Best Shoes For Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction 2020

Best Shoes For Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction may be relatively hard to located or  trace on different shoes  market platforms  as  there  are professional shoe  designer low-quality shoe signers .we did what we  could to provide  you with a list of  10 quality shoes that you can use to prevent both excessive  stress and pronation.Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction a condition that can also be referred to a fallen arch or generally as flatfoot acquired in adults. You might have noted the slight changes of your foot from being arch to falling and that is how you will know you are suffering from this posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.

For the few decades was deemed to be a very a 100% disabling conditions but due to the advancement of technology in the medical center, it can be successfully treated after proper diagnosis during its early stages. Today was just going to look at some of the top rated shoes which are compatible with individuals suffering from posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.

 In a hurry, here is our top shoe list,  
1.Brooks Addiction5.0 VIEW ON AMAZON
2.HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 5
3.ASICS Gel Nimbus 17 4.6 VIEW ON AMAZON
4.HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6
5.Mizuno Wave Prophecy 8 1.3 VIEW ON AMAZON

Reviews: 20 Best Shoes for Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction In 2020 Reviewed

1.Brooks Glycerin 17

Either you are stranded not knowing which is the right pair best shoes for you to pick if you or one of your loved one is suffering from posterior tibial tendon dysfunction which is also referred to as fallen arches so that they can cater for arch supports then we recommend this Brooks Glycerin 17 shoe for you today.


Presence of a 100% breathable upper and removable innersole promotes your comfort either regardless of whether you want a running or walking shoes. You can use this Brooks Glycerin 17 as running shoes as the presence of a 100% rubber material is an added. The upper design of these shoes ensures your foot can remain dry and odor free.


  • Synthetic in nature hence waterproof
  • Elastic latex cushion
  • Maximum cushioning offer quality comfort
  • The foot bed is made from a cork-latex soft


  • None

2.Saucony Redeemer ISO Running Shoe

Saucony Redeemer ISO Running Shoe will help you To fully understand what it means to have a painless morning run or even hitting the gym without having to complain of any heel pain. Saucony Redeemer ISO comes from this top walking and running shoes manufacturing company which award-winning. Posterior tendon which plays a major role of attaching your muscle calf to inner bones of our of your foot should be free from shock and that is why a quality mid-sole was integrated to the design of this shoe.

The heel of these shoes is slightly 29 mm above the ground and thus   your foot is guaranteed  to remain shock free for the longest time possible.  The rubber sole that comes with this Saucony Redeemer ISO shoes   offer you quality traction which ensures they are slip resistant.


  • 100% Leather material was used
  • Collar was heavily padded
  • Breathable upper mesh improve   the aeration of  your foot
  • Stylish as it has  rubber sole  which is brown in color


  • None for now

3.Mizuno Wave Prophecy 7

In case  you are you are suffering from  this posterior tibial tendon dysfunction  and  now  you are looking for a light weight shoe brand which focus and comfort are the  key  features then Mizuno Wave Prophecy 7 meet all of  your  tendon dysfunction  features. A Mizuno Wave Prophecy 7 dual density mid sole which was molded from light weight foam promotes the shock resistant ability.

High traction which has turned this Mizuno Wave Prophecy 7 is slip resistant is offered by the high density flexible rubber sole. Mizuno Wave also protects and also professionally keeps your feet from bad odor and sweat as it features 100% breathable mesh upper. Some additions such as the fit foam sole and relatively professional EVA midsole also promote comfort of your feet.


  • Has quality EVA midsole
  • The innersoles take a fit foam design
  • Outsole takes up a stylish design
  • Upper shoe body is made from a breathable mesh


  • After prolonged use the shoe fitting tends  to run small

4.New Balance M990v4,

The classy finish of this New Balance M990v4 provides you with unconditional comfort that you cannot easily get in other r shoes. Suffering from posterior tibial tendon dysfunction can be very frustrating especially if you have insufficient information about which shoes you should consider working with. Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction request a shoe pair that have a orthotic sole which is multiple as it will keep your foot from shock

The multilayer nature of the sole  also promote comfort  either  when running  eve walking .suffering from fallen  heel require  you to wear a shoes  which has  professionally padded collar and that is what you will enjoy after  you purchase this New Balance  M990v4. The manufactures also cares for your stylish preference and that s why a quality ergonomic stride design was included.


  • Weight is well balanced
  • Less foot pressure due to a roomier toe box is present
  • Gorgeous leather uppers
  • Non bidding design offer your foot quality comfort


  • Weight can be slightly minimized
  • Realatively costly

5.Mizuno Wave Rider 22

Mizuno Wave Rider 22   is the pair of shoe to go for if you want a durable and 100% high performing shoe for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. U4ic Midsole cushioning   technology was employed so as to makes sure that attenuation of shock from your foot is optimal U4ic professional Midsole also promotes the overall shoe durability and performance.Ever thought that despite having an infected foot you can still have a healthy underfoot feel well due to presence a quality cushioned sock liner this Mizuno Wave Rider 22   guarantee your infected feet quality support and to agree extent unconditional comfort. Either you will be using the shoes as walking r running shoes presence of a rubber sole have promoted better traction ability of Mizuno Wave Rider 22 hence you are 100% protect from slipping either on concrete cobblestones or on various tiles designs.


