20 Best Tennis Shoes For Ankle Support-Reviews And Buyers Guide

Picking only the best tennis shoes for ankle support last year as my first born was joining a community college was not that easy. as we had to examine his foot closely so that we could be familiar with the types, size and play style in which he uses most of the time. To ensure that she got the right shoe we went miles head to familiarize our self with the type of tennis court of her desired community college.

When picking the below 10 shoes for ankle support we factored in things like quick starts and stops, short sprints, lunging, lateral movements, fast pivots and jumping.Despite   finding a quality tennis shoes for ankle support being a challlenge  some  of the  top  shoes  include  New Balance,Adidas Adizero Ubersonic and the editors tennis  shoe pick is  the Merrell E-mesh Sneaker.

Ultimately when compiling this review, we knew that you are looking for a quality pair of tennis shoe which regardless of you suffering from ankle pain will offer you quality agility, quality speed, durability. lightweight and 100% perfect endurance which is professionally tailored to match your tennis playing styles.

All the ten tennis shoes for ankle support are associated with extra and 100% quality lateral support, heavier and stiffer upper and outsole materials, more cushioning ability, reinforced soles, shock absorption technology and finally reinforced toecaps. Having made that clear let’s get started.

Reviews : Top 10 Tennis Shoes For Ankle Support in 2022

1.New Balance MC806

Talk of quality tennis shoes that guarantee you quality performance and durability or even perfect traction and I will let you know that New Balance MC806 is the way to go. A quality rubber sole ensures that you are in better position of enjoying better traction. Hence you can use a tennis shoe on tiles or concrete courts

Best Tennis Shoes For Ankle Support

The toe box is relatively wide and also reinforced hence it ensures that your toes are protected from injuries. As an addition, the toes box is also professionally perforated a the main reason is to ensure that when sliding a shot or even struggling to stop your tennis ball your toes will be 100% protected.


  • ABZORB cushioning for comfort
  • Leather uppers have made this shoe to be relatively durable
  • Quality Toe protection
  • and synthetic upper ensure this shoe dries quickly after cleaning
  • Quality C-Cap midsole absorbs shock professionally
  • Superb Traction have made this shoe to be anti-slip


  • Pricey tennis shoe

2.Adidas Performance Adizero Ubersonic

Ever thought that you can take your tennis gaming ability to new level then consider giving this Adidas Performance Adizero Ubersonic a try.  The outsole of this shoe was designed from a lightweight rubber thus making them be referred as high-speed tennis gaming shoes .as an addition the rubber sole as played certain role increasing the overall traction ability of this shoe for you to work with it I even in tiles or in concrete courts. You will also love the quality upper mesh which actively transformed this into aright weight tennis shoe.

The overall construction design of this Adidas Performance Adizero Ubersonic took up a SPRINTFRAME construction thus it has made it be a high performing shoe brand. in case you will not like the shoe or by any chance, it will misbehave you can actually return the shoe to the retailer or the manufacturer for a perfect refund or replacement with a better Adidas.


  • Superb traction
  • ADIWEAR 6 profession outsole for durability
  • Rubber sole promotes 100% quality traction
  • Dual density midsole


  • Pricey

3.Asics Gel Resolution 6

When it comes to tennis, unlike other games women and men have different ways of playing tennis as after the research we conducted we found that they will always tend to rally a lot. But this Asics Gel Resolution 6 has a quality rubber sole which guarantees every player quality traction which keeps them sliding.

You will agree with me that there are hundreds of tennis playing racket, shoes, and gloves but getting a quality shoe that has a better ability of effectively supporting your weight is a great to deal but the midsole of this shoe has their foam layers and their work is to absorb shock. Finally, the tongue of Asics Gel Resolution 6 is padded to promote comfort.


  • Has a padded tongue
  • Gel cushioning system for shock absorption and comfort
  • Pguard effectively promotes toe protection
  • Relatively durable as it employs FluidRide construction


  • Dual density rubber midsole can be used instead

4.New Balance Clay Court

New Balance apart from being a reading producer of running and walking shoe it greater extent it also controls the tennis shoe market platform. New Balance Clay Court have quality removable insoles and thus the process of cleaning the shoes have been made easier.

Evoking upper on the other side have made this tennis shoe for ankles support to be relatively durable. The RevLite Midsole as it takes the dual density option your foot, therefore, remains to be 100% shock free.


  • Lightweight and has a RevLite midsole
  • Full-length Ndurance
  • Easy to clean
  • Dual density midsole


  • After cleaning it takes a longer time to fully dry

5.Babolat Jet All Court

For quality cushioning an ABZORB is present and when the ABZORB is combined with c-cap midsole this shoe is 100% shock resistant. This Babolat Jet All Court ensure that both men and women who practice or competes for tennis on a clay court will be 100% protected from sliding by the rubber sole.

The quality Flexion Fit option ensure that Babolat Jet All Court take the shape of your feet. while the professional external heel counter promotes comfort for your midcourt either when swinging your racket right or left. As an addition, the quality and full-length Endurance option have increased the durability of this shoe finally the OBANK technology promotes the effectiveness and performance of this New Balance Clay tennis shoe.


