10 Best Shoes For Vet Techs Of 2023 Reviewed

Best shoes for vet techs  or for  veterinary technician will be very helpful when working either in a normal animal hospital in an animal-based hospital which deals with animal emergency cases. As an LVT you will agree with us that you don’t have control of almost all duties which are assigned to you. therefore  you will be forced to undertake several tasks on the basis of the department you are scheduled to work in an animal emergency hospital.

Most of the activities we have talked above require you as a veterinary technician to find great wear that will not keep your feet comfortable but also protect you from prospective infections while working. Having said that, Adidas Performance while runners up for vet techs shoes are the Dansko professional clog. Otherwise, stay tuned for a complete review of 10 shoes for vet techs.[table id=10 /]

Reviews: Best Shoes For Vet Techs Of 2023 Reviewed

1.Reebok Memt Classic Sneaker-vet nursing shoes

You might be wondering why this Reebok Meet Classic Sneaker was ranked highly by our editors but you will be shocked to know that the sleek sole design and the quality leather upper ensure that veterinary technicians foot will be able to cater for a wide range of activities of all type. 

The lather comes with a breathable upper and thus your foot as a very are guaranteed sufficient aeration this keeping your foot from bad smell.Most vets spend  at least 99% of their  overall  time  while  on duty  in  a standing position .

And this might lead  some  complications including heel pain  but Reebok Meet Classic Sneaker has  dual density mid-sole that ensures that the  sneaker  can professionally being  in better position of being able  to maintain all of  your weight without exposing   your  foot to any pain.

  • Dual density mid-sole
  • Upper is molded from full grain soft leather
  • Cost of this rebook is pocket-friendly The quality foam was used as the collar padding material
  • None for now

2.Nurse Mates 230004-best work shoes for vet techs

Nurse Mates 230004 is the right foot wears for those individuals or vet techs that spend most or just all of their time in standing position. In case you are one of the overweight vet techs this nurse mate is your match as the dual density midsole is able to 100% deal with  all of your weight

The overall design of these shoes is stylish and lightweight in weight. Bad smell from your foot is huge history as the upper is made from pure leather with a lightweight mesh. The innersole part from being removable can also be interchanged with the  footbed so as to modify  the comfort  of  your foot

  • Footbed and insole can be interchanged
  • Removable inners sole
  • Mesh upper
  • Highly breathable
  • none


3.Timberland PRO Slip-On Clog-veterinary nurse shoes

Places, where veterinary technicians a trend to be very busy place as the technicians who work in small animals, are very busy due to the load of duties they have to accomplish and thus their only desire is to have a lightweight shoe that will allow them to keep up with their ever busy working environment.

Now, if you are among them this Timberland PRO Slip-On Clog should be among the shoes for vet techs that you are eyeing today.Shoes that vet tech wear should be easily disinfected so as to prevent the technicians from carrying infection from one point of the animal hospital top another.

The reason why this Timberland PRO Slip-On Clog was included is due to one reason that you can easily have or even machine clean these shoes. Timberland PRO Slip-On Clog is also relatively compatible with most of the shoe covers that are common used in the laboratory and other small animal medical facilities.

  • Can be easily cleaned
  • Covers all the toes effectively
  • Disinfecting this shoe is relatively easy
  • It takes a clog style which is solid  topped
  • None

4.DanskWide Professional Clog-are crocs good for standing all day

Spending your full day or night treating an animal in a standing position can be very frustrating as your foot can develop heel pain any time. That is why this Dansk Wide Professional Clog which has a relatively wide toe box the wide top box keeps your foot from any kind of foot pain. 

Rocker bottoms present on this clog guarantee you quality and natural strides necessary for you during most of your working hours as a vet tech.The out sole of this clog is 100% quality and also has a shock-absorbing characteristics.

Shock absorbing nature of the out sole ensures your foot is comfortable. Finally, the soft full grain leather which the clog designers used offers you a stylish working footwear for veterinary technicians. Toe and foot movement are effectively guaranteed due to the presence of a wide toe box.

  • Wide toe box
  • Upper material crafted from full grain leather
  • Outer sole 100% absorbs all the shock
  • Excellent support
  • Suitable for narrow and wide feet individuals
  • Price happens to be the only issue here.

5.Super Birki unisex clogs-veterinary sneakers

If you are that stylish vet and you prefer maintaining your dress code this Super Birki unisex clogs should be the shoe for vet techs that you are aiming today.

