Top 7 Best Skating Shoes For Beginners 2020

Skating festivals are just around the corner and getting your best skating shoes for beginners should be your other goal apart from getting an updated skating board this season. If you are a beginner like me you might also be wondering which skating shoes are best for beginners.Best Skating Shoes For Beginners Having in mind your skating power wholly depends on durability, grip, and protection of yourself as skater you will defiantly find a quality pair of shoes that offers you an amazing and smooth ride while on your favourite skateboard model. Below find our review and buyers guide. Let’s get started

Reviews: 7 Best Skating Shoes For Beginners Reviewed In 2020

1.Adidas Skateboarding Unisex- Best Skateboard Shoes For Wide Feet

Adidas Skateboarding Unisex comes with a quality rubber sole that allows your foot to remain flexible. The collar of this unsex shoes for skateboarding is slightly padded so as to makes sure that your foot is stable and shock-free. The upper body of these shoes was molded from alight leather material and thus individual who loves hockey at the same time have wide feet will also have the real taste of what it means to have comfortable skating shoes.Best Skating Shoes For Beginners Adidas care about your right to taste and preference and that is why this product comes with different colors for you to choose from. A quality lace-up option was used by the manufacturer this option allows you to always enjoy comfortable fit. Your sense of style is also updated. A quality welt was featured to ensure that the upper and the rubber sole are professionally fused so as to key away water from your foot.

The through of this adidas skate shoes was slightly enlarged so as to create enough space for your foot and quality socks to fit in smoothly hence our best skateboard shoes for wide feet. The vamp was also made from pure leather to ensure that falling objects or spilling fluid will not influence your skating career negatively. Wearing these adidas unisex shoes for skating with socks might sound to be very tricky but the most amazing thing a slightly padded tongue that was featured allows you to enjoy easy way of fitting the shoes to your foot.


  • Long tongue
  • Ensure you enjoy a straighter posture
  • Slightly padded insoles
  • Comes with a quality rubber sole


  • Pricey

2.Vans Unisex Old Skool Skate Shoe- Best Skate Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Want to have the real old school taste of skating today, well them minding the type of shoes you are going to wear during your skating trip is a key factor. Unisex old skool vans skate shoe by having a lightweight nature which was facilitated by a rubber sole which comes with a durable rubber bumper for protecting your shoes.A quality toe cap was also integrated on the inners side of this van so as to offer maximum protection to your toes .a A quality vinyl collar present was slightly padded so as to reduce all the impact directed toward your foot. Definitely is you are huge skating van lover the dual-density inside quarter featured will definitely impress you.

The rubbers sole which was used made these vans to be automatically our best skate shoes for plantar fasciitis. by only having flat sole being present ensures that most of the minor injuries have been prevented. Finally the thick tongue presented by these hoes keeps the vamp areas of your foot to be free from straining after you tighten the shoe’s laces.


  • Light in weight
  • Breathable tongue and upper
  • Cleans easily
  • Defined by a mesh tongue


  • The fitting has some minor issues

3.Dc Court Graffik Se Skate Shoe,

For long time lasting enthusiasts you might be familiar with DC Court Graffik SE Skate Shoe as the manufacture has continually tried to market the product until today. The outer sole was molded from a pure rubber that allows your foot to remain more stable.Best Skating Shoes For Beginners Ventilation holes included near the vamp of these hoes ensures that your foot is kept away from all the bad smells or odors. The mesh tongue was another main reason why your shoes are well ventilated. The leather upper can either be water cleaned or just polishing some suede and you are good to go.

Looking at the collar you will be shocked to realize that it comes with a quality vinyl collar that promotes comfort. In case you are a stylish skateboarder the heel label ensures that you will remain to be highly stylish. For additional comfort you will definitely love the quality of the wide bumper as it acts as a quality toe guard. Lastly, both the foxing stripe and the rubber sole promote friction.


  • Leather upper
  • Padded tongue
  • Logo on heel
  • Lightweight jogger outsole


  • More durable upper material could have been used

4.Adidas Originals 3MC Skate Shoe- best roller skating shoes for beginners

Adidas Originals 3MC is another beast as it comes from a shoe manufacturing company that has been in the shoe game for more than a decade now. If you have been into the skating game you will definitely agree with me that skating does not end in your locker room and that is why we had to provide you with a product that is slightly outgoing as to when compared with other skating shoes on the market today.Best Skating Shoes For Beginners If you are anything close to me and you are a skating lifestyle person like you will definitely fall in love with the quality rubber sole which defines this adidas brand.  The collar and the footbed were slightly padded and this option alone ensures that your foot is professionally kept away from any instance of foot pain.

A quality lace up technology was employed by the manufacturer and this is the reason behind you will always enjoy the smooth ride every time you are skating. Looking, closely you note that your toes are professionally protected as an inner toe cap.  In case you are also a passionate skating expert of beginner the adidas logo on these shoes does not only maintain your fashion levels but also gives you a classic look.


  • Has a quality adidas label
  • Light in weight
  • Rubber sole
  • Padded collar and footbed


  • Slightly expensive
  • Overall weight is 45 pounds

5.Converse  Chuck Taylor All Star Oxford Fashion Sneaker

I have been in the skating shoe industry for a while now and I can comfortably swear that Converse Chuck Taylor to men who are great enthusiasts of skating remains to be the king. Regardless of the conditions in your favorite skating spot, you will definitely say a big thanks to the designer of this hoes as 100% pure fabric material was used as the upper and thus Converse  Chuck Taylor can be machine and hand cleaned easily and at the same time take less time to fully dry.Best Skating Shoes For Beginners The rubber soles of this converse take the traction offered when skating on the skating board to a new full level by preventing you from slipping. The shaft only measures o.25 from the arch and this symbolizes more comfort and performance. When skating with these converses you will look stylish as the lace-up options ensure that you will allow you to enjoy a comfortable fit.

Lastly, converse chuck was found to be the only footwear pair on our list that can be compatible with both male and female genders. The collar was lightly padded so as to keep your ankle from any ankles pain. The insole is removable and this gives you an opportunity to professionally replace the original innersole with quality and improved insole designs.


  • Utilizes lace-up option
  • Cleans easily
  • 100% textile
  • Slightly expensive


  • Slightly expensive


Getting a quality skating pair of shoes which is both durable and a high performer is not that easy that is why we are glad to remind you that adidas Seeley skate shoe was found to be  most outstanding  skating shoe model for beginner males while for women  adidas Skateboarding Unisex was  the shoe pair  that our editors highly recommend.

Skateboarding is taking a new direction and so are the shoe models that are compatible with skates and also recommended by professional skate trainers. Comfort, stability and unique fit are some of the features that should be present in quality and the best skating shoe for beginners. Happy shopping

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