  • Lightweight hence Exceptionally comfortable
  • memory Ortholite insoles promote comfort
  • Shock-absorbing midsole and insole enhance comfort
  • Presence of removable insoles allows you to replace your old insoles with new ones
  • High-tenacity and a quality polyamide increase durability


  • Not compatible with all courts

6.Nike Air Zoom

Ending our review without a single product from Nike is not being a professional and that is why Nike Air Zoom found its way here. Nike Air Zoom is associated with more comfort due to the availability of a wide toe box. the role of a toe box which is relatively large makes iota possible for you to be in the better position of standing or even playing tennis on concrete for long hours without having to complain of foot pain

Flywire cables were included on the upper body of this shoe. After contacting the manufacturer, we were shocked to realize that the main role of these cables is to ensure that adaptive support if offered in bulk. Quality crash aid that has a rubber origin makes sure that this Nike Air Zoom is highly flexible as for when compared to other Nike tennis shoes. The upper body is associated with high-quality mesh and their main role is to ensure or enhance flexibility.


  • Versatile hence can be used as running or even as a tennis
  • excellent fit is made possible by fly wire
  • dual density midsole or shock absorption.
  • breathable upper due to the viability of Flymesh
  • light in weight due to the presence of 100% rubber sole


  • Durability can be improved

7.New Balance 806 /B0098IJNSK

New Balance 806 is the other quality or rather best tennis shoes for ankle support on our list.it was featured on our list due to the presence of superior support which is offered by the dual density innersole. The is shoe being also more stable .as an addition it comes with a quality collar which is padded to promote comfort and stability

The upper is made from pure leather and thus it tends to be relatively durable. The leather upper also has made this shoe to waterproof and thus you can enjoy tennis training even during rainy weather. the material that was used to manufacture the sole is pure rubber   and thus it offers quality traction either when on concrete courts or clay courts


  • Non-marking outsole promotes comfort
  • The lace-up option has made it be very easy to use
  • Herringbone outsole offers 100% professional traction
  • ABZORB cushioning protects your foot from shock


  • Weight can be reduced slightly

8.Merrell E-mesh Sneaker B072JXCYP3

At our number eight we decided to include this Merrell E-mesh Sneaker as apart from lightweight it also has a relatively stylish design. The upper of this Merrell is made from textile and 100% fabric. The Barefoot construction ensure that your toe well protected

The lace-up option ensures that apart from the shoe taking the shape of your foot it also make sure that you will enjoy your time when training or even during tennis competitions. Vibram sole makes it possible for either male or female tennis players to remain standing or even walking on concrete for a longer hour.


  • Vibram sole for support
  • Easy to clean
  • Barefoot construction promotes efficiency
  • TrailProtect pad offer quality support during off road
  • 100% Fabric


  • The shape can be modified

9.Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 B07CZKZNZH

Talk of a shoe brand that has continually been a best in the tennis industry. Lightweight mesh upper which is present ensures that your foot is well aerated this keeping your feet from bad smells. The lining of the fabric ensures that your foot remains healthy

For more comfort and stable, the collar of this Wilson Men’s Rush Pro 2.5 is padded. As an addition, a quality midsole which employs a dual density technology ensure even if you are suffering from ankle problem all the pressure exacted on your foot will be minimized through shock absorption. Finally, this Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 is associated with a Removable textile footbed and thus in case you want more quality footbed you can easily replace it.


  • Removable textile footbed
  • Endophyte inner sleeve
  • Lace-up closure option
  • 100% man made


  • Price can be modified

10.K-Swiss Hyper court Express B079C34LB9

Finally, after spending hours online our team of the editor was able to lay their hand on   K-Swiss Hyper court Express which is not only stylish tennis should be also decently priced making it be a very affordable shoe. The collar of this tennis shoe was molded from a textile material hence when training your foot is 100% comfortable

A wide toe box is present and it is a guarantee of comfort and stability .it also takes less time to dry fully as the upper was molded from a Synthetic material. Dragger Rubber promotes comfort either when rrunni8ng or even jogging. While the Acosta Rubber Outsole p [provide quality traction thus making it be an anti-slip tennis shoes.


  • Aosta Rubber Outsole
  • Textile quality Collar Lining
  • High traction ability
  • exceptional durability


  • none for now

Final Thought

For you to fully enjoy your tennis playing ability you should not only focus on getting a quality racket or even expensive tennis ball but you should first ensure that you have the correct shoes. Tennis is game that requires you to remain active as having the right footwear all the way from socks ensures   you will enjoy your t5ennis game even more

Some of the key tips or feature that you should ensure a presence in both an expensive or a cheap shoe include quality flexibility, comfort, and stability. Having said that the tennis shoe is the New Balance MC806 Stability as it has a quality Superb Traction, perfect Toe protection, C-Cap midsole and finally a quality an ABZORB cushioning which offer you perfect comfort. Happy shopping


I am a licensed Shoe Enthusiast From Downtown Philadelphia, A U.S. central business district Center City, In the state of Pennsylvania. Welcome On Board.

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