7 Best Shoes For Psoriatic Arthritis Of 2024 Reviewed

The current evidence that exists has shown that psoriatic arthritis is slightly prevalent more in women than it is to men, but the sad truth is that psoriatic arthritis affects all gender, ages, ethnicities, and races.With an overall of $11.25 billion being used in the United States to treat psoriatic arthritis annually, it is evident that protecting and preventing yourself can be slightly cheaper and more beneficial to your health. Below find reviews of seven best shoes for psoriatic arthritis that were designed to be compatible with all individuals suffering from psoriatic arthritis regardless of their ages or gender.

Reviews: 7 Best Shoes For Psoriatic Arthritis Of 2024 Reviewed

1.New Balance 928v3 Walking Shoe- Best Walking Shoes For Psoriatic Arthritis

Walking with psoriatic arthritis can be very painful. But with this New Balance 928v3, you will enjoy a smooth ride as the shoes are professionally cushioned. A quality antimicrobial sock liner that was featured ensures that your foot is 100% kept way from possible bad smell. The durability of these walking shoes is top notch as the upper was molded from 100% quality leather.Best Walking Shoes For Psoriatic ArthritisThe rubber sole also plays a huge role in ensuring that generalized fatigue is taken care of by offering you 100% a smooth ride. The rubber sole also ensures that individuals suffering psoriatic arthritis have the ability to enjoy a smooth ride which is free from slips as the rubber sole offers quality traction force. Top notch comfort option was also made possible by the Stabilizing quality ROLLBAR technology featured by the manufacturer.

The collar and tongue of New Balance 928v3 are professionally padded and this eliminates pain from all the swelled joins or foot ligaments caused by psoriatic arthritis. In case you are allergic to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are used to treat joints swellings. Then getting yourself this New Balance will help in taking acre of all the pain caused by psoriatic arthritis.


  • improves health
  • Molded EVA midsole
  • Rubber sole
  • Stabilizing ROLLBAR technology


  • Weighs 6 ounces

2.Mizuno Wave Rider 23 Running Shoe- Best Running Shoes For Psoriatic Arthritis

Running with Psoriatic Arthritis can turn out to be a survival situation as this condition reduces your range of motion. If you are running enthusiast suffering from Psoriatic Arthritis and looking for perfect running shoes the Mizuno Wave Rider. The midsole of these shoes is professionally padded to ensure that shock generated when hitting the trail will be professionally taken care of.Best Running Shoes For Psoriatic ArthritisA Professional Light midsole was featured to promote the comfort of your foot. An individual with Psoriatic Arthritis is advised not to miss their daily running schedule. Running with Psoriatic Arthritis can help you to improve your life quality. Hitting the trail and morning runs while suffering from Psoriatic Arthritis improves the flexibility of your joints and into modifies the strength of your joints.

The lace up deign to ensure that you will enjoy a comfortable fit either when running or walking. The textile material used ensures that there is a gentle interaction between your foot skins and the e shoes when running. An addition, a 100% breathable mesh was featured to ensure that your foot is supplied with fresh air and sufficient temperature control option.


  • U4icX technologies
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Rubber sole


  • Weighs 10.1 ounces

3.ASICS Gel-Dedicate 6  Tennis Shoes- Best Tennis Shoes For Psoriatic Arthritis

Suffering from psoriatic arthritis should not influence your love for tennis. That is we featured this ASICS Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes as it comes with dual density midsole that offers your foot with amazing comfort. The durability of these shoes is top notch as 100% this shoe is man-made. The light weight nature of these tennis shoes was made possible by ASICS using synthetic fabric material.If you have a clay coat the quality rubber sole ensure. The compound dual midsole that was featured together with a professional U4icX technology ensures that both male and female individuals will only enjoy exhilarating runs.

Psoriatic arthritis normally leads to excess foot sweating as your foot joints have some swellings. During intense tennis training sessions, the manufacture included a quality Soft fabric that has a technology based moisture wicking linings which ensure that your foot is free from sweating.

