7 Best Shoes For Rope Climbing Of 2024

Best shoes for rope climbing make it easy for you enjoy climbing 8,14or even 20 meters rope more comfortably by rope climbing being a sport which is gradually gaining popularity I why by al competitors are required to use only their hands to climb the rope. After testing top shoe brands for rope climbing LA SPORTIVA Low top rope climbing shoes was the best overall while OTAKI Climbing Shoe the runners up.Best Shoes For Rope Climbing It is that time of the year again and rope climbing competition is around the corner consider getting yourself a pair of rope climbing shoes before it is too late as a retailer and manufactures will definitely hike the prices when that time comes. Below find a complete guide of top rated rope climbing shoes today.

Reviews:7 Best Shoes For Rope Climbing Of 2024

1.Salomon Quest  Backpacking Boots-Best Navy seal Shoes For Rope Climbing

Rope climbing is one of the great workout routines to include in your workout programs as it well ranked grip and forearm activities. Salomon Quest boot was featured mas they resemble the boots used by a navy seal during their intense rope climbing training.

Best Shoes For Rope Climbing

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The upper of this boot was molded from a quality leather material which ensures that even after wrapping a rope round these shoes it will still maintain its performance and appearance. A quality rubber sole was utilised to come up the outsole s as to offer amazing traction and non-slip rope grip. Incase this hoes misbehaves during rope climbing you can easily rerun it to the manufacturer as it protected by a 2 full year limited warranty.

For flexibility, this climbing shoe sole was molded from 100% rubber material hence the best shoe brand for climbing a rope.to keep your foot dry or well protected from unexpected rain or snow 100% Synthetic material was also used. Both the collar and the tongue of this boot were slightly padded to allow a gentle interaction between the boot and your foot.

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Slip-resistant
  • Durable
  • the limited warranty is 2 year
  • slightly expensive
  • weighs

2.La Sportiva OTAKI Climbing Shoe- Best Shoes For Climbing A Rope

La Sportiva OTAKI Climbing Shoe was f our editors pick. The upper material of this La Sportiva OTAKI is 100% synthetic material and this ensures that your foot protected from water. The durability of these shoes is also amazing as some full grain leather material was integrated. A quality microfiber was also included to ensure that comfort and stability during your rope climbing sport are catered.

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A prime pacific lining was used on the front side of the shoes to ensure that your toes are comfortable through the rope climbing process. A quality laspoflex material was used to design the shoes.  Laspoflex measures 1.1 mm thus offering your foot with all the comfort required.

Adjustable strap that was featured takes the role of climbing shoe closure option. The adjustable nature of these shoes ensures that regardless of whether you have wide or even narrow feet you are definitely going to enjoy a comfortable fit. Both the insoles of and collar of this OTAKI Climbing Shoe were professionally padded to ensure that comfort is a guarantee.


  • Synthetic hence waterproof
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Adjustable closing straps
  • Adjustable fit
  • Weighs 99 pounds

3.NOBULL Training Shoes and Styles -Best Crossfit Shoes For Rope Climbing

If you are a cross fit expert planning for a rope climbing trip get yourself these NOBULL Training Shoes and Styles as they are equally efficient when used as rope climbing shoes. The quality rubber sole offers your foot with amazing traction force, therefore, making these shoes to be used as running, rope climbing as cross fit shoes.

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The rubber sole has also turned these shoes to be amazingly comfortable and at the same time, 100% supportive .the upper of these cross fit shoes for rope climbing was molded from 100% breathable material to ensure that your foot is supplied with clean air either when running or climbing. An addition, the rubber sole ensures that your foot has the ability to move freely when climbing as the rubber material is flexible.

For a smooth ride and traction, the midsole of these rope climbing shoes for cross fitters are professionally cushioned to ensure that discomfort is professionally eliminated during running. It is easy to adjust these shoes while on your fit so as to achieve unforgettable rope climbing experience as it has a quality lace up closure options.

  • Flexible protection
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Outsole lug pattern
  • Superfabric guard plate
  • Sizing runs big
  • Weights 2 pounds

4.Scarpa Vapor V Climbing Shoe-Best Budget Rope Climbing Shoes

Scarpa Vapor V Climbing Shoe was found to be a rope climbing shoe that is budget based. Despite being termed as the budget based product your foot will remain to be 100% dry as the manufacturer used synthetic raw material. The rubber sole ensures that the shoes have an increased life span.

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Rubber soles also ensure that your foot is offered with t better security measure against various elements present in a rope climbing. For an outstanding rope grip when climbing a professional grade Vibram XS edge was featured.  The closure option of these shoes utilizes the Dual power strap which is responsible for offering you incredible comfort and stability.

To ensure that you enjoy incredible comfort all day long during rope climbing a professional Lower tension was featured on the lower side of the Achilles. The dual density midsole of this Scarpa Vapor shoes ensure that shock generated when climbing is easily neutralized. This shoe only weighs 1.99 pounds hence can be used by both men and women.

  • Rubber sole
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Closure strap is Dual power
  • Bi-Tension randing system
  • Weighs 1.99 pounds
  • Has sing issue after a long period of use

5.TFO Outdoor Waterproof Sneaker For Climbing Sports- Best Sneaker For Rope Climbing

If you are a huge sneaker head looking for the quality sneaker to take with you during your next rope climbing expedition TFO climbing sneaker might be an amazing option for you. All the way from the padded collar which offers a comfortable fit to light weight design TFO climbing sneaker caters for most of your climbing shoes roles. Split leather was used to come up with the upper design hence making this split leather sneaker to be durable.

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A slightly wide vamp ensures that the toe box is wide enough to give your toes enough space. The wide toe boxes also ensure that your toes are flexible throughout the rope climbing sessions. The sole of these climbing shoes was molded from aircraft tire grade rubber hence among the non-slip sneakers for rope climbing.

