7 Best Volleyball Shoes For Liberos 2024 Reviewed

Best volleyball shoes for liberos allow them to be in a position of enjoying their time while enjoying volleyball, therefore the Volleyball Shoes  known as UPCOURT 5  from ASICS  and the  Gel-Rocket 11 Volleyball  Sneaker  from ASICS  were the  Best Volleyball Shoes For Liberos for both men and women respectively  on the market.

Liberos play an important role in the volleyball team.Best Volleyball Shoes For Liberos

If you re anything like a  volleyball libero then you are looking for quality shoes that will give your foot amazing support throughout the game.

Being a libero is amazing but the only downside is that they cannot be captains. In this post, I have reviewed only the top rated shoes for liberos that you can use all year round either during completion or even practices.

Reviews: 7 Best Volleyball Shoes For Liberos Of 2024

1.ASICS Rocket 7 -Best Volleyball Shoes For Libero Women

ASICS  Rocket 7 is the shoe that we found to be a top performer as it comes with quality rubber sole which is capable of allowing you’re your foot to remain free from any instance of foot pain. The low cut design of these shoes allows you to be in a better position of jumping or even running around the volleyball court without any instance of foot pain.



Aquality Forefoot and prime gel cushioning system professionally attenuates all the shock generated during your impact phase. The gel cushioning apart from keeping your foot from any shock generated either when offering defensive characteristics to your team it also ensures the stability of your foot has been maintained to professional standards.

So as to prefer your couch or the fist referrer from selecting other players who have no previous experience being a libero in any volleyball team.in case of an injury this Gel Rocket 7 comes with dual density midsole which is responsible for keeping your foot in save condition which is away from any instance of injury.

The lightweight and slightly padded collar allowed as to conclude that Gel Rocket 7 is the overall best volleyball shoes for libero women. NC rubber outsole as it has some percentage of quality natural rubber content ensures that your foot is offered with amazing grip and traction which keeps your way from slipping.

  • NC rubber outsole
  • Leather Heel
  • FlightStpeed technology
  • Internal heel pad promoted both stability  and comfort
  • 3 pounds is the  overall weight

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2.Mizuno Lightning Z4 -Good Volleyball Shoes For Liberos

Mizuno Z4 Volleyball Shoes is 100% athletic shoes which are defined by a lightweight made possible by the rubber sole used by the manufacturer. It is also an amazing low top volleyball shoe compatible with both beginners and experts volleyball players .



Good volleyball shoes for liberos are not easy to trace today as hundreds of volleyball shoe manufacture have flooded the volleyball shoe volleyball industry thus leading to availability of both quality and counterfeit volleyball shoes for liberos.

That is why we decide to feature Mizuno Z4 Volleyball Shoes as the overall good volleyball shoes for liberos on the market today. A quality synthetic material was used by the manufacturer.

Loaded with foot support attributes such as Synthetic sole and an amazing AIRmesh Upper you will definitely enjoy superior feel, comfort and unconditional breathability throughout your volleyball gaming period.

The dynamotion option of these shoes makes it easier for you to enjoying volleyball games even in courts that are not even. A quality synthetic material as used to model the upper allows your foot to remain dry for the longest time possible.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert libero experts the dual-density midsole design that was integrated by the manufacturer ensures that your foot is kept from any instance shock.

  • AIRmesh Upper
  • Offers great breathability
  • Quality Ventilation system ensures
  • Absorbs the impact
  • Relatively expensive

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3.Mizuno Wave Lightning -Best Mizuno Volleyball Shoes For Liberos

Since 1906 when Mizuno launched their very fast volleyball shoes, Wave Lightning Z3 have remained to be the libero shoes for volley  that have  maintained quality performance .



some  of the  features that  the manufacturer loaded  on this volleyball shoe brand included a lightweight rubber sole  and  slightly padded collar to ensure the  stability and performance to be  100% amazing.

Aquality synthetic material was used as the primary raw material for coming up with the upper ensured that your foot will remain dry for the longest duration of time without exposing your foot to any moisture which in the long run will lead to bad odors.

The dynamotion technology employed by the manufacturer also plays huge role in ensuring that your feet will remain dry for the longest time possible. A quality D-flex groove option together with the air mesh upper ensures that there is sufficient air follow in your foot.

Either male or female liberos players can easily accommodate a quality ankle brace in their feet as Lightning Z3 Volleyball Shoe made use of a quality and cut and construction designs without any given time the fit of the shoes being influenced negatively.

Despite this Z3 being on the most recommended shoes for liberos, it has an overall weight of 8.8 ouches as the sole is made from a compact rubber. By a compact rubber being used as the primary rubber material you are guaranteed to enjoy ant slip grip.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Breathable air mesh
  • Absorbs both shock and impact
  • Superb traction is offered by  a rubber sole
  • Weights 8.8 ouches

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4.Adidas Essence Shoe-Best Adidas Volleyball Shoes For Liberos

Up next finds this Adidas Essence 12 W Shoe which is not an amazing shoe for liberos that comes from adidas but also a high performer. If you are liberos and you re yet to find amazing volleyball shoe which is capable of offering your ankles and amazing support then there are high chances you are looking for something that resembles this adidas performance.