A technology based Diagonal Rollbar which is Progressively Extended ensures that you have full control of your footy during tennis training sessions. This feature also ensures that pronated gaits will be effectively corrected in the tennis lover’s foot. The durable construction option of this Ascis ensures that the durability of these shoes is properly enhanced.


  • Light in weight
  • engineered support
  • Durable construction
  • Highly padded tennis shoes


  • Weighs more than expected

4.Dr. Comfort William Diabetic Casual Shoes

For those individuals looking for quality and comfortable working shoes that are compatible with Psoriatic Arthritis. The rubber sole ensures that your long working hours will be very comfortable without slipping or even falling. Quality and removable footbed make cleaning of these hoes to be very easy.Best Shoes For Psoriatic ArthritisWhat is even more exciting about the removable foot bed is that it makes easy for you to integrate your custom orthotics so as to promote the comfort and stability of your foot. Quality and supportive polyurethane insole which was featured ensures that both your heel and foot front are offered with amazing cushion options.

Unlike in other psoriatic arthritis shoes, this Dr. Comfort William comes with a toe-box which is slightly deep. The role of the extra deep and wide toe box is to ensure that all the pressure generated when walking or standing for long hours is professionally taken care of. Quality self-adjustable closure option of this Dr. Comfort William offers your psoriatic foot with amazing comfort which is 100% personalized.


  • Personalized comfort
  • Self-adjustable closure
  • The extra deep toe box
  • Removable insole


  • Weighs 5 pounds

5.Crocs Women’s Wedge Sandal

Are you a sandal lover planning to rule our psoriatic arthritis well Crocs Women’s Wedge sandal will definitely full fill your entire sandal desires. By being man made this Crocs Women’s Wedge Sandal is 100% durable and a good performer at the same time. Dual Crocs Comfort ensures that t you can wear these sandals even during your long hours working shifts.The designer features a quality synthetic sole to ensure that these crocs are able to retain their shape for a slightly longer duration of time. The stability of your foot is also 100% promoted by including synthetic sole. A wide platform that measures 5 inches was included to offer your foot with a slightly wide landing area.

The wide platform also ensures that your foot will remain comfortable and stable even during a long hour working shift. The synthetic sloe also ensures that this sandal is 100% waterproof even when working in wet areas. For those stylish sandal lovers suffering psoriatic arthritis Crocs Women’s Wedge Sandal comes with an updated more feminine style which makes them be a perfect pick of you this season.


  • Waterproof
  • More feminine style
  • Synthetic sole
  • Features foam foot bed
  • 100% man made


  • Weighs 4.8 ounces

6.Vionic Men’s, Fulton Tate Lace up Sneakers –Best sneakers for  Psoriatic Arthritis

Suffering from Psoriatic Arthritis should not interfere with your sneaker taste and preference that is why Vionic Fulton Tate was featured on this list. coming from a company that has perfected the act of Psoriatic Arthritis sneaker manufacturing Vionic Fulton comes with a  quality rubber sole that offers your foot with unconditional traction ability.Best Shoes For Psoriatic ArthritisYou can have these sneakers on your foot regardless of the swollen fingers and toes as the fabric material use by ensuring that there is a gentle interaction between your foot and the shoes without causing blisters or even sore foot.

Since there is no possible cure for psoriatic arthritis consider contacting your health expect as untreated psoriatic arthritis can lead to total joint damage. To cater for this option a tongue and collar which are slightly padded were include by Vionic Fulton to ensure that you are only going to enjoy a smooth ride through different terrains

Psoriatic arthritis leads to your toe nails mimicking fungus infections to cater for this option the designer featured a relatively wide toe box to give your finger or toes enough space to remain relaxed. These Vionic Fulton shoes can remain on your foot for a longer duration of time without any sore foot negative effects as the collar was also padded.


