Top 7 Best Tennis Shoes For Bad Ankles Of 2023

Despite tennis being a Porsche racket game selecting only the Best tennis shoes for bad ankles in the flooded market is not easy. Suffering ankle can lead to poor tennis performance and even to a huge extent losing your entire tennis taste.Best Tennis Shoes For Bad AnklesTo avoid such negative result or uncontrolled ankle pain below we have provided list of tennis shoes for bad knee that you should consider that is if you are having plans of upping your tennis game this time around.

Reviews:7Best Tennis Shoes For Bad Ankles Of 2023

1.ASICS 7 Tennis Shoe-asics gel resolution 7 review

I recommend this ASICS 7 Tennis Shoe as the 7Best Tennis Shoes For Bad Ankles that you can use either when suffering or looking for better option of protecting your ankle. Has a quality synthetic upper which has several functions. With the major benefit being to make the tennis shoes for the bad ankle to e 100% waterproof.Best Tennis Shoes For Bad AnklesA prime 6-Month  full Outsole Warranty offered by Asics shoe manufacturer ensure that you are in position of getting your money back in case you will trace excessive outsole wear and tear before the first six months. Kindly note that the warrant sticky covers the outsole only check more information out the warranty here.

A large tongue featured by the manufacturer allows you to enjoy an excellent fit. The rubber sole  apart from minimizing  the  overall weight it also enhances performance and productivity of tennis players in various types of courts either being clay or grass tennis courts


  • Gender-Specific quality Cushioning option
  • Light in weight
  • Rubber sole
  • Quality anti ware outsole warranty


  • Weighs 2 ounces

2.New Balance Mc806 Tennis Shoe- Best  men Tennis Shoes For Bad Ankles

New Balance Mc806 Tennis Shoe offers your ankles unconditional ankle support. The midsoles dual density and this allow you to be in the position of enjoying tennis in various courts. The rubber sole offers amazing heritage traction option and this protects yours from minor accident that might arise from trips and falls. Lateral movement and pivoting are asl update.The lace-up option of closing the shoe allows it to your foot’s shape, therefore, promoting performance and productivity regardless of the tennis court. The tongue is relatively long and this promotes comfort. A relatively wide toe box was included with space of 1cm space being left to give enough time for your foot to relax effectively hence our  overall Best Tennis Shoes For Bad Ankles

Apart from the highly flexible sole the shaft of this tennis for bad ankle only measures just from arch to low top approximately. Forged mesh upper ensure you are in position of enjoying secure fit regardless of whether you clay or grass tennis courts.


  • 100% made shoes
  • Tongue is stretchable
  • Quality rubbers sole
  • Adituff tends to be 100% abrasion


  • Takes relatively a long duration of time to fully dry

3.Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 Tennis Shoe

Up next find adidas Adizero Tennis Shoe which is hundred present defined by being a synthetic shoe. The synthetic nature of these tennis shoes for men protects your foot from excess water in case you will be participating in tennis during rainy weather.A flat rubber sole also plays a vital role in making sure that you are safe from minor injuries that result from slipping, as offers you quality traction. Apart from having a spacious toe box the lace-up option of these shoes ensures that you will enjoy comfortable fit regardless of whether you are training or in tennis championship.

by only measuring 13 ouches you are guaranteed of having these shoes on your foot as long as you wish without feeling tired or suffering from blisters due to excess weight. Finally the precise lockdown option offered by the manufacturer was achieved by presence of professionally interlocking fiber system options.

Both the rubber soles and the synthetic upper have to a great extent promoted the flexibility nature of these tennis shoes effectively. Lastly after checking our adidas enhanced fit and comfort is guaranteed by the availability of a professionally molded sock liner.


  • Light in weights
  • Rubber sole
  • Textile upper woven
  • Price is pocket-friendly


  • The toe box should be modified in future

4.K-Swiss Hypercourt Tennis Shoe

Unlike running or walking shoes were only a few shoes manufacturing company control the running shoes industry K-Swiss Hypercourt Tennis Shoe came from new shoe manufacturing beast. The tongue is relatively long to promote comfortable wear.The outsole is defined by quality treads which play a batter role of ensuring that your foot is offered with all the traction it requires so as to support your ailing ankle during a tennis training or competition session. Suffering from ankle pain is associated with huge negative impact that is why you are recommending going for one shoe.

The manufacturer offers you a wide range of colors for men, kids, and women so that you can pick tennis shoes for bad ankles which match with your taste and preference. What you will love about these bad ankle tennis shoes is that it has a relatively wide toe box for quality performance and comfort.


  • Comfortable tennis shoes
  • Associated with a friendly budget
  • Easy to clean


  • Durability is slightly low

5.ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes

I recommend this ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes to all individuals with either wide or narrow foot as the wide toe box present is compatible with both options. A technology-based ophiolite socks liner is present and its main role is to effectively manage all the moisture thus keeping your foot dry.Having your foot dry during a tennis training session allows you to be in a better position of being able to avoid other infection which might develop and eventually influence your ankles negatively. ASICS Tennis Shoes has a technology rearfoot cushioning system which plays a mega role of attenuating all the shock generated by your foot either during impact or action phase.

Finally, the fact that the sock liner is removable makes it easy for you to enjoy cleaning or even replacing the innersole with the more or less dense insole to match your taste and preference. The lacing system by having a lace-up option makes it easier for you to enjoy comfortable fit throughout your tennis training sessions.


  • Light in weight
  • Lace-up design
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • 100% rubber sole
  • The toe box is slightly wide


  • Weighs 13 ouches

6.Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoe- most comfortable Tennis Shoes For Bad Ankles

In case you prefer technology-based tennis shoes to traditional ones the  Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoe might end up to be your ailing ankle godfather. Loaded with a dual-density insole barricade tennis shoe provide your foot with the required comfort.The collar is slightly padded with memory foam so as to appropriate support your only weighs 3 pounds hence meets the standard weight of tennis requirements. Adituff wraps that were added around the amazing toe cap has improved abrasion-resistant. by being abrasion-resistant this 3 pounds barricade adidas tennis shoes is 100% durable.

For a professional and comfortable fit relatively long shoe tongue was featured. As an addition, the tongue of this barricade tennis shoes is easy to clean and relatively flexible. The upper is made from a leather material which is integrated with breathable mesh to allow your foot to breathe effectively.


  • Fluid fit upper
  • Quality heel clutching
  • Breathable foam
  • Technology-based impact guidance system


  • Relatively expensive


Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoe is our editors pick and therefore it automatically take the position of Best tennis shoes for bad ankles overall. While ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes managed to secure a runners up position as it has a more flexible sole and relatively wide toe box .consider going through our other articles about tennis shoes for ankle support.

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