Liberos spend most of their time jumping or running during a volleyball game that is why the manufacturer added a dual-density outsole to ensure that your foot is kept from any shock generated when running or even jumping.

The removable nature of the insole makes it easier for liberos to replace the original insole included by the manufacturer with a denser insole to ensure that all the shock or impact.

Wide toe box featured by the manufacturer ensures that liberos who have wide and narrow feet can easily enjoy their volleyball games with these shoes on. Thanks to the air mesh technology employed by adidas as it ensures your foot is professionally supplied with clean air hence keeping your foot from bad smells and odors.

Some of the cushioning technology employed by the manufacturer include ImVA and cush ensure that you are offered with amazing  transition between your feet and toes during all of your volleyball games or even during libero volley training sessions.

  • Lightweight in nature
  • Waterproof
  • Highly breathable
  • The wide toe box was hence compatible with wide and narrow feet.
  • Just 6 colorway is available

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5.GEL-Rocket Asics – Best Volleyball Shoes For Libero Men’s

Ending this list without including just a pair of   Asics Volleyball Shoe will not only be doing volleyball lovers like my daughter’s great disfavor. Asics is one of the athletes and sports shoe manufacturing companies that has gradually perfected their art of volleyball shoe making for the past decade.



The upper of these shoes were crafted from a quality synthetic material that ensures your foot is kept dry for the longest period of time.

Quality rubber sole option were included and this one of the reasons as to why Asics Volleyball Shoe for liberos offers your foot unconditional traction thus keeping your from slipping which might end up leading to slipping.

Quality EVA mid-soles that were professionally molded provide your foot with amazing support and comfort as the mid soles are 100% dedicated to ensuring all the shock generated when running or jumping is catered and taken care in professional way.

A quality Forefoot GEL that can only be defined as court specific was also integrated by the Asics liberos Volleyball Shoe manufacturer to add amazing value to the cushioning system.

NC Rubber out-sole does not only play a vital role reducing the overall weight of the shoes but also offers your foot outstanding traction force and grip thus keeping liberos from major injuries during volleyball training or even competition.

  • Quality NC Rubber outsole
  • lightweight mesh upper
  • Trusstic System
  • Relatively expensive

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6.Brooks Women’s Revel 3- Training Shoes For Volleyball

Another beast when it comes to liberos shoes for volleyball is this Brooks Women’s Revel 3.  You will definitely like the fact that it has only a quality 8 mm Flat-knit which ensures your foot will remain to be 100% stable when enjoying volleyball games.



Quality and professionally all the shock generated when running a dual-density midsole was featured. The collar of this brooks liberos shoes was slightly padded and this ensures that your ankle is taken care of by keeping it from any instance of ankle pain.

You will be shocked definably after you realize that Brooks Women’s Revel 3 processor is actually a level two. A quality mesh lining was used to supply these shoes with amazing dry climate which is 100% dry and well aerated.

The tongue of this shoe is also relatively large and this allows you to enjoy an amazing fit regardless of whether you have large or even small feet. Removable sole included makes it easier for either cleaning or even allowing the shoes to dry more quickly after cleaning.

Coming with a quality foot fed which is professionally padded collar ensures that your ankles are professionally protected from any instance of pain.

The toe box is the other major reason why we featured these brooks as our best training shoes for volleyball as the lightweight nature made possible by a rubber sole allows even beginners to enjoy liberos training sessions.

  • 8 mm Flat-knit
  • Highly breathable
  • Internal heel pad
  • Excellent traction
  • Sizing runs small after time

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7.Saucony Pro Sneaker -Saucony Volleyball Shoes

Saucony volleyball shoes have gradually gained popularity in the volleyball shoe industry this time round after Saucony released this Jazz Low Pro Sneaker which is an outstanding libero volleyball shoe currently on the market.



The lightweight and flat sole design ensure that your feet will remain to be stable for more time or even throughout the game without exposing wither your ankle or even the knee to any instance of keen painS

Saucony volleyball shoes are slightly durable as heel and some parts of the vamp were molded from full-grain leather material.

A quality touch of retro style was included by the manufactures and this alone gave these shoes an amazing classic look.by the vamp of these hoes being deigned from breathable material it ensures that your feet will be free from bad odors and smells.

Ultimate traction is the other main as to why we featured this Saucony on this list. Ultimate traction was made possible as quality rubber sole was used as the main raw material for coming up with a compact rubber design which has given liberos an amazing slip-resistant grip.

  • ultimate traction
  • Superb fit
  • Cleans easily
  • Relatively durable
  • Slightly expensive

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Having the best volleyball shoes for liberos is not a direct guarantee that you’re playing will be of professional standards. But to a large extent you’re playing, grip stability and body and feet support will be promoted thus allowing you to concentrate more on taking your volleyball gaming to the next level.

Having in mind that according to the volleyball rules liberos are allowed to professionally replace any player when the ball in play they should have quality footwear that will allow their feet to be well supported thus allowing then to wait until the ball is not in play so that5 they can get or enjoy quality subs.we looked at hundreds of models of volleyball shoes for liberos and we found out that Mizuno is the king when it comes to libero volleyball shoes.


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