7 Best Shoes For Walking Dogs Of 2024

Walking dogs gives you a relieving experience especially if you’re a dog enthusiast. If you are a dog walker then the number of dog walks you do in a single day should dictate the type of  shoes you are going to select.

I am a huge dog lover, actually, a dog owner and I personally prefer these comfortable Newton Running Men’s Distance Elite as they keep my foot comfortable either in cold, warm or even during the rainy weather.

Our overall picks for best shoes for walking dogs were the Mizuno Wave Rider 23 as the top and Xero Shoes and Saucony Ride ISO 2 Running Shoe as the runners up. Find our complete guide below.

Reviews: 7 Best Shoes For Walking Dogs Of 2024.

1.Newton Running Men’s Distance Elite- Best Men’s Shoes For Dog Walking

This Newton Running Men’s Distance Elite managed to take our top position of men’s shoes for dog walking as it comes with a light weight nature as it only weighs 9 ounces hence I will not out weight your foot. A slightly padded shoe tongue was featured to ensure that a narrow footed and wide footed dog walker will equally enjoy a comfortable fit.Best Shoes For Walking DogsA seamless design as added to these shoes immediately the manufacture professionally added a breathable mesh to modify the amount of I supplied to your foot.2 mm quality and high-density rubber sole was featured to ensure that dog walker will enjoy a smooth ride.

While at the same time 2 mm high-density rubber ensures that their foot is well protected from sharp objects or thongs. Making it this list of dog walking shoes for men this newton’s weight had to be well balanced.

When walking for long distances the trampoline-like midsole featured to ensure that you will lose less energy when walking your amazing dog. Metatarsal and 100% Biomechanical sensor plate featured gives your body an opportunity of sensing the ground and predicting your next accurate strike you are planning to make.


  • Metatarsal sensor plate
  • Asymmetrical lacing system
  • High-rebound EVA insole
  • High-density rubber mid-foot


  • Weighs 9 ounces
  • Sizing runs small

2.Xero Shoes Speed Force -Best Walking Shoes For Dog Walkers

For those dog walker who is looking only for light weight and quality shoes for walking dogs, Xero Shoes Speed Force comes with rubber sole making it be a possible solution.do walking involves walking long distances in different terrains. This Xero Shoes Speed Force comes with a rubber sole option.Best Shoes For Walking DogsThe rubber sole together with the Natural Motion option offers your foot with amazing traction to keep you from sliding when walking your dog in rocky or wet terrains. A padded collar option is evident in these Xero Shoes. Padded collar ensures that this Xero Shoes Speed Force is compatible with dog walkers who have narrow and even wide feet.

Ground feel design that defines these walking shoes for dog walking ensures that your foot stability is not compromised even when walking your dog on uneven grounds. High-rebound EVA insole was included so as to take care of all the possible shocks. A pair of these Xero Shoes comes with a removable insole option hence cleaning or even replace the old insole with the new one is slightly easy.


  • 5mm FeelTrue sole
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Minimalist shoe
  • Breathable mesh.


  • Slight expensive
  • Weighs

3.Newton Running  Kismet 5 -Best Shoes For Walking Dog In Winter

With this, Newton Kismet 5 having 100% pure textile as the overall material comfort quality cushioning is guaranteed. The slight wide toe box was featured to ensure that during winter enough space is left for you to wear your favourite cotton socks to keep your foot warm. Walking dogs in winter can be frustrating especially if it is your fast time or you don’t have the right foot wear.Best Shoes For Walking DogsThen thin inner lining featured to ensure that your foot is supplied with enough warm to keep your feet or toes free from freezing effect. When walking active dogs for long walks the rubber soles deign employed by Newton Running Kismet keeps you from slipping so that comfort and practicality can be felt by dog walkers. Open-weave mesh upper option promotes an easy way of dog walker’s foot being supplied with clean air.