  • Cushioned sock liner promotes comfort
  • U4ic Midsole keep your feet shock free
  • 100% Synthetic hence it is a waterproof shoes
  • Rubber sole design promotes foot flexibility


  • None for now

6.Nike  Zoom Strike shoes

For Nike  shoe lover  who are  also suffering from  posterior tibial tendon dysfunction we would be  doing you great  evil by  not including even a single shoe  for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction from Nike but luckily enough for  you we managed to feature this  Nike  Zoom Strike shoes which is best defined by quality traction ability offered  by professional and  100% flexible  rubber sole. Comes at pocket friendly price as you can check it out even when you are in summer or vacation money saving mood.

Tough rubber was used to mold the outer sole and that is why this Nike Zoom Strike shoes   remains to be 100% durable. Comfort is   guarantee as this Nike zoom feature professional responsive shock absorption futures. Dual density mid and inners ole promotes comfort of your feet either hen running or walking. Finally the upper after consulting the designer we realized that a light weight breathable mesh was included so as to keep your feet sweat less.


  • Associated with a philon foam for comfort
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Midsole was design from soft dual density foam
  • Outer sole features a tough rubber


  • Runs large after some time
  • Varying sizing

7.ASICS GT 1000 4

May  be   you are an a athlete or even a runner who is suffering from  posterior tibial tendon dysfunction  have in  mind that  this  ASICS GT 1000 4  beat from  Asics has  your running, walking  sneaker  solution catered. Tibial tendon dysfunction can be challenging especially when you are not wearing the right shoes. But with this Asics   your feet will remain to be 100% flexible as the outsole is made from a pure rubber.

Another feature  why our editors thought that this ASICS GT 1000 4  is  a high perfume is due  to present of   the removable inner soles.  You will definitely love the heavily padded collar as it promotes comfort of your foot. The rubber sole apart from turning these shoes to be deemed as lightweight it also promotes quality fitting options.


  • Light in weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Socks liner is removable
  • Foot bed and insole can be successfully interchanged


  • Relatively stiff

8.Under Armour  Micro G Shoe

Despite every one being possessed by brands like Asics mizuno and new balance we are glad to feature this Under Armour Micro G Shoe here. Light weight design which was promoted by 100% rubber s ole is one of the many futures you will definitely love about this Under Armor Micro G Shoe. Looking at the 100% full grain leather upper   perforce and durability is therefore a guarantee.

The synthetic material which was intergrted together with textile and 10% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate promotes the water resistant ability of Under Armour Micro G Shoe. Durable leather apart from catering for  shoes  durability also offer  your  foot sufficient stability when running or eve walking regardless of whether  your  feet are suffering from  posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.


  • 100% Leather upper
  • Breathable mesh used have made this pair of shoe to be bad odor free
  • Added comfort due to presence of an EVA sock liner
  • Collar futures a dual density supportive foam for comfort


  • Air cushion technology employed tend  to fail after some  time

9.Birkenstock Florida Leather Sandal- Birkenstock For Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

Our love for sandals   forced us to include this as we have instinct that   it no the best Birkenstock for posterior tibial tendonitis. Birkenstock Leather Sandal just as the title suggest was designed from 100% pure leather and thus issue such as performance and durability are non factors.

The liht weight nature of this Birkenstock Sandal makes it possible for individual with wide foot or even narrow feet to enjoy the comfort

Finally the inners sole is high density and keeps your feet from any shock that might be generated when walking. The rubbers sole nature promotes quality traction ability which has made these shoes to be 100% slip resistant.


  • Contoured cork outsole
  • Synthetic sole nature promotes water resistant ability
  • Suede-covered upper have made this shoe to be stylish
  • Cushioned foot bed keep foot away from shock


  • Sizing options can be counter checked for efficiency

10.New Balance Men’s 990v4-tennis shoes for fallen arches

At our  number  one of  medically approved shoes for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction we decide  to include this new balance  pair as  part from being light in weight it is  a higher performer especially when it comes  to either  running or even walking. The mid-sole is made from a dual density foam material and it role after practically testing the shoes was found to keeping your foot away from any shock.

By the upper being made from 100% breathable material your will remain o be free from bad smell or fungus infection. The fill grain leather also has   thin waterproof layer and this ensure when suffering from this posterior tibial tendon dysfunction you foot will not get infected with other conditions. Finally the removable inner sole   ensure that in case you ant a denser you just feel like replacing the original inner sole you can easily do it.


  • Flexible shoe due presence of rubber sole
  • Hugh traction ability
  • EVA core in heel
  • Dual density midsole


  • None


Final thought

In case after going through or article you were not in position of finding a great shoe that you can depend on  consider  gibing this Saucony Redeemer ISO Running Shoe a our  editors  found it to be among the  top trending shoes on the  market. The runner up is the new balance 990v4 for PTTD and the other shoe we are highly recommending you to try is this beast from mizuno.

Good  news  is  also that in case   posterior tibial tendon dysfunction is diagnosed during the early stages  you can easily undergo  a quality treatment programs  that will allow  will lead  to fully  recover  such treatment  is  referred to be conservative treatment  and  mayor include use of quality  inserts or orthotics, bracing as they  will help you to improve the  support of your  ankle while walking or even  running and  jogging .happy Shopping time

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