7 Best Shoes For Piriformis Syndrome In Of 2024

Piriformis syndrome is one of the most common neuromuscular disorder which results from the sciatic nerve being compressed by piriformis muscle .getting yourself best shoes for piriformis syndrome will help you to reduce sciatic nerve pain which results after walking, climbing or even running.

In case you are having a question such as is walking good for piriformis syndrome?

Getting a quality piriformis syndrome makes it easy for you to be in the position of walking without experiencing s any pain.

Getting yourself quality hoe will make piriformis syndrome running to be much easier.Let’s find out which are some of the top piriformis syndrome shoe brands available today.

Reviews: Best Shoes For Piriformis Syndrome Reviewed Of 2024

1.New Balance Health sneaker -best running shoes for piriformis syndrome

By being molded from 100% pure grain leather this shoe is 100% durable and high performing. The rubber sole design which was integrated by the manufacturer allows you to be in a position of being able to flex your foot any time.



A wide toe box option which was featured ensures that your foot is offered with enough room for remaining comfortable for the longest period of time.

When suffering from piriformis syndrome you will require a shoe brand that will allow you to remain comfortable and that is why the designer featured a quality collar and tongue which are professionally padded. Shock and pressure generated when running well managed by the ABZORB insole used by the manufacturer.

A quality support system that uses the rollbar design was used by the manufacturer to make sure that you will remain comfortable either when sitting, running, or even climbing the stairs. Walking on rocky grounds such as cobblestones or pebble is relatively enjoyable as C-CAP midsole is present.

  • C-CAP midsole technology was used
  • Exceptional arch support
  • Sleek design
  • Adequate cushioning
  • 100% stylish design
  • Weighs 12 ouches
  • Price is slightly high

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2.Vionic Walker- Best Walking Piriformis Syndrome Shoes For Women

Women also suffer from piriformis syndrome and due to the complicated nature of their bodY, it can be more severe. That is why this iconic walker found a position on our page.

The dual-density nature of the midsole plays a vital role in ensuring and offering your foot outstanding support and cushion which prevents the sciatic nerve from being irritated.



The durability of this avionics piriformis syndrome walker is very impressive as 100% pure leather was used to model the upper Your foot is offered amazing breathing ability as the designer used breathable mesh to deigns one portion of this shoe upper.

A quality and synthetic some were used by the designer to make sure that your foot is kept away from moisture when running or walking in wet areas Apart from the mesh used to mold the upper being breathable,

it has a better ability of wicking moisture and thus you are guaranteed dry foot .a quality PU shoe base was include to promote comfort and stability of your foot. Roomier toe boxes prevent your foot from being subjected to blisters.

  • Thick rubber sole
  • Defined by a Cushioned sock liner
  • Incredibly comfortable water resistant the sole is synthetic
  • Slightly expensive
  • Weighs 10 ouches

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If you are loafer enthusiast like my mother and at the same time you are suffering from the piriformis disorder the avionic Waverly loafer might be the most efficient piriformis shoe brand you are after.

3.Vionic Women’s Wise Waverly Loafer –Best Orthotics For Piriformis Syndrome

Aquality nubuck material was used to crafts the upper of this iconic loafer and that is one of the reasons why this loafer has turned out to be very durable.



Presence of not only a removable but a leather footbed provides your foot with outstanding cushion ability. To a great, extent vionic loafer included a biomechanically designed foot bed so as to provide your foot with unconditional support and comfort at the same time.

Having piriformis shoes that are 100% approved by an APMA is a perfect indication that the performance and durability are up to professional standards.

Well trained podiatrists employed to come up with the iconic loafer footbed so as to offer your foot amazing cushion regardless of whether you will be walking on flat or m rough areas .novelty leather together which was treated professionally ensure that no water will have access to your foot.

  • EVA foam insole
  • Great traction
  • practical and Attractive
  • Long-lasting abrasion
  • Cost more
  • Weighs I pound

4.Mona flying Leather Oxfords – best shoes to wear for piriformis syndrome

In case you are classic and native shoe lover but you are suffering from piriformis syndrome this Mona flyingshoe gives you an opportunity of maintaining your classic look while at the same time caring about your health status.



Lightweight and quality fabric lining make it easy for this shoe to be compatible with a wide range of activities all the way from work to strolling the streets while suffering from piriformis syndrome disorder.

Wearing this hoes in rainy or wet areas have no side effects as the synthetic sole was used. The upper was molded from latex covered leather to makes sure that your foot will remain to be 100% waterproof. With a heel that only measures 0.98 inches, this Mona shoe is therefore compatible with everyday wear requirements

  • Molded from breathable leather
  • Great traction
  • Associated with a Breathable materialCrop unrecognizable woman showing chiropractor painful spot on back
  • Comfortable insole
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Price is the only downside

5.Brooks Addiction – best shoes for piriformis

Our last product is this brooks addition which apart from being defined buys a light weight nature it has dual density midsole which promotes amazing comfort. Breathable mesh and pure grain leather were professionally combined to come up with an upper which promotes foot aeration.



The quality wide toe box was featured and this ensures that your toe or the entire foot will have relatively improved room for flexing. Full grain leather which was slightly covered with latex was used to mold the upper. By being covered with latex it ensures that the waterproof ability of this brooks has been updated.

Unlike other piriformis syndrome disorder shoes brand on our list that use lacing the manufactures decided to use a loop and hook closure option which guarantees your amazing a comfortable fit regardless of whether you have a wide or a narrow foot.

  • Water resistant
  • Strong rubber sole.
  • durable construction
  • Adequate cushioning
  • Plenty of cushioning.
  • Price
  • Weighs more

Final thought

After 56 hours of piriformis study and research, we can comfortably recommend New Balance Health sneaker  and Vionic Walker as the Best running and Walking Piriformis Syndrome Shoes For  men and Women respectively on  the market.

The  Health sneaker from New Balance was  our best shoes for piriformis syndrome as it will help you to escape dangerous sciatic nerve irritation which might end up causing huge buttock and back pain in general.

Due to their light weight and professional cushioning ability, you will experience more tingling, pain or even buttock numbness after trying out the shoe brands we have recommended above. Our runners up of Piriformis syndrome shoes was Brooks addition. Happy shopping


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