  • Durable Rubber Outsole
  • engineered mesh upper
  • Footbed is podiatrist-designed
  • Man-Made Upper


  • Sizing runs big

7.Vionic Men’s, Greyson Loafer-Good Shoes For Psoriatic Arthritis

Greyson Loafer comes with a wide toe box that is responsible for allowing your foot to remain in a relaxed mode ensuring that the recovering period will be effectively trimmed. We are living in a dynamic world where everything is changing every minute as technology is taking over.Best Shoes For Psoriatic ArthritisDue to this reason, selecting only quality and good shoes for psoriatic arthritis from the millions of high quality and low quality arthritis Shoes brands on the market has turned out to be a hard task. The flat rubber sole of this Greyson Loafer was on the major features that acted as our guide when selecting these shoes.

The rubber sole is responsible for offering your foot with amazing traction force thus offering your foot non-slip movement ability. A part from the foot bed of this loafer being designed to form full grain leather material it also removable, thus modifying the comfort or even cleaning this Greyson psoriatic arthritis Loafer has been made to be slightly easy.


  • 100% podiatrist designed
  • Leather uppers
  • Rubber sole
  • The removable leather foot bed


  • Sizing runs big

How To Select Best Shoes For Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis is mainly characterised by severe pain caused by your foot joint soft tissue stiffness and inflammation. Psoriatic Arthritis is also experienced in the morning after being in active overnight. When not treated or diagnosed in the early stages Psoriatic Arthritis can lead to Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and dactylitis tenderness and pain.

Getting yourself a quality pair of shoe which is compatible with Psoriatic Arthritis will play huge role in diffusing pain and all the swelling caused by Psoriatic Arthritis.in order to get quality and high performing shoes for shoes for psoriatic arthritis we have provided you with a check list of the feature that should be present in a quality shoes for psoriatic arthritis.

Cushion Footbed

When selecting psoriatic arthritic shoes consider going for a brand that comes with a fully cushioned foot bed. Remember that when suffering from psoriatic arthritic your joint will be 100% swelled and you will be exposed to unconditional pain going cushioned footbed ensures that you will have or enjoy a comfortable movement in different terrains or environment.

The other reason as to why you should consider going for well cushioned shoes is to take care of all the shock generated when walking or running with psoriatic arthritis. We found New Balance 928v3 to be the rated shoes for psoriatic arthritis of all the shoes that we have to recommend in our article above.

Adjustability And Superior Support

Remember that suffering from psoriatic arthritis has their joints most of them swelled. Hence an individual going for a shoe brand for psoriatic arthritis that you can easily adjust plays a huge role in creating enough space for welled foot. The psoriatic arthritis shoe brand on our list that was found to be highly adjustable is the New Balance 928v3.

With getting yourself a quality psoriatic arthritis shoes being one of the most recommended psoriatic arthritis preventive measures by podiatrists. Superior support options should also be present in the pair of psoriatic arthritis shoes you are planning to pick. Going for dual density soled shoes has the ability to offer your ailing foot with unconditional support.

Slip-Resistant Outsole

Consider selecting shoes for psoriatic arthritis that comes with a 100% slip-resistant outsole. The reason why shoes with slip-resistant outsole are highly preferred is that they are responsible for keeping your foot and yourself from additional injuries that might arise from slips and falls.

Slip-resistant outsoles also keep your foot from possible dislocations or even having your foot is broken. With Generalized fatigue being one the things that characterize psoriatic arthritis you might end up slipping when walking in rocky or wet areas but when having quality and Slip-Resistant Outsoled shoes comfort and proper foot protection is a guarantee. Mizuno Wave 23 you will definitely protect yourself from possible slips.


New Balance 928v3 was found to be the overall best shoes for psoriatic arthritis with Vionic Men’s Walker being the runners up. In case you are looking for a women pair of psoriatic arthritis shoes then this Mizuno Wave 23 will definitely cater to your psoriatic arthritis shoes desires.

Finding quality preventive measures such as getting yourself a pair of Best shoes for psoriatic arthritis is highly recommended as it prevents psoriatic arthritis from getting to severe levels. Psoriatic Arthritis is 100% a systemic, genetic immunological, disease that manifests both your skin and joints.


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