjoy a comfortable fit.


  • Removable insoles
  • Smart design
  • 100% rubber sole
  • Padded tongue


  • Slightly pricey

7.Rockport Men’s Leader 2 Bike Slip On-Best Dress Shoes For Physical Therapy

Finally if you re looking for quality work shoes which compatible with a blue and black suit then Rockport Leader 2 Bike Slip on is what you are after? Top grade durability was made possible by the overall materials being full grain leather. To ensure that your foot will remain dry a synthetic sole was added.Best Shoes For Physical Therapists View on Amazon

The synthetic sole added also promotes foot comfort and stability as it maintains its shape for a longer period of time without wear and tear. A slightly wide toe box was also including ensuring that your shoes are compatible with even woven sock. A natural texture lining was featured along the collar to promote a smooth interaction between this work shoes any physical therapist foot.

Comfort is determined by the productivity of physical therapists that is why a quality EVA outsole was included to take care of impact and shock. By the foot bed being professional cushioned it promotes stability of these shoes and also skyrockets. For easy cleaning, the insole took a removable design.


  • Removable innersole
  • Synthetic sole
  • 100% Leather
  • Affordable


  • Weighs 2 ounces

How To Select Best Shoes For Physical Therapists

Taking into consideration that Physical Therapy is a normal job you will have to select a pair of shoes that meet the entire work shoe requirement while offering your foot with unforgettable comfort and stability. Some of the most desired aspects in Physical Therapist shoes are comfort, on slip sole, padded collar and removable insoles. After evaluation of all the aspects, we still found New Balance Hook Walking shoes as the top.

After testing top shoe brands New Balance Hook Walking Bone emerged as the best shoes for physical therapists as it had more positive reviews from previous customers.While Dr. Scholl’s Light Weight Dual Strap Sneaker was the runners up on below list of physical therapist’s shoes on the market. physical therapists are always on their feet, hence a comfortable and a well cushioned shoes are will see physical therapists through the day duties

Let’s find out what are some other features and tips to take into consideration when shopping for Physical Therapist’s footwear.


The comfort of Physical Therapists’ shoes must be present to ensure that there is the padded insole. This option ensures that since Physical Therapists are always on the move thy will enjoy a smooth ride while in different working conditions. Proper footwear for physical therapy should have 100% pure rubber sole so as to present health experts from slipping. The rubber sole ensures that physical therapist shoes alight in weight.


When picking shoes consider going for a brand that is compatible with the working environments of a physical therapist. Getting durable shoes to ensure that you are not going to overspend money buying work shoes every other weekend. The durability of physicals therapist is made possible ensuring that you pick a pair of shoes that is deigned from full grain and 100% soft material.

Going for leather work shoes ensures that your foot will be protected from either falling object or chemicals spill when physical therapists are carrying out fits aid in case of an accident in a retirement home. New Balance Hook was the most durable physical therapist footwear.

Motion Control

All physical therapists should consider going for foot wear that has a technology based technology. The motion control option in work shoes ensures that a physical therapist will not have to complain about foot pain.The physical therapist will have to work once in research centres and they are required to have motion control shoes while they are capable of offering comfort and foot stability.

Working in research centres or facilities requires you to have well cushioned shoes as most of the time you will be a lift or unloading trucks. Heel size also determi9nes the motion ability of the shoe you are going to pick. Being a physical therapist I prefer going for low heeled shoes as they are more effective. Selecting a pair that promote motion control ensure that your foot will less be exposed to pronation


There are hundreds of shoes that you as Physical Therapists you can choose from depending on your taste and how much you are willing to spend on a pair of shoes. However, if you are in shoe for Physical Therapists shopping hurry consider going for the New Balance Hook Walking Bone shoes if you are a female physical therapist.

For men this dr. Scholl’s light weight dual physical therapists sneakers which were featured on top of this Best Shoes For Physical Therapists list will definitely match you’re the demoing physical therapists’ occupation.Ensure that every pair of shoes you select from the market should be comfortable and also capable of taking absorbing all the shock generated while on feet the whole day. Share now on Facebook, pint rest or on instagram to help reach other people who you share Shoes for Physical Therapist’s interests with.

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