Long dog walk along straight or curved pavements will be coming more enjoyable as the soft lining promote the smooth ride and sore free foot. The Level platform design of this shoe comes with a low heel deign which when blended with a heel to toe grip option allows dog walkers to enjoy a natural stride ride. Walking dogs in winter have just been made easier as the  Metatarsal stretch panels of Newton  Kismet 5 shoes are professionally enhanced hence comfort is top notch.


  • Open-weave mesh
  • no-sew overlays
  • Reliable responsiveness
  • Metatarsal stretch panels are enhanced


  • Weighs 4 ounces

4.Saucony Triumph 17  Shoe -Best Shoes For Walking Dog In Rain

Walking you’re doing in rain is not easy but when duty calls you will have to do it. As you have no option. After picking this Saucony Triumph 17 Shoe for my son last year, long dog walks turned to be so enjoyable immediately unlike before. I was shocked to realize that PWRRUN technology employed promotes foot comfort.Best Shoes For Walking DogsThe FORMFIT   featured offers your foot with an amazing landing platform in case you will have to run when walking your dog during a rainy season the rubber sole option ensures that dog walkers will enjoy accurate grip when walking the dog through wet or slimy paths. The dog tends to enjoy their walk more during the rainy season more as there is a concussive climate hence dogs will tend to be more active.

Going for light weight shoes will allow you to cope with the active mode of your dog. Be prepared for long standing and motionless stop’s when dog walking. Research has shown that dogs enjoy walks when breathing than walking .going for well-padded insole shoes ensures that when walking your dog al the shock generated is taken care of without causing foot pain.



  • Light in weight
  • Synthetic mesh
  • FORMFIT technology
  • Durable upper


  • Slightly expensive

How To Select Best Shoes For Walking Dogs

Dog despite being an enjoyable activity it can turn out to be a life and death situation. Getting yourself comfortable and well cushioned shoes ensure that you will enjoy the walk as much as your dog is enjoying it. In a shopping, hurry to pick this Newton Running Men’s Distance Elite.

We are living in a modern era whether there are millions of counterfeit goods with Shoes For Walking Dogs not being an exemption. Therefore below we listed a list of features that should be present for a pair of shoes to be termed as the top or the most comfortable Shoes For Walking Dogs.


As any dog walker and your will realize that foot comfort determines how the dog walk will end. A comfortable shoe for dog walking should come with the quality sole which is able to offer outstanding traction force. Comfort can also be present in shoes that employ the EVA insole design. The EVA insole is known to be molded from durable and slightly padded materials.

The removable nature of these insoles also makes it easy for a dog walker to replace them with better. Dog walking shoes should have a padded tongue to allow the shoes to fit size leading to a comfortable fit in wide and narrow footed dog walkers.

Light weight and durability

Go walking requires that light weight shoes so that you can keep up with the pace of your dog. Shoes for dog walking that re said to be light in nature may consist of rubber sole. Rubber sole apart from ensuring that your dog walking shoe a light weight it promotes the durability.

Consider going for shocks that come with soft leather to ensure that weight is lightly low. Light weigh shoes improve the performance of dog walkers by allowing them to hit more miles within less time.

Do walking shoes that come with dual density midsoles it will be in a position of taking care of all the shock generated either when running or walking after your dog in case the leasing rope breaks. For the comfort of dog walkers’ feet not to be compromised consider going for the low heel.

Slip resistant

If you are a true dog lover by now am assuming that you know that puling your dog will lead to it resistant the pull ever more and can even over power you if your dog is having some traits from larger and stronger dog breeds.

Getting shoes that are slip resistant will protect you from such situations we found Newton Running Men’s Distance Elite to be the most reliable, slim resistant and a comfortable dog walking shoes on the market.


In summary of our above reviews of best shoes for dog walking Newton Running Men’s Distance Elite took our first position. While ASICS GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe took the second position with very close competition from Xero Shoes Speed Force and Mizuno Wave Rider 23 Running Shoe.

Of all the seven do walking shoe brands ASIC  was found not only to be a budget based brand but a brand that blends comfort and stability to give the dog walkers a comfortable ride either during summer or winter. Happy shopping

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