The material that was used to design this boot integrates rubber sole and full grain  leather and the  result is durable clog that you can use for years  without having the desires of  purchasing another vet shoes.

If you had problems cleaning your previous vet shoe I would like to let you know that this brand of clog doesn’t only make it easier for you to  clean but also to professionally disinfect this shoe.

Waterproof leather upper keeps your foot safe from .quality traction is offered by the availability of leather sole makes sure that you are protected from foot or had fractures that might arise from your slipping.

  • Soles are slip-proof
  • Durability and comfort are a guarantee
  • Cleaning is very easy
  • insoles can be replaceable
  • Both insoles and footbed can be interchanged
  • None

6.Merrell Encore Bypass-veterinarian work shoes

Merrell Encore Bypass was designed with an indoor user mindset in mind hence not appropriate shoes who work in the zoo. The rugged nature of the Merrell Encore Bypass has made it be 99% comfortable the remaining 1% can be achieved by using leather as the upper material.

Easy of wear as it takes up a sandal design is a guarantee. Comfort happens to be what Merrell concentrated more on as two padding systems were used namely air and EVA cushioning options.

Both the air and EVA cushion systems ensure that your feet will be 100% free from heel and ankle opinions as they act as technology-based shock absorbents. Mesh design was used to mold the upper and this promotes sufficient aeration of your foot .

  • The comfortable fit ensures that your feet are free from blisters.
  • predefined by a quality arch support
  • Wearing and also taking off is easy
  • Upper is made from durable mesh well-aerated vet shoes
  • Price and weight

7.Iconic Jungle Moc-most comfortable shoes for vet techs

Regardless of either, you have a busy schedule and still, want to look stylish despite being a tech vet this Iconic Jungle Moc has your back. Iconic JungleMac comes from top moc manufacturing company that even goers to another customer care level or giving you a full refund in case this Iconic Jungle Moc will malfunction.

The appearance of this shoe is up to the standard of vet recommended shoes it is not an open shoes Either you work as an indoor vet or you are one of the vets in your local areas zoo Iconic Jungle Moc remains to be the sleeping lion you are yet to discover.

Due to the design of the outer sole of this mo, you can wear it during professional jobs or when attending to your own vet Unlike another moc on the market, this Iconic Jungle Moc underfoot is professional cushioned to absorb shock. As an addition, the underfoot is also flexible and thus your foot is guaranteed with a free moment.

  • Flexible underfoot
  • Non-marking sole
  • In case you work indoors the shoe is slip resistant due to the presence of quality traction offered by prominent indoor grip
  • The outer sole is dual density thus keeping your foot from shock
  • All is good

8.Dansko Professional Clog-Best Women Shoes For Vet Techs

Our next shoe brand of vet techs house will be looking at something more classic which is Dansko professional clog as we received complaints from our reader that our site our reviews the high-end products. Although we are referring to this new balance as high classic vet shoes it can be used by vet techs that specialize in working in both small animals a hospital or even in the zoos.

In the United Stat, a large percentage of veterinary technicians have been employed in private based veterinary institutions where small animal care is mostly practiced.

after conducting our research on YouTube and physically testing the product we discovered that these new balance shoes have waterproof characteristic and thus have the ability to keep your feet dry as a veterinary technician, this will not only keep your foot away from developing fungus.

  • Lightweight
  • Can be hard and  machined washed
  • Stylish lace-up design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Weight relatively more than expected


Final thought

After reading our article you will note that we took our time serious the professionals selecting shoe brand that we highly think they will be compatible with most of the veterinary technician duties in an animal hospital. Most of the the products included in this post are handcrafted and thus performance and durability will be given a fast priority.

Normally, in such a hospital you will need quality footwear as animal admitted to such hospital re either sick, need medical attention or are hurt as a result of accidents and having quality footwear ensure that your comfort performance is not negatively influenced at any single time.

Working  with animal  require proper  attires and  at the same  time  you are  required  to have a lot of  love  toward them as veterinary technician are meant to offer  quality assistance  to  laboratory  or  biomedical researchers or  even credited  veterinarians  and sometimes they are the individual that is required  to  undertake most of the dirty work talk of  cleaning the sick animal, providing patient and quality sick animal monitoring, laboratory diagnosis, restraining animals  and finally offering dental and  surgical  assistance.

our editors pick for veterinary technician shoe is the Adidas Performance Shoe which  we thought that it is the best sneakers  for  vet tech today  the runners up was the Reebok Classic Sneaker as it has  an upper  molded from  durable  soft leather .happy shopping

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