A quality First-Tex breathable materials used to come up with the membrane socks feature. The role of the membrane sock is to ensure that your foot is dry even when enjoying rope climbing in rainy climates. In case of unexpected snow conditions during rope climbing the membranes socks molded from First-Tex breathable material also keeps your foot warm and dry.

  • Rubber soles
  • Lace up option
  • Padded collar
  • First-Tex breathable socks
  • Weighs 4 pounds.
  • Sizing runs wide

6.Five Rogue Climbing Shoe -Best Shoes For Rope Climbs

This VCS Climbing Shoe is one of the most comfortable and durable climbing shoes as it was crafted from 100% leather material. Your foot will remain to be 1005 flexible during the rope climbing process as the outsole was designed from an aircraft tire grade rubber. By the outer sole being molded from such rubber quality traction is offered to allow you to enjoy unforgettable stability and comfort.

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The shoe box of VCS Climbing Shoe is slightly wide so as to offer rope climbers toes with enough space to relax. For increased comfort, a quality arch that was professionally reinforced was also featured. The rubber sole coming with a thickness of 3.5mm your foot is kept away from sock arising from the demanding activity hence or editors pick for only Best Shoes For Rope Climbs.

The outsole lug pattern that was employed ensures that you will have an amazing rope climbing experience in different climatic and environmental conditions. For unforgettable comfort and fit the designer made us of adjustable traps. The insole feature is also removable. This feature makes it easy for you when replacing it with a new or denser insole option.

  • Cushioned midsole
  • Adjustable fit
  • Shock absorbing
  • Plush cushioning
  • Weigh 1.99 pounds
  • Pricey

7.Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V2 Cross-Trainer Shoe-best shoes for rope climbs crossfit

Up next find Inov-8 F-Lite which is crossfit shoe that will definitely cater to all of your rope climbing shoes desires. This cross fit shoe is defined by a 100% textile material upper. To ensure that the shoes are breathable and breathable mesh was also included. For comfort, a quality sock liner that was professionally perforated was featured.Best Shoes For Rope Climbing

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The heel measures 10mm while the forefoot measure 6mm thus ensuring that your foot is 100% stable .a A professional lace garage was integrated. The innersole of these shoes is slightly removable and it allows you to be in a position of cleaning the shoes easily after a rope climbing trip. You can also add a more durable of dense innersole.

Unlike other rope climbing cross foot shoes that come with a rubber sole, this Inov-8 F-Lite has a synthetic sole. Your foot is also kept dry and free from any water by the synthetic sole. Quality traction and rope grip are also offered by the synthetic sole. The removable insole ensures that after cleaning these shoes will dry more easily.

  • Removable insole
  • Strong sole.
  • Plush cushioning
  • Synthetic sole
  • Weighs  1 pound
  • Quality sole material is needed

How To Select Best Shoes For Rope Climbing

Many rope climbing enthusiasts, experts and beginners make a mistake of taking their old running shoes as rock climbing shoes. If you are one of those individual you might have as well realised that running shoes although they can be used climbing shoes there are not that effective when it comes to rope climbing.

The is that rope climbing shoes re a more specialised group of shoes as compared to running or walking shoes. Below we find the list of several tips to consider every time you are selecting the right footwear for a rope climbing expedition this season round.

Materials Used

When looking for climbing shoes consider shoe brands that have comfortable material. The soft material is more preferred they offer gentle interaction between your foot and the shoe. If you are going for leather shoes consider going for full grain leather climbing shoes such as the LA SPORTIVA Low top Shoes.

The upper of climbing shoes should be breathable enough so as to supply your foot with clean air. Climbing shoes that are associated with breathable material are able to remain fresh for a slightly longer duration of time. In case you are planning to use your running shoes for a longer duration of time  consider going climbing shoes modelled from durable materials.

Support Provided

Climbing shoes should have quality support option due to the complexity of rope climbing sport. Climbing shoes should be associated with a well-padded collar to allow rope climbing enthusiasts with a wide or narrow foot to enjoy a comfortable fit. The padded tongue also ensures that rope climber’s foot will have a gentle interaction with the shoe vamp.

The removable insole should also be something that should be present in rope climbing footwear. Lace up climbing shoe design should also be present as it allows these shoes to take the shape of a rope climber. For additional foot support during your rope climbing trip shoe brands that come with an extra pair of midsoles should be given a fast priory. Such shoes include LA SPORTIVA or OTAKI Climbing Shoe

Style of climbing shoes

Either when looking for quality rope climbing shoes for the beginner or just looking for new and better shoes to update your rope climbing collection consider going for a brand that matches your taste and preference. Going for stylish rope climbing hoes will allow you to feel more comfortable even during rope climbing competitions or trips. If you re after stylish rock climbing foot wear OTAKI Climbing Shoe might be even more that what you are expecting to enjoy.

Consider going for a shoe brand that is both stylish and versatile in nature. Neutral colored climbing shoes should also be giving top priority. Climbing hoes with neutral color can easily be matched with almost very rope climbing gear or outfits currently trending. OTAKI Climbing Shoe was still found to be the most outstanding neutral colored climbing shoe brand.


Having rope climbing shoes that perfectly meet all your rope climbing shoe needs should never be compromised when venturing into rope climbing.no matter the model or brand of rope climbing shoes you pick ensure that performance. Comforts and stability are present. Rope climbing entails tones of activities that require foot comfort and stability.

Due to rope climbing being such a demanding sport you will need the right footwear which can cater to all the rope climbing shoe demand. After taking comfort, stability, and performance into consideration we found New Balance 20v7 Minimus men and NOBULL Women’s Training shoes to be the most prefer shoes by other rope climbing experts.


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